How does the new moon affect mood?

This is how the moon affects our mind

For some it is nonsense, others firmly believe that we feel differently depending on the moon phase. New moon, waxing and waning moon and full moon - the earth's satellite goes through these four phases. This cycle lasts just under a month, exactly 29.5 days. And depending on where the moon is, its power should have different effects on our mind. Whether the lunar cycle really has an influence on our mood has not been proven, but it is worth taking a look into the world of our nocturnal companion - and how it can possibly influence our mood.

new moon

The new moon stands for a new beginning: Here it is important to tackle things again that you have been putting off for a long time. This time also gives you a deep sleep and helps to recharge your batteries. In the new moon phase, many people unconsciously turn inward. So it is the perfect time for self-reflection and for dealing with yourself.

Increasing Moon

This phase of the moon gives you the strength to achieve positive results at work or in everyday life. When the moon is waxing, you feel energetic and powerful. It shows a boost in motivation that helps to really put the plans cherished in the new moon time into action.

Full moon

When the full moon shines brightly in the sky, many people complain about restless sleep. The night's sleep is accompanied by vivid dreams, and falling asleep is not easy. During this phase of the moon you will therefore become restless and restless. Strong emotions accompany you through this time - you feel irritated more quickly and overreact more easily due to excessive tension (which, among other things, results from poor sleep).

Waning moon

In the time when the moon is slowly building up again, our good mood also increases again. Well-being is slowly improving, and sleep is getting better again, step by step. We feel more eager to do something, but feel overwhelmed and stressed. So use the moon phase to get rid of unnecessary ballast and implement some detox actions. For example, it can be good to clean out the closet.