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aviation: Lull in the airports

At the six Austrian airports, the number of passengers in July and August fell to a fifth compared to the previous year due to the corona pandemic. Statistics Austria announced on Friday that a total of only 1.5 million passengers (including transit) were counted in the two vacation months. Aircraft movements at Vienna, Graz, Innsbruck, Klagenfurt, Linz and Salzburg airports fell by two thirds to 20,043 take-offs and landings.

"After a record winter, 2020 was followed by the weakest summer in more than 30 years," said Statistics Austria General Director Tobias Thomas, according to the announcement. Similar low values ​​were last recorded in July and August 1989.

After record values ​​of almost 2.6 million passengers with over 24,000 flight movements were reported in January and February 2020, Austrian air traffic began to descend in March: the number of flight movements was 13,242, 50.6 percent lower than in March 2019 , the number of passengers (1.0 million passengers) even fell by 65.3 percent. April and May 2020 were the most severely affected by the Corona crisis, with a decrease of almost 100 percent in the number of passengers (12,800 and 21,203 passengers). Compared to the same period last year, less than 5 percent of the flights were recorded.

In the following three summer months, strong declines were also reported compared to the previous year, although the situation tended to improve over the course of the summer. In June 2020, 141,369 passengers were carried on 2,657 flights, a decrease of 90.8 percent or 95.8 percent compared to June 2019. This was followed by 617,240 passengers on 8,538 flights in July (-82.7 percent or -71.4 percent compared to June 2019) July 2019) and 858,201 passengers on 11,505 flights in August 2020 (-75.8 percent and -60.6 percent compared to August 2019).

At times there were no passengers at all at Linz, Innsbruck and Klagenfurt airports. With 1.4 million passengers in summer 2020 and a decrease of 78.2 percent, Vienna Airport registered the smallest relative decrease compared to summer 2019.

The total air freight volume at all Austrian airports was 28,595 tonnes in July and August, which is 30.0 percent below the value for the same period in the previous year. (apa)