Souls weigh something

How much does the soul weigh? - a seemingly crazy question, because one imagines this invisible substance to be immaterial, air-like and weightless. In a macabre experiment, an American doctor claims to have found out how much the soul weighs.
Around 100 years ago, he put the bed with a dying person on fine scales and found that the dying person weighed 21 grams less at the time of dying. And because he believed that the soul escapes from the body after death, he claimed from then on that the soul would weigh 21 grams. Whether this is just crazy-macabre science or not, what I find interesting about this experiment is the strong desire to grasp this palpable and yet intangible "phenomenon of the soul". But if we don't, we can't, not even with the craziest Experiments. We can only feel and suspect. And with our feeling of how the soul feels, our ideas arise. Of how our soul exists in this world and in the other, if one believes in it. In medieval art, souls were often called Naked bodies are depicted - an image of how veiled, delicate and vulnerable they are thought to be.
Another image for the soul is water, often compared to the sea or a lake, the bottom of which can only be seen when it is motionless. Water also as a picture for when the grief comes over the soul like waves. Or love floods them like a torrent.
The soul is the inner space of the person, his center, which makes him inwardly and from which he can align himself to God. The human soul sends and receives signals that can only be seen, heard or felt when he comes to rest. Or when a limit is reached. The limit of strength, the limit of resilience or the limit of this life, this world. The poet Josef von Eichendorff described the mental border area between this and the other world very nicely in his poem "Mondnacht":

“It was like heaven
kissed the earth silently,
that they are in the flower shimmer
dream of him now.

The air went through the fields
the ears of wheat swayed gently,
the woods rustled softly,
so starry was the night.

And my soul tensed
spread your wings
flew through the silent lands
as if she was flying home. "