White chocolate is bad for you

What chocolate reveals about your personality

How does that work, you ask yourself? According to Langham, it is very important which praline you choose from the box, whether milk or dark chocolate, whether round or square. But do the test yourself, all you need is a box of chocolates ...


So if you have a box with a lot of different chocolates in front of you and you are mainly drawn to a round shape, it means that you are someone who likes to go to parties and who likes to surround himself with lots of friends and acquaintances. Extroverted, friendly and warm-hearted, you like to spend nice and boozy evenings, even if it can get a little out of hand now and then.


And now let's say you prefer an oval shape. Then you are probably creative, sensitive and sociable, but also an adrenaline junkie who likes to take risks and pushes your own limits again and again. When life isn't all that exciting, you'd better keep your worries and thoughts to yourself.


If you like it square, you are probably a balanced person who stands firmly in life. You love the concrete, more than the abstract and nothing beats logical thinking for you. You may be someone who likes to be precise and who does his job precisely and in an orderly manner, although these actually positive qualities can sometimes prevent you from enjoying your life to the fullest.


What if you choose the rectangular praline? You are a calm and grounded person, loyal, stable and with a strong protective instinct. You are a good listener and let others do it first. You choose the practical over the passionate and you avoid dear potential problems than head over heels for a new relationship.


Finally, the triangle shape. If she's your favorite, then you are probably a very dynamic guy. Excited, hyperactive, and an absolute yes-man, don't let lengthy plans stop you. You like to be independent, prefer to make your decisions alone and like to take on the role of leader in every situation in life.

At Bordeaux wines, we are not entirely sure that all of these predictions are actually true, but we are quite sure that certain types of chocolate go better with certain wines than others.

milk chocolate

Milk chocolate, as the name suggests, is made by mixing milk with cocoa and sugar. It is the favorite choice among Christmas chocolates. As a wine accompaniment, we recommend a rather light Bordeaux red wine, for example a Croix Saint Martin, or a Côtes de Bordeaux, for example Château Haut-Moulin. Light and fruity - such a young, red Bordeaux wine simply goes wonderfully with milk chocolate.

bitter chocolate

Dark chocolate, on the other hand, has antioxidants, little to no milk, and relatively little sugar, which gives it a reputation for good health. We prefer to snack on a full-bodied Bordeaux from the Côtes de Bordeaux region. Straightforward and pure with silky tannins, these wines are full of aromas of sweet, ripe and red fruits, often with a touch of liquorice or even chocolate! All of this makes them a natural choice when it comes to ideally accompanying “healthy” chocolate.

White chocolate

Then there is white chocolate: made from sugar, milk and cocoa butter, this type of dessert is a good alternative to traditional chocolate. We love white chocolate with something sweet and pearly, like a Bordeaux Crémant Rosé. These delicate pink wines not only refresh the palate, but also have lively light red fruit notes that can get the most out of the white chocolate.

No matter which chocolate you choose at the end of this year, we hope you enjoy it with Bordeaux wine!