How was your first trip to Europe

Mozart travels

His most important trips include the "Great Western European Awards" (1763-1766), his three trips to Italy and his trip to Paris with stays in Munich, Augsburg and Mannheim, where he met the Weber family. The Mozart family traveled to Vienna three times, the fourth time Mozart never returned to Salzburg.

The big trip to Europe

When the Mozart family left Salzburg on June 6, 1763 and embarked on a three-and-a-half year trip to Western Europe, they experienced far-reaching upheavals in Europe. The father Leopold used the favor of the warless and relaxed time to dare this expedition to the European courts. The journey took the family via Munich to Augsburg, on to Ulm, Mannheim and Frankfurt, where the fourteen-year-old Goethe heard the child prodigies. Via Cologne, Aachen and Brussels they went on to Paris, where the family stayed for five months. Mozart published his first works in Paris, and after six weeks he was invited to the court of King Louis XV. a. The child prodigies also played in front of the king's mighty lover, the Marquise de Pompadour. The success at Versailles meant the final breakthrough in France. In April 1764 the journey continued to England. Mozart composed his first symphonies and made the acquaintance of Johann Christian Bach. The trip took the family back to Holland, Belgium and France. Another stay in Paris for two months. They traveled through Switzerland to Munich and back to Salzburg, where they arrived on November 29, 1766.

The three trips to Italy

The first trip to Italy (December 1769, March 1771) was both enjoyable and honorable. It brought Mozart new knowledge and ideas, contributed to further experiences and to diverse tastes in his art. Mozart was introduced to the Italian art scene, made acquaintance with the Italian upper class, the nobility, the higher nobility and church dignitaries up to and including the Pope. He meets his old friend from London, the castrato Manzuoli, and gets to know a child prodigy of the same age in Florence: Thomas Linley. A warm friendship develops between the two boys. In July 1770 Pope Clemens XIV awarded W. A. ​​Mozart the "Order of the Golden Spur", which made him the "Knight of Mozart". In Bologna, Mozart was apprenticed to the Franciscan Father Martini and studied counterpoint. He conducted his opera "Mitridate, Re di Ponto" at the Milan Opera.

In August 1771, father and son Mozart made another trip to Milan. As a wedding present for Archduke Ferdinand and the Hereditary Princess of Modena, Mozart was to write a festival opera: "Ascanio di Alba". The premiere was a complete success.

From October 1772 to March 1773 the Mozarts were on the road again in Italy. Mozart had received another opera commission from Milan, namely for the opera seria "Lucio Silla". The premiere will take place on December 26th, 1772 in the presence of Archduke Ferdinand and his wife in the Regio Ducal Teatro. The opera is repeated 25 times in the carnival season of 1772/73.

As in Milan, Leopold's wish to get a job in Florence for Wolfgang was unsuccessful. The reason for this is most likely a negative intervention on the part of Empress Maria Theresa.

Paris trip

(1777/1779) W. A. ​​Mozart traveled to Paris with his mother because the father was no longer on leave from the court. The primary goal of the trip was to get a job at one of the European courts. This wish was not granted. Neither in Munich nor in Mannheim. On the other hand, Mozart had all the more fun in Augsburg, where he met his "Bäsle" and developed an intimate friendship. Apart from the lack of money, Mozart had a wonderful time in Mannheim: he indulged in the wonderful sound of the Mannheim orchestra, which was at its most glamorous at the time. The elector's rejection came six weeks later. The onward journey to Paris was delayed because Mozart preferred to travel with the Weber family of musicians. He left his mother behind. At this time he fell in love with Aloysia Weber. The family was planning a trip to Italy, on which Mozart would have loved to accompany them. But the strict father raged in Salzburg. Finally in March he set off with his mother on the journey to Paris. This trip was a sacrifice to the father. The time in Paris was unsuccessful. During this time, Mozart's mother died after a serious illness. Mozart himself left Paris in September and returned to Salzburg via Mannheim and Munich.

Salzburg 1783

Mozart travels to Salzburg with his Constanze to show her his hometown.

Prague 1787

Mozart travels to Prague twice this year. On the one hand for the performance of his opera "The Marriage of Figaro", on the other hand for the work on "Don Giovanni", which will be premiered in Prague.

Dresden, Leipzig, Berlin 1789

In April, Mozart traveled to Berlin at the invitation of Prince Karl Lichnowsky and was traveling for the first time without his Constanze. This trip also resulted in neither a job nor an opera commission.

Frankfurt 1790

Mozart's last great trip to the festivities of Leopold's coronation as German Emperor. Mozart had waited in vain for an invitation and drove on his own.

Prague 1791

Journey to the coronation of Leopold II to the Bohemian King and to "La Clemenza di Tito".