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10. The transmission meditation group, the trip to Munich, Benjamin Creme and the Masters of Wisdom

11th English master, John the Baptist

12 Bruno Groening

13. Sai Baba in India and the weekend seminar in Frankfurt

14. An Apology and the Healing, Past Skills and the Doris Oracle

15. Women in spiritual work, on the grand scheme. Books

16. Helena Blavatsky

17. Anni Besant

18. Helena Roerich and the painter Nicolaus Roerich

19. Alice Bailey

20. the radiation and personality structure

21. The 7 rays and the task of the nations

22. el Morya, Koot Hoomi, Djwhal Khul, the Tibetan master and Shamballa

23. the master who was Mary in the past

24. King Arthur and the Round Table, Aivanhov and a mix-up

25. Spirit teachers in Europe, Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, Peter Deunov

26. Names of lightworkers

27. Invisible energies of thoughts, planets and Mandela

28. The vibration of music

29. Jerusalem 2000 years ago, the man from Nazareth and Lebra.
Remembrance, the healing, the crucifixion, the voice of thunder and the resurrection.

No. 30 When nothing works anymore, unwritten laws of life that work, forgiveness,
31. Letting go and finding inner peace
32. Polarizing and the abolition of boxing

33. the book a course in miracles

34. about the death of a friend

35th end?

No. 10

No. 10 The transmission group, invisible tour, and the trip to Munich to see Benjamin Creme and the encounter with Maitreya. John the Baptist.

The meditation group met once a week. With this transmission meditation the energy on our planet is brought to a higher vibration.
We sat in a circle on chairs with a straight spine and both feet loosely touching the ground, like those on the steles that I once saw in a long corridor under or near the pyramid of Gizeeh, on those in long ones Rows of master souls with these pharaonic crowns were or are on both sides of the tunnel.
This path led into a hall in which the ruling family and the powerful gathered for special occasions. Maybe this passage still exists and one day it will be exposed, maybe it is also destroyed or my imagination is playing tricks on me. Everything is possible!
Unfortunately, I was not very well suited to meditation because of my difficulty concentrating and, like all addicts, I demanded high performance results in the first year that are not easy for even normal mortals. But I did my best and it was an uplifting feeling to be part of something so big and global.

You can feel immediately that higher forces are at work here, which radiate a very high and pure energy of love and light that you rarely experience. Due to the high vibrations with which I came into contact, a visible change began in my years of efforts to change my head and my emotional body. Today I am still working on improving my concentration and my meditation skills and there have been successes, albeit small, but nice ones.
If I compare with what I used to be busy every day, hour, minute, then that is an enormous progress and I finally see that there is actually always a way out, no matter how hopeless some situations may appear. It even happens that I am happy. A wonderful gift if you are trying to overcome your lower self.
"A person is more who has become master and woman of inner courage than a person of the cities wins."

I say the prayer for the "transmission s energy transfer work" on a regular basis and often immediately feel reassured when the dark clouds are brewing over my head again.
It is called the Great Invocation and it was manifested by Maitreya. Perhaps it is also an old prayer that has been quoted over and over again in Sanskrit and all other great areas of knowledge through the ages. Knowledge is as old as humanity and probably even older. After all, we are not the first and the only living beings in the universe!
The truth is actually nothing new, only in a time of absolute materialism we often forget that there is something else than what we can see and touch. There is an overriding power that always accompanies and assists us when we ask for it.
There is also an invisible but absolutely real level in which all knowledge is stored. The Akashic Record. Everything that has ever been thought, done and all knowledge is stored there. And sometimes you get insight.

On my world teacher page, I have written the prayer, the great invocation, below. You can research more about this on the Internet.

With our meditation group I also made some trips to the healing spring in Nordenau, (in the Sauerland?), Which Maitreya personally charged, like many other healing springs worldwide. The healing water strengthens the energy of the Aquarian Age and brings good healing results for many. 77 sources have now been loaded so that everyone on every continent has access.

The following year, my Russian friends, Boris and Valentina, invited me and everyone from the meditation group to a lecture in Munich. I couldn't have afforded the drive or a hotel.
The drive there alone was an experience and is a lasting and dear memory of having been out with my new friends.
I know today that I have also been prepared for this for a long time, because it represented a great turning point in my entire earth development.

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10 years ago I was shown a church with 2 Arabic-looking round towers when I asked "those up there" desperately where I could go to finally be happy again and get on with my art professionally? Because I was the most unsuccessful person who ever walked on earth and I thought, I just had to change the place, then I would also change automatically.
It took until I found out where this church with the two towers should be. At some point I found a postcard from Munich and discovered these two towers that had been shown to me in the vision.
I tried to "emigrate" to Munich for years now, because I thought that was what it meant, but it didn't work because the addiction was still in the way and I didn't know anyone from whom I could have got my hashish. If I was addicted, I always drove back to Frankfurt.
Then I lost my mind, as a bonus package so to speak, and it really took me a long time to realize that I had to set completely different priorities if I wanted to survive. A few external changes was not enough. I was still the same. Insane with fear.
Something fundamental inside of me had to be fixed before I was able to face the world. I had to heal myself first to be able to walk upright again. Everything else had to wait. Nothing worked anyway, for a long time, but I didn't see that. I ran and ran until I realized that I had to put everything aside and worry about the most important thing, namely my mental and physical health!
How should I be able to benefit my work, myself and anyone when I was so broken? I was like a jug that I tried to polish again and again so that it shone nicely, but which was so broken that all the water ran out again immediately when I wanted to use it. I realized that it takes time to fix certain problems and that I had to allow myself this time if I wanted to move forward so as not to have to deal with the same problems again in the next life.
I was stuck on the same level for a long time and had the feeling that I could not do any effective work because I was always busy with myself. I wanted to participate, be there, make a difference ...

Only after I was at this lecture in Munich did I see that I had been shown for 10 years that I would have a lifelong experience there, in the city of 2 onion domes, that would influence my entire further, present and future life.
At that time I was not aware of the gift that was being given to me, but I felt the presence of the Masters and the Light and that was just an amazing experience. In the evening we went to Benjamin Creme's lecture and I learned the most interesting and exciting things that I could never have imagined, but that I was familiar with in an inexplicable way.

Then Mr. Creme, the spokesman for Maitreya, was overshadowed.
He told us that he would now step aside to make room for Maitreya to speak through him.
You could see the change and his voice had a different power. I could see an oversized head in the room manifesting over the body of Benjamin Creme and the energy emanating from it was indescribable.
The tears ran down my head and I was happy, relieved and more secure than ever before. It was a feeling of complete understanding. I felt accepted for who I was and I felt a form of love that we always long for and that we look for in everything we do.
A love that demands nothing and yet is everything. One is perfectly happy and yet I, idiot, wanted Maitreya to look me in the eye when he announced that he would now bless us all at the end.
Stupid i know Because of: perfectly happy! Haha! When Benjamin Creme stepped aside to allow Maitreya to work through him, he raised a hand and I saw an energy pour out.
I remember images of saints and statues all over the world, no matter what culture, no matter what religion and from all times, in which one hand, like Maitreya, is raised and turned to the viewer with the inside. One speaks of a gesture of blessing. Many Indian holy statues have exactly this hand position and I have also seen them on Russian icons.

Sai Baba also appeared over the speaker's head at this session and I could see him before Maitreya manifested. I don't know how that works either, I have no idea. But the feeling is beyond anything that has ever been experienced. There is always a simple guideline if you are unsure of exactly what energies you are dealing with. Is it the good guys or is it the dark side? When the light beings are present, you can always tell from the feeling of freedom and love. You are not forced to do anything, because the more highly developed beings know very well that you cannot force anyone to believe something they do not want!

In addition, the readiness for knowledge always comes from within and we only understand something when we are ready. One cannot force or manipulate knowledge, understanding and religion and under duress it will always be lip service that leaves one stale and empty and does not bring any salvation.
Only and absolutely only if we decide for ourselves whether we want to open up to something or not, something that is nobody's business, which we only have to agree with ourselves and our creator, if we want that, it will make a difference.
This is the peace and freedom that comes when you understand that everything belongs together with everything and that everyone develops according to their rhythm and time and we will all arrive one day and be happy.

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No.11 English masters?

No. 11 English masters
When I was once again looking for a book for a friend in the libraries in Frankfurt, I suddenly came across a book by his pupil at the till of a very small bookstore with the title: "The Initiate". It was indescribable how much this book pulled me under its spell and I really wanted to read it! Although nothing interesting at all could be seen from the outside!
But it was ordered and another copy was not in the house. I found the gift I was looking for there, but immediately went to the nearest bookstore until I found this book.
This book also deals with the masters of wisdom. It was like this book had made a magical bond with me. Today I know that on the path of our invisible training, things will be brought to us when we are ready to understand them. Just like we meet certain people at certain times that are important to our development. Whether they have a positive or negative influence on us, we are always a little bit wiser after that.

The book was about an English writer, if I remember correctly, who lived in London at the turn of the century and one day met what he called a lovable wise fool.
Whenever a problem arose in his environment, he called his friend, as he could help to put family conflicts and personal and supra-personal tragedies back into order.
Sometimes it was about very mundane, worldly matters, sometimes it was also about spiritual questions. Only later did the friend reveal himself as a master and teacher.
"My son," he said, "I once promised to be back when you needed me."
He also said the bond between teacher and student is the strongest that there is, beyond all time ...

In the second volume you learn that the master went to America to teach some students there that you get to know in the course of the book. One learns a lot about the teachings of the Masters of Wisdom. One day the master asked his writer friend from England to come to him after he hadn't heard from him for almost 12 years.
Although he was very clammy at the moment and couldn't finance a long trip at all, he suddenly got money and was able to follow his teacher into the new world.
There he gets to know new friends and 2 women who belonged to the circle of the master. He falls in love with one of the women and never thought that this would happen to him at his age.

One day his teacher asks him a favor. He is already very excited and goes to the meeting the following day. There he learns that he should marry a woman because it is extremely important for his and her development, but of course the decision ultimately lies with him.
Our friend is sure it is about the beautiful, the adored one to whom he had already given his heart.

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But lo and behold, the teacher asked him to marry her girlfriend, the other woman he had met, with whom he had no intimate relationship at all and also never thought of wanting to enter into it.
This shocked him and he quarreled with himself and found it difficult to bring himself to follow his teacher's advice. He was told that he did not have to give up his love for his beloved. But he should marry this other woman because it was of enormous importance for their further development and because there was a soul that could only be incarnated (born) through both of them and which, in my opinion, was an old friend's soul of the two .
This soul had an important job to do. The woman he was to marry was a very developed soul, maybe even soon a master soul who still had a job to do.
This, of course, was a disaster of feelings and the beloved could not bear to be just the beloved. The friend of the two, who was about to get married, began to feel aggression towards the man with whom she did not want to bond.
Later they learned that they were old companions who, for better or for worse, had not yet settled their meeting. It was something like: One time one did this and that to the other and the next time it was the other way around.
"We ought to be even now," said our friend.
Then the teacher said: "Wrong twice does not make a right!"

After a lot of fussing, they decided to follow their teacher's advice, which wasn't as easy as it reads here. Also in their incarnations this time no further development would have been possible if they had not accepted this task.
But they got married and made their peace and even had a good marriage. They had a son and I suspect it was Benjamin Creme.

In England some masters of wisdom seem to remain undetected for centuries and to come into regular contact with their students or to inspire them to work on the great plan.
It is a wonderful time of great change, although I doubt it every day when I see what is happening. But many things have happened around the world that I would never have thought possible the day before that promise a change for the better.
If you look closely, it's always 50% who are for and 50% are against.I think the good guys were always in the minority before, for centuries, today we are more.

Although all names have been changed in this book, I think this child served a similar role as John the Baptist 2000 years ago, but in an environment that was not as life threatening as it was then. Benjamin Creme traveled all over the world and announced the return of Christ Maitreya and that of the Masters of Wisdom. The day of revelation is at hand.

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I once had a picture of John the Baptist in my head, the idea of ​​a "savage" who came out of the mountains and looked to be frightened. He was dressed in only one fur and his hair was disheveled, as he had never cut it, but he had a look that seemed to penetrate everything.
He went to the center of the city and began loudly preaching the word of God and preparing for the coming of the future Messiah. I can imagine how absurd some found it and how the townspeople laughed at the madman.

I always imagine what it would be like if he would show up in the pedestrian zone of the shopping mall in our city today to announce the coming of Christ. We all know ourselves and our neighbors' comments. Would we even take notice of him, would we laugh along or would we believe him?
But there were then and still are many who understand the content of these words very well, who can feel the light that touches us deep within.
Just as we do today when we come into contact with God's messages, regardless of whether it is through healing, learning, books, encounters, dreams and visions.
Sometimes we just feel that there is something that is different, that is important, that is true.

Sometimes anyway. We all thirst for a world where love, understanding, and compassion are paramount and one’s life comes first. A world in which there is no longer any poverty or artificial exclusion and in which everyone can and is allowed to live contentedly according to their own needs.
This is what the Masters of Wisdom are all talking about! We are all brothers and sisters. The stranger today who is moving into your neighborhood may have been your cousin in a previous life, even if he had just emigrated from Jordan.
It is possible that all people on earth can live in peace and prosperity. And there is enough for everyone, we just have to learn the right distribution of resources and it is up to us to treat ourselves to happiness.

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No.12 Bruno

No.12 Bruno Gröning (us Bruno!)

After the war, a man with unusual healing abilities made a name for himself in Germany. With God's help he was able to use his thoughts to heal people from the most serious illnesses.
As it is always the case, people soon flocked to him by the hundreds, even by the thousands, and the authorities disliked this hustle and bustle. At that time, so shortly after World War II, Germany was still ruled by many fascists in high offices who did not believe in life.
At some point after indictments and I think prison too, he decided to go abroad and even tried to stop his healing work, which did him more harm than good.
As always, I don't know the exact details, but he has appeared to me several times when I was in health problems and I was able to experience his absolutely loving and healing presence.
When my cat was dying, he appeared uninvited one day and stood by my cat, for which I am extremely grateful. I had asked God that my cat would not be in pain. I don't know exactly when Bruno died (born 1906 in East Prussia, died 1959 in Paris, did some research on the internet), but it looks like the higher power has decided that his work in Germany is not yet over.
Even today, many benefit from his invisible healing work. He had the peculiarity that his neck thickened so much when the healing energy flowed through him that it looked like he had an oversized goiter. But he assured him that it didn't hurt him; on the contrary, he felt indescribably at ease with it.
His name was Bruno Groening. I've never been in any group that deals with his healing work, but it looks like he's there when you call and need him.

When I researched him on the Internet, I came across an "anti - Gröning site". Strangely, that's where I found most of the most interesting and interesting information about Bruno.
I don't know what groups are doing that are dedicated to his work and I like to have first-hand contact with the top, because that's what it's all about today that we all learn to connect directly to the one.
We can use all the help we can to raise our lower vibrations. Or? I find Bruno a very understanding and empathetic healer and I am really happy that someone condescended, at this time in Germany, to face people with all the pent-up hatred of the past war and to bring them the love of one. A very personable, lovable and a very courageous contemporary, considering the opposing forces he was exposed to.

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No. 13

No. 13 Sai Baba in India

A very high Master-Soul has been living in the south of India since about 1923, about which I have already reported above and worked there for many years. He has a lot of students, devotees and communicates with his students also telepathically and many healers, work with him worldwide and let him guide and train them in their development.
He liked to materialize rings and some kind of holy dust, whatever, and guides many through and out of their karmic entanglements. It is best to do your own research on the Internet, there are many books and reports about him and even many dictated by himself.

In my first therapy there was a weekend seminar in which we could cleanse ourselves of our pent-up aggressions. My therapist recommended that I take part, as it could release a lot of good life energies, which for me was only concerned with killing me or keeping me from doing it.

When, towards the end of the seminar, like all the other course participants, I was on the floor and was supposed to let out my aggressions through a special breathing exercise, I refused and did not want to breathe at all. I always have a strong reluctance to do what others tell me. Which is logically justified in my story.

I was in this therapy because I hardly had a positive will to live, so: why and what is this shit for, I thought?
When I heard all the others screaming and howling, some beating their fists on the floor, grown men and established women howled like children and freed themselves from some of the pent-up ballast, I didn't want to, and just stopped breathing.

Maybe once I started to let in my anger, I was afraid I would never be able to stop. Maybe I would have done myself a favor, but I wasn't ready. Maybe I suffer from the vanity of never being like the others!

I stopped moving my chest and stopped breathing, but something inside of me was still breathing. It was as if the necessary oxygen was coming into my body on a completely different level, even right into my stomach, as a kind of white smoke. I did not suffocate. Did I plan to die there? Terrible! The poor unsuspecting people! So I wanted to do that to others, what was I thinking?

Probably nothing. It would have been a really traumatic experience for everyone if I suddenly lay dead and died in their midst. Sometimes you are selfish, especially when you are suffering.
But suddenly, after a certain time of refusing to breathe, I could see with closed eyes and appear to me, Sai Baba, who was then still unknown to me and said: "We will find you a man! A man who will heal your Venus."

Oh yes? That was something that I would never have admitted out loud, that I longed profanely for a partner (I didn't!) And that I only did all of this to find a soul with whom I could get together and with whom I would feel at home could feel.
But whether this will happen in this life or in the next is in the stars. I then got a fit of laughter which relieved me of all the pain, all the suffering and all the failure and all the seemingly fruitless efforts of the past few years and all of my life.

The laughter had come back again, that was something, because days before I had complained that I hadn't been able to stop crying for years.
Whereupon my really smart and good therapist Andreas said: then it will take that long. Perhaps the pain is so great that it takes all these tears.
That relaxed me a bit, so it was fine the way it was, the way I was ...

The presence of Sai Baba at this weekend seminar surprised me and at that time I did not know what a great soul the stranded person had taken time for me. But I liked him immediately and had no doubt about his pure intention, as suspicious as I went through the days at the time.

I think that's what "these people" do all day without us even realizing it, and then we call them guardian angels. Or so. His energy was just wonderful and I really enjoyed feeling him, he has such a strong love that you can completely let yourself go. Because nothing human is alien to the masters ...

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No. 14

Number 14 an apology and healing

I would like to apologize for the fact that I have so often "wandered off" when redesigning my website (what is the past tense of wandering?) And have written so much about myself and my career, my search for light and healing. BUT, I feel the need to report what has helped me and still helps to find a way out of the addiction and depression that still have me under control if they like it.
One day I got to the point where I gave up on myself. Others gave no more chanterelle for my life either. As inside so outside.
I want to show that you can survive quite a bit, even if you have reached the end of your tether sometimes.
There is always a way out.

Since we cannot develop and understand everything we need in terms of skills, knowledge and memories in a single life, it seemed to me, despite the contrary opinion of my environment, that there is still another world than the one that can be seen. A world that doesn't exist for others. But I had an inkling of it without my being able to explain it rationally. A spiritual world, beyond anything tangible.
No matter how hopeless the situation was, there were sentences in me like: "I know everything is curable!" and often met with incomprehension. Not only in my environment, but also with some doctors who disregarded the patient's spiritual assistance and did not know that submissive conformity and dependency cannot heal because the subject's "self-powers" are ignored.
Sometimes you are under the influence of a person, for better or for worse, and it has tremendous power over us. In their presence we even think we have certain abilities, ourselves, which this person has but without having acquired them. But as soon as you step out of the orbit of this person you are who you are again.
Something always sticks, no question about it, but we have to make our own experiences and learning lessons in order to be able to convert them into wisdom. Nobody else can learn the piano for us either, we have to lend a hand ourselves in order to be able to play something to our annoyed family at Christmas.

My mother, a healer who could not have become a doctor, knew this through the war, the circumstances and the origin and told me early on that a person can be operated on a hundred times, but if he does not help inside and does not want to get well, it's no use at all. He keeps coming to the clinic with the same illness and nothing changes. Sometimes we give something to others without trying to make an effort ourselves.
She also often explained to me the psychological signs of certain illnesses when she later worked as a night nurse at the Frankfurt University Hospital and I helped out when all the students were on vacation. She likes to tell me about her work and had observed that people with very specific illnesses also displayed the same characteristics and moods. Some were aggressive with a certain illness and with another illness she could see that people were more complacent and cried a lot, regardless of whether they were men or women. Other illnesses aroused a kind of hopelessness, and still others made seasoned men fearful. That stuck with me.

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She had an aversion and an irrational fear of everything psychic and spiritual. She liked to confuse the spiritual with religions that are more institutionalized than the eternal truths of our Creator. Later she often tried to argue with me about the church, which logically I have nothing to do with, through the abuse in the Catholic children's flu.
Towards the end of her life I often had to tell her that I was her daughter and that I had no idea about the church. She raised us to be atheist. When I was 30, I read a Bible for the first time. In addition, everything spiritual was a big taboo subject in our family.
But I think she was looking for answers and maybe also for God, because she sensed that her time would come soon and I also knew that her ship was already in port, ready to pick her up for the big voyage. A very beautiful ship, by the way, with many dear friends who pick you up and whose meeting you can really look forward to when the time comes. In the end you are not alone when you walk over!

I tried to share my knowledge with her later and to make her way over to the eternal or temporary hunting grounds easier and to take some of the fear of death away from her, if that is at all possible. I too am afraid of dying, but not of death, not of the BEYOND. Because there expected and only peace and love!

But it turned out to be difficult because she was so disillusioned by a past connection with the Church in Europe, in which she held a higher office at the time of the Inquisition, that she immediately got aggression if something went in this direction or someone said that he was prayed. She even popped a neighbor on the street once when he said he was praying for better weather.

She always assumed Buddha in my pictures, even though I had never painted one, because some of the faces in my paintings looked like this in her eyes before I had painted the hair, which always comes at the end.
She mocked me for this and jumped through my painting room and shouted: de Buddha, de Buddha ...
I didn't even know what had suddenly got into her. The past experiences must have been so terrible that she felt threatened by everything related to the church and religious associations.
I feel no different. But I make a distinction between the association and our creator. There is no monopoly on God and we do not need an intermediary who tells us what to think and what not to think so that we do not offend God. One cannot offend God, the highest and most powerful thing there is.
The one who created the entire universe and every blade of grass laughs at us when we have bad thoughts, we harm ourselves the most. Since everything is created in love, he is happy when we learn to love without demanding and when we learn to forgive, over and over again, because he forgives us 70 thousand times every day!
God doesn't need yes-men, he knows our heart and knows when we are of good will.

My mother visited me half a year after her death, after her transition, because I had bet with her to have a chocolate kiss that she should visit me later if I was right, that it is not over after death and you only have the material body drops. I was just a weirdo for her and she agreed to the bet.
She always said: when it's over, it's over!
Which of course caused great panic when the time came. To be nothing is one of the most threatening thoughts there is.
I asked her, if I was right, she should appear to me and let me know if it was true, but please not at night as a ghost, as that would scare me.

And then she did appear to me in a dream, and I saw that her husband, with whom she had always quarreled, was bringing her to me. He had found his peace after his death and was a very different person than when he was alive. She stood there and didn't move. She was really angry. Offended. When we first met, she found it difficult to understand and accept the world on the other side. She was shocked, but she still existed, just without a solid body. I thanked her for coming and was happy that my father was working with us.

After a few months I saw her again and from then on she always came to me alone and brought me a nice message from the other side. She finally understood where she was now and the stupor had dissolved.
Then she appeared to me, like some of my other friends who had already passed over like in a party dress with strong hair and said that she was very busy. She was doing really well and getting along well.
She was always a helpful soul and there is always something to do on the other side. The work does not only take place on this page ...
That calmed me, because there had always been a tough struggle between her and me when it came to the truth and it meant a lot to me that she was finally happy.

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Past skills and memory of knowledge

I often thought that I might be in ancient Egypt, at the time of Ra Ta and Hermes Trismegistus and the building of the great pyramid in Gizeeh, which was not a tomb but part of a scientific center, in one of the two temples of health and the Beauty worked.
(Research Edgar Cayce and his memories of Egypt)

I have had the flash several times that I could have learned the connection between physical illness and psychological correspondence, as the patient has cheaper and faster recovery chances. After a broken leg or kidney disease, for example, the patients were brought to us after the operation and we tried to help them understand the connection between problem and illness.

One is surprised when one deals with how even very worldly difficulties in family, work or environment can be solved if one takes the time to deal with the spiritual side, the cause of the issue in the case of illness. In many areas it is important to recognize the cause rather than always fighting its effects. Many report that they have changed a lot after a serious illness and are happy about the positive change in retrospect.


I would also like to apologize for my hysterical writing, as I suffer from a kind of impetuous need to communicate that I am difficult to control. Maybe due to too little contact with the outside world, which I cannot blame others for with the tangle that sometimes tumbled out of my brain unfiltered.

Once I start writing, I can't stop. But it seems to be a kind of healing procedure that can crack the silence and "eat it all up" that I have suffered from for so long.
The scales that are out of balance swings from one extreme to the other until they can come back into balance, as Conny M always wanted to make it clear to me when I could not express my feelings or injuries in a conflict and instead took months and dived for years without anyone knowing what was going on.

the Doris Oracle

Enclosed I would like to report what my own, self-made Doris oracle had said to me this morning: "You are different from others? So what!
Know your inner worth and your very own inner qualities. You don't have to be like the mass mind dictates. There are already more than enough of them and just because many do the same doesn't make the wrong thing right.
You don't have to be the norm to be loved.
You are here to contribute to the big picture with your very personal, special and own piece of the puzzle, no matter how small it is.
A small drop of water is responsible for the creation of an entire river at the end of the day. Alone we are nothing, with the Creator we are everything, which means that we are all somehow and always connected with one another.

So go out into the world and learn to love yourself and so you can love others and life again. "

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No. 15 women in the spiritual work on the grand plan

When a master was asked once why prophets always come to us as men, he replied that most people do not take women seriously.

Many are still so attached to the matter and only see what they want to see and what they can touch. A master is neither man nor woman, he has overcome all of this and has long since reconciled and united himself with his two aspects, the male and the female parts. Has become complete.

But now, since around 18 - hundred - Domini, one can observe in Europe that more and more women are going public to spread the information of the coming Aquarian age and to show the world that women are by no means stupid and that they are also children of eternal life and of eternal light are like all.
Even if certain masters of creation still want to believe that a smaller brain holds less knowledge. A small flower can smell more intensely than a large one, and a small medicinal plant can achieve greater effects than a hundred tablets ...

There are some recommended books by women who have inspired me by

Elisabeth Kübler Ross, the death researcher
Elisabeth Haich, the inauguration
Phyllis Cristal, a light energy worker
Shirley Mc Laine, artist and writer
Louise Hay, on the healing power of positive thoughts
Julia Cameron, the artist's way
and many more who are either and were great healers or whose reports open up a view of another world.

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No. 16 Helena Blavatsky

One of the first women to go public with the knowledge of the universal truth and the universal brotherhood was Helena Blavatsky.
It took a lot of courage then and still today to face the pressure, scorn and ridicule of general thinking and to endure it.

Born in late July / until mid-August (Leo) 1831 in southern Russia, she traveled all over the world alone at the age of 17. Unthinkable for a woman at that time. After getting married, she wanted to escape the often idiotic duties of the nobility. She was simply too intelligent not to see through the senseless superficiality of the social regulations of the elite caste.

She saw Africa, Asia, Europe and America, met medicine men, saddhus and voodoo priests and was clearly on a spiritual quest and exploration, and during this time developed her knowledge of an esoteric science that was quite unknown in Europe at the time.
She traveled around the globe for 25 years before she began to make her special perception the essence of her work.
She lived twice in Cairo, London, Odessa, Greece, Paris, and New York.

She got to know some masters of wisdom, whose names appear again and again in many reports from different people.
Master Morya, Master Koot Hoomi, Master Hilarion and she once took part in a reincarnation ceremony of the then Dalai Lama in Tibet. (Was she then already in the hidden city of Lhasa, the seat of the spiritual leader of Tibet, which officially no stranger was allowed to enter?) Must do better research ...

She was the founder of modern Anglo-Indian theosophy, called herself an occultist and founded the well-known Theosophical Society in London and later tried to found a spiritual society when she had deepened her knowledge. But, like all people, it had its failures and so it never came about. She died in London in 1891, as far as I know. She was a world citizen who united all cultures.

She later worked a lot as a medium, gave seances and wrote many seminal books on the spiritual hierarchy and universal knowledge.
She was also once convicted of cheating when evidence of her psychic abilities and her contact with the higher spiritual world was demanded. She must have been under enormous pressure to resort to tools and deception, because we couldn't help but convince a few doubters.

Every media-minded person knows that you can often not have control over the contact and especially when you want to show someone what you have seen and experienced, you often lack the right arguments.
After that, she was unfortunately often branded a liar. All of her work came under fire and was also accused of consuming opium. But she said very clearly that drug and alcohol addiction was detrimental to contact with the higher world.

But her books are undoubtedly the books of a genius! Much can still be found there today, as our school wisdom said cannot be dreamed of.

I imagine how you have to be able to play Mozart today in order to even be allowed to take an entrance exam at a European music university, which you smiled at, insulted and thrown into a hole like rubbish after your death, you will one day too study the writings of Madame Blavatsky.

That's what she called herself at the end of her life when she tried to make a living as a medium. Soon you will be able to study the spiritual knowledge of her, a recognized scientist, publicly at universities.
I think. When I'm here again, I would like to be able to attend a seminar like this.
There is a lot to be found about her on the Internet and there are also quite a few books by her, such as: Isis Unveiled and the Voice of Silence. I think she also knew about Shambala, the secret place of the spiritual hierarchy ...

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No. 17 Annie Besant

Annie Besant was born in London on October 1, 1847 (Libra).
She was a theosophist, women's rights activist who campaigned for the union and women in factories.
She met Helena Blavatsky and even after her death became the chairwoman of the Theosophical Society in London.
She later goes to India and also works with Mahatma Gandhi for a while.

There, too, she campaigns for human rights and works to help abolish child marriages and the caste system.

Even in England she campaigned for children to receive medical care at school and a warm meal a day.
She works spiritually and has always stood up for social and political issues. It is said that she was an extremely brilliant speaker and had a very warm, amiable nature who was neither patronizing nor expected gratitude.
She wrote a draft for the constitution of a continent and spent nights at a sick bed. (I think she had some students in India)
She was also once a member of the National Congress in India, but then went back to her own work.
She was 86 years old and died in Madras, India, her adopted home, in 1933.

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No. 18 Helena Roerich

Born on February 12th, 1879 (Aquarius) in St. Petersburg, she stands out for her knowledge of yoga at a time when very few people in Europe knew what it was.

She is a writer and spiritual knowledge researcher and writes her books in English.

According to her own reports, she is instructed by the masters of wisdom to write the book: Agni Yoga and the Secret Doctrine and leaves behind some writings on universal wisdom and the masters of wisdom.

Here, too, the names we are familiar with are used again:
Koot Hoomi, Morya and Djwhal Khul.

She traveled through Asia and the Himalayas with her husband, the painter and Asia expert Nicolaus Roerich.
With him I found 1 or 2 paintings by Maitreya, just as I saw him (Maitreya) once in Munich above the hall at Benjamin Creme's lecture.

All women, H. Blavatsky, A. Besant, H. Roerich and A. Bailey have contact with the Theosophical Society in London and some with each other.

Helena Roerich died in India in 1923.

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# 19

No. 19 Alice Bailey

I know little about Alice Bailey, but she too was one of the women who helped spread the teaching in Europe and she was also connected to the Theosophical Society in London.
Wasn't she translating one of Helena Blavatsky's books?
Can research on the internet.
She wrote the book on the ray structure of nations.

I once read from a well-known man, Krishnamurti, that when asked to assume the position of world teacher, he refused to devote himself to his studies. That is also possible and he has left a lot of wisdom. There are innumerable books by and about him and his teachings.

One of the women, Annie Besant or Alice Bailey, reported that one day, on an excursion in the mountains, she was telepathically overshadowed by the higher power. They asked her to act as a mouthpiece for the teaching of the One. She should prepare the public for the coming of the Masters of Wisdom. A day that will only come now but soon. The day of revelation.
Spontaneously she exclaimed: "I'm not a stupid medium!".

That makes her particularly likeable to me. After a certain period of deliberation, she decided to accept this assignment and, like all those who do this job, was trained for many years and prepared for this demanding task.

Many are uneasy about the first contact with a master. Who knows exactly who it is who suddenly gets in touch in your own head?

Benjamin Creme reported that he first wanted proof of who his teacher was and whether he even existed or had existed, as he claimed when he telepathically contacted him.
Only when Creme found a paper in his painter 's workshop shortly afterwards, which the master had materialized, on which one could read, who exactly it was about, did he get involved and, like all the others, he became many, many years prepared. Until he was ready to go public to announce the arrival of the World Teacher and that of the spiritual hierarchy worldwide.

Probably all of these women were very sophisticated souls.
I once read about Helena Roerich that she had already reached the degree of initiation of 4.
In his then known incarnation in Jerusalem Jesus had attained the 3rd degree, the beginning of mastery. Back then! Today he's probably already at level 7, which is completely beyond our imagination. He is still there and active, no longer tied to a solid body.
We normal mortals are on average at level 0.3 !!!
When someone has reached 0.6 he stands out from the crowd so much that they mostly become famous people, such as some artists, scientists, and politicians whose names everyone around the world knows.

One can imagine how highly developed Helena Roerich and all these wonderful women were, who made themselves available, publicly or in secret, to cope with the task of proclaiming the way and the truth to mankind about the unwritten laws on this planet.
One is exposed to a lot of ridicule and hostility when speaking of the truth. In the Middle Ages such people were killed because some idiot thought that someone had offended God with the truth. As if that were possible!

Galileo only survived because he promised to shut up. But what he didn't do after all, at least not in public anymore. I think he always had students.
Did Copernicus Survive? Yes. But who did they kill back then who reported that the earth was not flat?

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# 20

No. 20
The ray structure of humanity and countries

There is a ray structure that represents the very essence of our personalities and even nations. It is said that this system will one day replace astrology in its current form because it is more precise.
Many already deal with it and there is also a book about it
the ray structure and the task of nations, by Alice Bailey.

Benjamin Creme's books about Maitreya and the arrival of the Masters of Wisdom also contain the ray structure of well-known but deceased personalities and their level of development. Deceased so as not to violate their privacy.

In the beginning, when you are faced with it, you just look at people who have already reached the 3rd or 4th level and think that everything else below is nothing. Until one then experiences one's own numbers and also the state of one's own soul development. Somehow they manage to find out if you deal with this topic. The spiritual hierarchy is always in contact with us without violating our free will! There are really few who have even reached the 2nd level!

One day I was told that I had just got 0.1 point further in my development when I managed to go to the clinic and survive a rather difficult period. The healing process and the associated efforts brought me an enormous step further. Exactly 0.1!
At first I thought, that is not enough and I am again too stupid and much too slow, until I saw that we, the bulk of humanity, are all way below the first level of initiation. Hardly anyone has 1!
I was horrified because we're all geniuses, after all, but then I relaxed and was happy to have endured this extremely difficult part of my fate. I wasn't the same after that, which blessed me.
After all, 0.1 percent further development, that's something! You don't treat yourself to anything else. Before that, nothing at all had moved for years, neither in me, around me and around Ulm ...

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No. 21 the 7 rays and the energy fields of personality:

Every person has a combination of different rays, on the different levels of expression of his personality.

The 7 rays:

1st ray: will, power

2nd ray: love, devotion, wisdom

3rd ray: intelligence, activity

4th ray: creativity, harmony through conflict

5th ray: science, accurate thinking

Ray 6: Idealism and Devotion

7th ray: ceremonial order and rituals (the inner circus horse?)

Jesus had the combination: 6 1 1 2 1
Soul, Mental, Astral, Personality and Body.


The various ray expressions of the individual are:

1st place: soul,
2nd place: Mental (spirit),
3rd place: Astral (feeling),
4th place: personality
and 5th place: body.

According to this, Jesus had a sixth soul, idealism and devotion; was mentally a 1; Feelings as well; Personality he was a 2, which explains the loving nature and the enormous compassion and his body had the energy of a 1, the strength to withstand all the resistance and to remain true to himself in spite of everything and to be able to follow his path undeterred.
How quickly do we become unsettled when someone criticizes us?

I heard from Mozart that he mostly had 4 - he had.
Harmony through conflict. What characterizes his inner turmoil and the many resistances with which he was confronted.
More details can be found on the internet or in Benjamin Creme's books, which is extremely interesting.

If you deal with it for a while, you get a hint which numbers belong to you. Kind of telepathic. Does that change a lot in the different lives you go through or just some of the values?

One evening I was given 3 numbers of my personality structure, 7-2-4.
OK. But maybe I'm just imagining it and although the numbers didn't mean anything to me back then, I dutifully noted them down on a piece of paper. You often don't believe yourself the next day. The next morning I found a torn movie ticket at the tram stop with exactly these numbers on it, in large, legible letters. 7-2-4.
Shock. But I immediately saw how everything was exactly timed, unbelievable. They are really there, the invisible helpers, at all times, and they take care of us, in love and in peace!
I think it's the first 3 numbers. After that there could be 4 more, as torn as I am ... Haha, nobody laughs.

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No 22

No. 22 el Morya, Koot Hoomi, Djwhal Khul, Shamballa and the Tibetans

The way to Shamballa

These are names that one stumbles over again and again when one deals with this matter of the spiritual world and the unwritten spiritual laws and the invisible "spirit school".
The sources could not be more different and yet we are all connected with a kind of "brotherhood of humanity" to which we all belong. We are all children of the ONE. Beyond all times.

So it can also be that we are accompanied by the same soul beings from the spiritual hierarchy for millennia. Our older brothers and sisters.

I know about Jesus that he was already there before the fall of Atlantis and that he had a name similar to light. Hilarion? But even then, few listened to him. But in spite of that, he tried again and again with us and is still loyal to us today, even though we did bad things to him 2000 years ago. Even today he is again, today (2020) still unrecognized among us!

I cannot write anything precise about the masters mentioned above because I know little about them, I am still at the beginning of the process, the school and I realize that most people have had contact with these masters in some form and probably already have more information about them than I do.

Alice Bailey said she was tutored and accompanied by a Tibetan master. Its name appears again and again in a wide variety of scripts at different times.

And about Shamballa I know that this is probably a place in Himallaya where the Master Souls stay and all work together.

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No 23

No. 23 The master who used to be Maria.

Maria and Elisabeth, the mother of John the Baptist, knew each other and were friends. Mary and Joseph are said to have been members of the Essen congregation.
I read the Aquarian Gospel in the book that the two women were taught in a spiritual school in Egypt by the high priests living there and prepared for the birth of their children.
Such high souls like Jesus and John are not born with people who beat them all out of their bodies! Logically.
Everyone who takes on such a demanding position is of course prepared accordingly. All teachers and masters work together and no one is alone, even if we know nothing other than that one day suddenly a single man named Isa of Nazareth appeared in Jerusalem and began to teach.

So Mary, the mother of Jesus, was not an average person, but had extensive knowledge. She too had a very difficult part to perform at the time.
I would like to mention one more thing because I think the wording is so good. I know that the master, who was Maria earlier, works a lot today, but is not embodied. There are many signs of his / her presence.

So-called MIRACLES manifest themselves everywhere, not only triggered by a single master-soul, which indicate the arrival of the spiritual hierarchy, so that peace can soon return to this planet.
They make us aware that there is more than our eyes can see. Many feel that great things are about to happen and understand the signs.

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No 24

No. 24
King Arthur and the Round Table, Aivanhov and a mix-up and a reflection on the Round Table.

In my search for support and consolation, one day I found a beautiful website about "Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov".

Doesn't the name sound like that of a knight of the Round Table we all know, in the time of King Arthur in Britain, around 5oo? But I am confusing the names Lanzelot and Ivanhoe. Maybe the same soul in different incarnations? Always thought Ivanhoe had lived in King Arthur's time.

Reflections on King Arthur

At that time, in my opinion, an attempt was made to create a new kind of politics, a new system, a new order, which should be guided by brotherhood and chivalry towards the weak. It was aimed at improving the communal togetherness, which is why I think we still have such a strong connection and affinity to this time and these people today.
Even then Arthur did not come alone, he was supported by Merlin and his sister and the knights who joined him.

It was a time of great hope and change when King Arthur and his comrades-in-arms sought to unite Britain. Arthur tried to get all the princes and chiefs of the various provinces around one table, one blackboard. This is how the legendary round table came about.
Maybe the beginning of democracy in the West?

There was a large, round and legendary table in the CAMELOT Castle, donated by the father of the future bride Guinevere, as a wedding present. Uther, Arthur's father once had it made and is said to have had space for 150 people. Uther asked Leodegrance, his faithful and Guinevere's father, to hand him over to his son after his death.

It is said that it was difficult to move this huge table. It was reduced in size and sawn into 2 parts. It is said to have been open in the middle. He was hitched to ox carts, as only oxen could move the heaviest weights. The transport must have taken weeks. But it was like an omen for the future. So everyone had space at a large round table. Uther and Igraine, Arthur's parents must have been highly developed souls who might have known things about the future. At that time a new era was heralded. Why do so many doubt this time?

King Arthur is also called Arthur, which makes me guess, since everyone always doubts his existence, but that perhaps the Romans knew him, because they always put a "us" on all names they had to do with. Jesus was actually called ISA. So the Romans called him Isus, pronouncing Jisus ...

Perhaps the "us" in Arthur's name is evidence of the existence of Carmelot. One would have to rummage through the writings in the Vatican to see whether there are timely records. There are supposed to be writings stored there that would raise the whole of humanity to a higher level if they were finally published!
But to the Catholics, power is more important than truth and knowledge!
By the way, King Uther is mentioned in the Historia Regum Britanniaä.

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That was the beginning of a new time. As today!
Some hopes seem to be disappointed at first sight and yet, if you look back, a seed is always planted in the earth, which over time expanded our thinking and was ultimately victorious.
We have to get used to some new perspectives. I still remember how the politicians in the German Bundestag made fun of the first green politicians, they despised, ridiculed and were convinced that these lettuce heads would very soon disappear from the scene again.
But far from it! Today the environment is THE foremost issue in our community and we need to rethink if we want to survive.

Even if many legends and sagas were formed around the time of King Arthur and watered down the picture, I believe that some of these people, men and women who were associated with Camelot and were then actively involved in the redesign of the time, are now spiritual ones Teachers are active, embodied or not.
Who knows whether one of today's leading politicians, somewhere in the world, was not King Arthur or the scholar of the time Morgaine or the priest Merlin the magician?

I read from Shirley Mc Laine that the Swedish politician Olof Palme was once one of the greatest emperors in ancient Europe. Charlemagne. In whose kingdom the sun never set.
We all hung on his every word when he spoke, he was so special and many had high hopes for him.
After all, we don't stop working on one thing when we shed our earthly bodies. In the next life we ​​pick up exactly where we left off last time. We only take a break, in the interim, like during the school holidays, in order to start school in the next higher level in the coming year.

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No. 25

Nr 25 Omraam Mikhael Aivanov and Peter Deunov, spirit teachers in Europe

In my distress I always look for consolation and healing when I get stuck and my thoughts turn in circles when caught in my madness. Then I always believe - to be helpless at the mercy of fate and the forces of darkness.
But light drives away the darkness! So I am looking.

When I found this website from Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, I immediately felt the light energy and a beneficial and healing vibration that reached my heart and instantly gave me peace. I go to this site regularly and I think it's nice that his students take care of passing on his teaching.

He was a spirit teacher who liked and had many students (which not all who have reached this level want). He lived in Europe from January 31, 1900 to December 25, 1986.
Incidentally, many pious people like to die at Christmas, I have observed, or it is a sign from above to them that they have done something right in this life ...

At the age of 17 he met his master Peter Deunov, whose apprenticeship he would later continue.
What I find interesting on his website, in his biography, are the 2 photos before and after a trip to India. Although there is only a short time between the two shots, a great change can be seen in his appearance.

It was reported of Moses when he returned from Mount Sinaii that he suddenly had white hair after he had met God and the masters of wisdom up there and was instructed by them in 40 days, apparently "instantly".

Aivanhov had many students and a center in "Bonfin" which is in the south of France and he traveled all over the world meeting with many great and learned spirits of his time.
There is a photo from Bonfin with him and some of his students, men and women, which I particularly like because it shows how relaxed and happy people were in his presence. They all seem so happy, like happy children who are safe.

I recommend looking at this page yourself, as it is very extensive and contains a lot of knowledge as well as prayers and practical exercises. Very inspiring.

When I found out about him over the internet and was happy that there are always people spreading the teaching today, he appeared to me one day.
It was as if he was looking after me and I have to say, I was a little shocked by the surprising visit and apparently so was he. I saw his amazed face and then he was gone as quickly as he came without leaving me a message as usual.
I sometimes believe that many spirit beings don't even expect us to perceive them sometimes and most of the time we don't even do that.
I felt honored that he looked after me, but I was also afraid that I wasn't good enough or too stupid.

Today I have more self-love, not to be confused with egomania, with which I can enjoy it without feeling inferior when someone from the spirit world looks after me. Everything is curable, including my mind, sometimes it just takes time ...

Once when I learned about telepathic communication with animals, I tried it the same night I got home from work.
As always, my cat sat in front of me after he had eaten and cleaned himself up.
When I concentrated I was suddenly in his head and could see his thoughts.

When he noticed that, he looked at me completely confused and I was also so amazed that it worked, that we were both really shocked about it.
This is what happened to me when I felt the presence of Omraam.
It wasn't until later that I thought I could have asked him some fundamentally important things if I was already aware of him and what did I do instead? I was embarrassed because someone in my underpants surprised me! Tsss. And I have so many questions ...

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No 26

26 a touch of names of lightworkers

Gandhi, Nonviolent Resistance and the Liberation of India
Mandela, freedom fighter in South Africa
Sister Theresa

David Wilcock, formerly Edgar Cayce, formerly RA TA, the builder of the Giza Pyramid
Hilarion and Jesus

the Beatles and many artists from the hippy movement time of peace

Nina Hagen and Udo Lindenberg

Sting and Steve Wonder and the healing energy of their music in the heart and brain chakra

Picasso, van Gogh and Gauguin
Rubens, Rembrandt and Dürer who work together today

Wilhelm Reich, psychoanalyst and the orgone energy, a rain machine that worked

George Adamsky and contact with aliens
and his spiritual successor Gerart Aartsen from Holland

Petra Kelly and the Peace Movement
Willy Brandt, politician and pioneer for the unification of Germany
Martin and Katharina Luther and
Martin Luther King

Frida Kalo painter
Ingrid Bergmann
Charly Chaplin

Louise Hay
Dr. Joseph Murphy
Elisabeth Kübler Ross

... add your own light-people who have inspired and illuminated you.

You can add many names to the list every day and you realize how many people stand for a better world and work. Art alone often causes our hearts to open again, even if my family always said to me: Jobless business. Common. I used to believe them, lately I sometimes think they really haven't buckled up!
It is not just matter that exists in the world. It is the spirit that stands at the beginning of all things; a small idea becomes a whole railway bridge.

A wide heart creates a generosity, which is never wrong and is sometimes the beginning of new ideas that contribute to the betterment of life for everyone in this world.
If I am light, I can also set a good example to others without having to say anything.

Sometimes a friendly word at the baker's is enough if the saleswoman is pissed off by an idiot in front of you just because she doesn't serve him fast enough.It helps if you say something out loud to make it clear to the test subject that he is not alone in the world and that as an adult he could not behave like a 3 year old child.

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No 27

No. 27 Invisible energies of planets, thoughts and mandela

Today it is about training our spiritual awareness, opening our minds again and using them. And not just 13% or was it 6?
We have to realize that we are not alone, that we have responsibility, even beyond the boundaries of our planet. Because the earth is just as responsible for the balance of our galaxy as the great Jupiter! If a body falls out of structure, the entire structure of our cosmos collapses.

In physics class I once learned that every larger body attracts the smaller. Even the toaster is already attracting the teaspoon that is lying next to it and because it probably happens more slowly than can be seen with the naked eye, we don't know about it. If you let them lie next to each other for a few years, have they come a few millimeters closer?
So the moon is attracted to the earth and keeps it stable so that it does not roll. The earth in turn is attracted by the sun, which is a hundred or a thousand times larger than the earth and thus also attracts all the other planets up to Pluto and keeps them in orbit.

Who doubts this and likes to say about astrology, which used to be one with astronomy, that it can be interpreted for everything, should consider that the little moon attracts all of our seas and triggers ebb and flow. How much more energy does a giant planet like Jupiter release? Everything is interconnected, everything exchanges energies. We humans too. Depending on who we are dealing with, it will be a good day or a humble day ...

We need to realize that all of our actions, as well as our feelings and thoughts, have a major impact. Everything works, including our invisible thinking and not just the mass of a planet.

A good thought imperceptibly draws much larger circles than we suspect and heals the world, even in the most distant corner of our planet. We are all connected to one another.

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When I read that at the time, I immediately thought of Nelson Mandela, who was still in prison at the time. His development to become a peacemaker is phenomenal! But at some point all of humanity knew about him, also thanks to the work of his first wife Winni, although as a criminal in prison he was shielded from everything!

As a young man he wanted to take up arms, did an apprenticeship abroad and once said that it would not work like his great role model Gandhi, who embodied nonviolent resistance. At that time he still believed that South Africa could only be liberated by force.
Sometimes I had the thought that it therefore took 26 years to prepare him for his important task and also that the people were not yet ready for him and peace.

In the end, it was his positive thoughts that made an entire nation rethink and reshape it, although everyone only wanted to kill and revenge and for a long time no one believed in peace. As well as?

It is about stopping negative energies and directing our forces into constructive channels. Build up, don't tear down. Of course, it's easier to hate than to understand. But it's well worth the effort if you want to find a happy life.

Not only the earth needs healing, our rivers, water and air, humans too. Driven into a corner by adversity, like a hunted animal, everyone develops the desire for revenge at some point when they can no longer see a way out of their injury and the destructive unstoppable. This creates the need to destroy and kill, because evil has to be stopped.

Yet we are here to stamp out the cause of the evil and not to descend to the lower level of our adversaries! That is the hardest part of staying in peace in the face of evil.
If we kill the murderer, we have become the murderer too, but this must be avoided. Our hearts need to be healed.

It is possible to live in peace!
It is up to us to research this art, develop it and put it into practice. As Elisabeth Haich said, the art of artless art!
We will be very, very happy when we realize that we have a chance to make this world a good place for all of us and one day we will be proud of ourselves when we have made it.

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No 28

28 Music and its invisible effects and the vibration of our souls

It's like worshiping a famous artist and admiring their work and one day standing before them in person.
For so long you have imagined what you would like to tell them or ask them, if you had the opportunity.
I always love those with whom I imagine: "They understand me"!

"Jimi Hendrix understood me!", Although he was already dead when I held his first long-playing record in my hand.
Then one day I was standing in the front row live in front of the English musician Sting in the Frankfurt Festhalle, whom I greatly admire and who has always been able to inspire and heal me.
I burst into tears, but they were happy tears and I laughed at myself for acting like a teen. But he spoke to me from the bottom of my heart, not only with his lyrics, the vibration of his music also made my being bright and happy ...

Music can heal, and I was once able to see that music penetrates the various chakras of our body and can therefore touch us so much, both positively and negatively, depending on which level it and we are vibrationally.

When I ended up in the clinic one day after one of my 150 thousandth suicide attempts, because I realized that I needed help, I was so hyper-sensitized that one day I saw what music does! I was even clairvoyant at the time, which wasn't that easy.
There was a song by Steve Wonder on the radio and then one by Sting. I could really see and feel the stream of tones and especially those of their voices flowing into my heart chakra and, with Sting, into my brow chakra.
It was a good, soothing feeling. It wasn't threatening because this vibration was on the heart or brain frequency.

It healed my stupor. I became soft again and even felt love again, for everything and everyone.
Not 100% of the day yet, but a beginning was made and a longing awakened that said I want it, every day and not just one minute in 10 years!
I had a goal of life in me again, a path, wanting and growing, because I wanted to change something and again believed that there was something better than my suffering and death.

It is the same with the souls who have a higher vibration than we do. Something happens to us in their presence and if we are receptive and sensitized to higher energies, then we also feel it and it changes us.
Or there is the impetus to want to develop the spark something. People with a happy childhood also want to see the place again where they once did well. It is the same with such a higher vibration experience. You want to go there, you want that. And that can also be learned by learning a language or an instrument.
The wonderful + universally popular all-bliss consciousness.

Standing in front of a master's soul is like taking a bath in a pleasant shower of light, love, warmth and understanding. Indescribable. Everything superfluous becomes irrelevant and there is hardly a question left than what is really important.
Everything that is unnecessary is sifted out and we react accordingly, as if we knew that the time of this encounter is now precious. We also don't automatically ask stupid questions that we can answer ourselves one day after careful consideration.

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# 29
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Nr 29 Jerusalem 2000 years ago and the man from Nazareth and the leprosy