Which is best Bentley or Rolls Royce

Bentley Continental, Ferrari GTC4, Rolls-Royce Wraith

Billy Idol knew. That a bride belongs in a white dress? Maybe that too. But the rock star, completely wrongly reduced to his hit “White Wedding”, the bleached spiked hairstyle and the supposed spasticity of the upper lip, knew: “Life is a journey. Better not take too much luggage with you. ”If this trip stops in the particularly beautiful places, how are you supposed to resist the temptation? At least part of it could take place in a Gran Turismo with a twelve-cylinder engine, at least if the traveler understands this technology as true art, especially today when the boundaries between art and clutter sometimes seem very blurred.

Not with Bentley, Ferrari and Rolls-Royce. They share the strength to stage themselves, but not to overstrain their character. Does that sound too pompous to you at the moment? Sorry. The Rolls-Royce wraps the psyche in cotton wool, or better: in leather, color Charles Blue. At first you wanted to push it into the kitsch corner, but then you stand in front of this monumental car with its large, smooth surfaces, fall in love with the window line, sink all four panes - then enjoy the rippling contrast between dark graphite paint and Charles Blue.

Hans-Dieter Seufert
The tranquility of the off-season hangs over Monte Bondone. When ascending to Tignale, the only thing that helps is to take a quiet moment. This can take a while.

The starter buzzes brightly, then there is a soft rustling from somewhere, oh yes, the air conditioning. The 6.6 liter unit is running. Probably. Yes, it works. For a while, out of the messy city, the mountains ahead, the Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament will see you long before you. Why does Emily have to wear black? Because this Wraith competes in the Black Badge trim, risen straight from the dark, the British are that it now curves a little more agile, the V12 turbo engine can sound stricter. Or just: sound at all, because otherwise, at most, the intensity of the silence varies. Oh yes, and Emily now looks a bit like a dominatrix, so all in black - it should remain the only detail that seems dispensable.

The heel of your right foot is stuck in a thick carpet, the tip sinks all the way down. Bug and the lady in black hardly rise, the power reserve display is approaching zero, almost every one of the 632 hp is working, feigning appropriate exertion with a slightly acidic growling, but the 2.4-ton coupé steams south.

Hans-Dieter Seufert
The sharp, clear lines of the new Continental range show the influence of the original Bentley R-Type Continental.

Of course, the Bentley garnishes this journey with the drama appropriate to the brand, not just with the apple green paint. Simply because it weighs around 200 kilograms less. And its six-liter engine in a unique W configuration with a maximum torque of 900 Newton meters develops even more power than that of the Wraith (870 Newton meters). Well, then there is the development partnership with Porsche, the Panamera as a cousin, the deep installation position of the monumental engine, the eight-speed dual clutch transmission, the all-wheel drive, the roll compensation.

All of this helps you over the Fernpass, degrades mass, but not mass to a student assistant. For this purpose, the engine can ask its intake air principle on the show stage. The turbochargers whistle wildly, then release the pressure with a puff, and a few basses rumble from the oval tailpipes. Meanwhile, the Conti is in your hand, just the material mix of the small steering wheel, Alcantara on the outside, smooth leather on the inside, hui. But above all: the steering itself, straight out like the music of Billy Idol. Clearly defined steering angle structure, little effort, but you can still feel everything you need to know about the B 178 in the palm of your hand.

Hans-Dieter Seufert
Yes, drive, really with Schmiss, that suits the Bentley - maybe also because it is allowed to play the role of the most compact in a comparison field.

You have guessed it for a long time, of course, Italy is the goal, it is simply too close to home. “If I drive south for three hours, I am on Lake Garda. If I drive three hours north, I am - in the Odenwald. ”The friend, who comes from the Allgäu, emphasized the Odenwald with an acceptable derogation. He's right. A small trip, but one into another world, a small one within the really big one, a very pleasant one. The Dolomites are meters deep in snow, now, and although the roads are cleared and lying around between the rugged rocks, the trio drives past them. The monumental works of art by Bentley, Ferrari and Rolls-Royce would have got along well with the Unesco World Heritage Site, complemented each other in their physical power. The three would have gladly tolerated the huge rock formations on their wonderful roads, something unique among themselves. Alright The next time. This time, again and again and again with pleasure: Lake Garda. And the region can also do mountains, sometimes in Trentino, sometimes in Lombardy, always with one-lane, sometimes tunnel-like drama.

Too much of the rest? Andiamo!

The GTC4 Lusso also masters the drama, qua birth, so to speak, but you don't even have it on your screen, especially not in dark blue. It may be that the wheel size of 20 inches is dainty, the Rolls is 21 inches, the Bentley even 22 inches. But the Ferrari is 4.92 meters in length, its wheelbase is 2.99 meters. In percentage terms, there is more length between the wheels with him than with the huge Wraith, 61 instead of 59 percent, in case Günther Jauch should ask you that. What else is in him? Its 6.3-liter V12, of course, in the best front mid-engine position, the seven-speed dual clutch transmission resides on the rear axle because of the weight distribution (transaxle principle). Another small gearbox on the crankshaft ensures the basic traction of the Ferrari, which only drives with rear-wheel drive in the upper gears.

Hans-Dieter Seufert
Choose driving modes à la sports car. Whether in Comfort, Wet, Sport or Snow mode, the Ferrari can be adapted directly to the driving situation.

Driving, yes, that's entirely his own, even when the comfort mode clicks on the steering wheel in the Manettino. A turning behavior like chilli seeds, with explosive heat, without the dead center of the pod in front of it. The rear-axle steering also contributes to this, my goodness, how the long station wagon coupé can be shooed up to Tignale. In sport mode, however, everything wriggles badly, including the engine with a compression ratio of 13.5: 1. Responsiveness? With the greatest impatience. Even small children can still learn something there. With all the brilliance of the in-house turbo engines - only the excursion with a naturally aspirated sports car will put the sensations right again. ▷

So that's how it works, yes, that's right. However, it can also be stressful. The linear power delivery, however, never. 690 HP at 8,000 revs - yes, the F140ED motor with a 65 degree cylinder angle really adds exactly 11,594 HP with every revolution. Turns up to 8,250 per minute, jubilates, tips over into screaming from around 6,000 per minute - a scream that comes very deeply from the heart chambers, one that lets the rock crumble, but not the crema of the espresso. Would be even nicer.

Hans-Dieter Seufert
What else is in him? Its 6.3-liter V12, of course, in the best front mid-engine position, the seven-speed dual clutch transmission resides on the rear axle because of the weight distribution (transaxle principle).

No time to look up at the sky, so the huge glass roof lets the sun in. No time to praise Ferrari for a really decent infotainment. That pauses. No time to ponder why the electric seat adjustment rattles like an old rail bus in a car that costs around 265,000 euros. Instead: engine. Just the engine. Okay, and the vicious vehicle reactions. But above all: tickle, turn, switch, all over again, again and again, may the lake water ripple with joy.

Plans? Want to be changed

As the intensity of the sun increases, so does that of traffic. Change of plan. Back to the north, the roads up to Monte Bondone yawn with boredom. Not for long, because even the Rolls knows how to handle curves, as a Black Badge no longer expects them to subduedly transform themselves into straight lines. You have to adjust to its distance from you a little, the distance between the steering and the chassis, but soon you will have it under control - and yet you let it go. Let the others romp. If all of humanity were to drive Rolls-Royce, we wouldn't have to discuss speed limits.

Hans-Dieter Seufert
You have to adjust to its distance from you a little, the distance between the steering and the chassis, but soon you will have it under control - and yet you let it go.

A car for the really big trip, preferably with luggage. A journey to yourself that begins when the powerful portal closes at the push of a button. It is only when you change trains that you notice the immense background noise with which the others bother you. Bother? With engine sound? Oh no. Background noise. From the wind. From the tires. From the chassis. Ok in every context, because it fits the brand's requirements for the essence of its products. In the Wraith: nothing. Even the audio system never falls out of the window of euphoria, no matter how you push the equalizer controls. You don't play on the regulator of the twelve-cylinder anyway.

How can so much exist without being there? The athletic W12 in the Bentley doesn't even try that. He wants to be there, sometimes to hit the table, but maximally in control, raise his voice angrily, but with well-considered arguments. The Continental celebrates balance, with a slight tendency towards dynamism, of course. The most compact and lightest here, otherwise an authority, even in the playfulness of this configuration with piano lacquer, liquid amber wood and structured aluminum (called Côte de Genève, for whatever reason. Contact us if you find one there). The Ferrari doesn't do much gimmicks, maybe the seat belt feeders or the separate display for the front passenger.

He owns this part of the journey, much more than the Rolls, a little more than the Bentley. The radii can get so much smaller, no matter how much grip you want to squeeze off the dust blanket on the mountain pass roads - the GTC4 sees this as a challenge and likes to push its characteristic rear towards the outer edge of the bend. Then: accelerate, immediate presence, absolute will. Rotate. Seemingly long. Vibration free. And above all: With a Rebel Yell. But Billy Idol doesn't have to go on this trip. May the mechanics make music. Only they.