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Mercedes C-Class alternatives: This is available at the price of the C 180

With a base price of 33,558 euros, the Mercedes C-Class, the C 180, is one of the most expensive models in its segment. A 1.6 liter turbo gasoline engine with 156 hp serves as the drive, which shines with a standard consumption of only 5.0 L / 100 km and meets Euro 6.

Mercedes C-Class alternatives from station wagons to SUVs and hybrids

As far as its proportions are concerned, the Mercedes C-Class has grown. In length, the mid-size sedan increased by almost ten centimeters to 4.686 meters, in width it is now 1.810 meters, which corresponds to a gain of four centimeters. The wheelbase has also been lengthened by eight centimeters. The increase should primarily benefit the passengers in the back seat. The trunk volume (480 liters) was also increased.

The interior of the Mercedes C-Class has been redesigned. The safety equipment proves to be extensive. But beyond that, the C 180 only offers the minimum level of comfort extras usual in this class. Even aluminum wheels, parking beeper or cruise control cost an extra charge. There is hardly anything extra that cannot be ordered for the C-Class.

But is that enough to make you decide to buy the Mercedes C-Class? We looked around for alternatives at the same price level and thus created a comparison option for you.

In our picture gallery you will find eight different models - from sedans to SUVs and station wagons to hybrids that are worth considering. Among other things: the rival BMW 320i.