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Childish is a derogatory description of behavior by adults who are immature. It is true in the Bible that you will not enter the kingdom of heaven if you do not become like children (Matthew 18: 3), but that means "childlike".

Childish - explained from a yoga point of view

Childish is okay, childish is not good. Anyone who behaves childishly is silly, foolish, immature. You can say that when someone desperately wants something and insists on wanting it, that is childish. Or if someone sulks just because their wishes are not being granted, then that is childish.

So childish is silly, naive, puerile, and undeveloped. Childish refers to the not so positive aspects of being a child.

Child naturally also has positive aspects, such as curiosity, spontaneity, warmth and quick forgetting of what has been. Thus, behavior by adults that is immature is childish. In parallel to German there is "child like" and "childish" in English.

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Learn a lot about childish in this short video. The yoga teacher Sukadev thinks out loud about the word or phrase childish from a spiritual point of view.

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Some keywords that may only be indirectly related to childish, but may still be relevant, are e.g. childhood, childhood illness, heretic, pillow, dress, item of clothing.

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The adjective childish can be seen in the context of being human and can be interpreted from the standpoint of yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, spirituality, humanistic psychology.