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8 important insurances for startups

As a German citizen, certain insurances such as health insurance or pension insurance are indispensable. Because some of them are mandatory and others are important for the future. But how does it look for founders? Which insurances are important for start-ups and which are rather unimportant? In this post we list the eight most important insurances for start-ups!


1- cyber insurance

Let's start with an insurance policy, which is particularly important for digitally-oriented start-ups and companies. Cyber ​​insurance covers damage that occurs from the Internet, such as hacker attacks or other cybercrime. Cyber ​​insurance can also help to remove offensive content or unauthorized data or photos of the start-up or the founder from the Internet.

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2- Legal protection insurance

Another important insurance for founders is legal protection insurance. With this insurance, legal problems can be overcome with professional support. If there should be a legal dispute and you have legal protection, then your court, litigation and legal costs will be covered under the legal protection insurance.

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3- Pecuniary damage liability insurance

This type of insurance is particularly important for start-ups that manage, check or provide advice to third-party assets. In the event of so-called real financial losses, financial loss liability insurance offers comprehensive protection. If, for example, there is financial damage due to incorrect advice or similar, the damage will be settled by the insurance. This insurance also includes passive legal protection.

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4- Business liability insurance

Public liability insurance is not only necessary for established companies, but also for start-ups with several employees. This insurance covers damage claims such as data loss, copyright infringement or programming errors by third parties. In addition to property damage, public liability also covers personal injury and includes passive legal protection.

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5- Business content insurance

With business content insurance - as the name suggests - the financial damage to the facility is financially compensated. This damage must be caused by either fire, tap water, storm or hail for the insurance to take effect. An exception also applies in the event of burglary or willful damage to the facility.

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6- D&O insurance

The D&O insurance (English: "Directors & Officers") in German organ or manager liability insurance covers all fields of activity in management. These can be damage from the operational business, but also wrong strategic decisions. This insurance is particularly useful for start-ups, which very often make decisions with unknown consequences!

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7- disability insurance

If you can no longer carry out your independent professional activity for health reasons in the future, the occupational disability insurance represents an additional financial protection in addition to the statutory and private accident insurance. The insured receives a monthly pension, which is tied to the last income of the profession.

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8- property insurance

Another recommended insurance is property insurance. With this type of insurance, specific items or items can be insured in the insurance contract. Property insurance takes over in the event of destruction, damage or loss of property or property. Property insurance includes home insurance, content insurance, and home insurance.

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