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Types of internship: which internship is right for you?

For many young people, an internship is more of a chore in school, training or studies. But an internship is much more than an annoying task for a grade or a completed module in your studies. With the help of an internship, you can gain initial professional experience and gain insights into a specific industry. Especially if you do several internships in the same industry, you can gain a lasting and realistic impression, regardless of the company and internship company.

Duration of internship: How long should your internship last?

Which type of internship suits you depends a lot on how much time you have for your internship and how much time you can and want to spend. If you are doing the internship as part of a degree, the duration of the internship can vary from subject to subject. You can do the internship during the semester break or invest an entire semester for the internship. Furthermore, the duration of your internship depends on the study and examination regulations if you do a compulsory internship.

If you are not bound by institutions or guidelines, you can even do an annual internship. In general, companies prefer interns for a longer period of time, for example for several months. Often applications with internship requests of less than three months are not even accepted, but that cannot be said in general terms. The length of the internship can differ depending on the company, sector and city. The best thing to do is to ask the company of your choice in advance whether a certain length of time is required for the internship.

In general, it is always recommended to do an internship of several months, so it has the greatest positive effect on you and you can learn more. What you want and hope for from the internship is also decisive for the duration of the internship.

  • Would you like to use the internship as a springboard for a job, training or takeover?
  • The focus is only on professional experience and professional orientation
  • or do you just want to get the internship over with?

The duration of the internship is related to the type of internship

As already mentioned, the right type of internship depends on the reason. Are you doing the internship out of interest and initiative or just for grading in school or university?

If it is actually an internship you would like to have, you will surely be happy if you can benefit from the internship for as long as possible. It is therefore not possible to give a general answer as to which internship duration is appropriate. Rather, many factors play a role, especially personal intentions, desires, goals and ideas.

Compulsory internship

As the name suggests, a compulsory internship is a compulsory internship. This includes internships that are mandatory in school, studies or training. Otherwise, a particular subject or module cannot be completed successfully. It is therefore a mandatory component of school or academic training. As an intern, you are not entitled to any remuneration during a compulsory internship; this is different with a voluntary internship.

Sometimes an internship is also mandatory as a prerequisite for certain courses or professional training. This internship is known as a pre-study internship and contains essential basics that are deepened in the course of study or training.

This means that a compulsory internship can arise during school time, before the start of studies or vocational training (pre-study internship) and during studies.

School internship

As a rule, you will be given the duration of an internship during your school days. Often these are two to four-week internships, for the duration of which you are released from school lessons. The internship time is recorded in the so-called internship report, which your internship supervisor or supervisor uses.

Voluntary internship

The voluntary internship is probably a professional orientation out of interest and passion. Perhaps you have long dreamed of being able to look behind the scenes of a certain company and are therefore ready to sacrifice your summer or semester break for an internship.

Sometimes young people also do an internship after completing their studies or training in order to open doors to the professional world. Because an internship can often be the key to career entry and success.

No matter what kind of internship you do, whether in Germany or abroad: the main thing is that you have fun!