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Quick-wittedness: First aid against stupid sayings

Mobil-e: Mr. Pöhm, how does reparteeism differ between young people and adults?

Matthias Pöhm: It is more immediate and direct with children and adolescents than with adults. Often times, they have no inhibitions about making someone look really bad. An adult would never start an attack with “Hey, you stink”, this is common practice with children in the schoolyard. In order to be able to react quickly, one has to consider the age of children and adolescents. I can't teach a nine-year-old as sophisticated a technique as a 14-year-old. The younger the child, the more likely I am to equip it with tried and tested standard answers. The child simply learns it by heart and then uses it.

Mobil-e: Why is it important for children to be quick-witted?

Matthias Pöhm: It is the child's vulnerable soul that makes this necessary. Nothing is worse for a child than being subjected to ridicule and having to go on in silence because nothing occurs to him. I know from letters that children no longer go to school because the fear is too great. Through my book they learn to show the attacker: Attention, I can counter! If the bully realizes that he is risking verbally getting something back himself, he will consider attacking a supposed victim the next time. Incidentally, this applies not only to bullying at school, but also to bullying at work.

Mobil-e: Can you practice quick-wittedness and, if so, how?

Matthias Pöhm: Quick-wittedness is like grammar: even if a native speaker doesn't think about it at all when speaking, there are rules according to which a sentence is structured. There are also patterns for quick-witted answers. And you can learn that. But it takes a lot of practice. That is why I recommend parents to keep confronting their child with attacks from school at home so that they get a routine in giving back.

Mobil-e: Do you have any tips for us on how to defend yourself against typical teasing from other children?

Matthias Pöhm: I want to name two of you: There is a wonderful counterattack to direct insults such as "You stink" or "You are ugly". The trick is to express through the flower that the attack on the other applies as well. But not directly, as with "Stupid yourself", but by adding a train of thought. A standard answer that always works goes like this:

Attacker: "You smell like a buffalo."
Answer: "Yes, then we fit together well."

Attacker: "You look like someone from the ghost train."
Answer: “Yes, then we fit together well.

A second method is the two-step answer pattern. You let the attacker feel safe by asking a “harmless” question and then put the lid on. Here's an example:

Attacker: “You fat bin! "
Answer: “Funny! Do you know who asked about you? "
Attacker: "No!"
Answer: "No pig!"