Why is Kraken Rum black

The KRAKEN Black Spiced Rum - black as the night

The KRAKEN Black Spiced Rum - this is a new, very dark rum from Trinidad and Tobago. Let's first come to the history:

Octopus anatomy

Since no direct autopsy of the giant octopus has been carried out off the Caribbean island world, there is still speculation about its biological properties. The following descriptions are based on the few available, most credible and scientifically founded assumptions.

Bizarre and absurd fantasies about the octopus as seen through the eyes of the imagination:

The octopus is one of the most terrifying sea monsters that lives up to 1,000 meters below the surface of the sea. The huge, terrifying monster is known for attacking ships and devouring the entire crew. It is said to be ten times the size of the New York State Building. A single eye is the size of an elephant, and each of its eight tentacles is as long as 20 buses or 5 or 6 warships in a row. These comparisons are only intended to give an approximate idea of ​​the size.

The KRAKEN Black Spiced Rum

The strong tentacles are cartilaginous and well structured on the underside. The octopus can even use them to crush steel. The nasal passages are lined with hair. The individual bony suction cups of the tentacles, rimmed with razor-sharp teeth, are complemented by a huge, mammoth-like head, an eternally hungry stomach and eyes the size of a car.

Inside there is a bloodthirsty odor system, enormous drive and movement power with an ink defense system, a demon-like throat, an elastic, expandable and retractable chest. Sensitive ears and two eyes fixed on every movement destroy any attempt by a victim to escape.

Some theories suggest that the octopus emerged millions of years ago from a gigantic, prehistoric, whale-like creature with rubbery fins. It is believed that the tentacles have formed from the fins over the course of millions of years. This beast grew larger than any other whale because it was able to devour more food thanks to its 8 tentacles. Ravenous hunger was the driving force of this creature, which forced it to look for even more food and to cause ever new, endless bloodbath. This is how the monster became the giant octopus as we know it today and which scares us.

Observations and encounters

In the course of time, the mighty octopus was always pied in very different shapes and colors. There are obvious reasons for this assumption: one either knows this from observations from a distance or reports from second hand. There are very few eyewitness encounters with the octopus, as most of them did not survive and therefore cannot tell their story.

A navigator's diary was found on one of the smaller Pacific islands in which he described an encounter that, according to scientists, must have been the octopus.

There was the following: A great roar arose below the ship, which sounded like the gallop of a hundred horses from a tremendous depth skywards. When the noise grew even bigger, the crew gathered on the forward deck. Suddenly they took their breath away when an arm shot up from the darkness of the water, the likes of which they had never seen before or since. It was as wide as a river and covered with hundreds of suction cups, any one of which could grab a grown man.

The ship had no chance of taking up the fight with the thundering arms that darkened the sunlight in the sky. The ship was already broken in half and many people lost their lives. Most of those who managed to escape on a lifeboat were dismembered.

Limbs were severed and the lives of their owners were extinguished. And those who survived have never dared to set sail on a ship again since then.

Mysterious stories and possible reasons for the existence of the giant octopus

- It is written that a ship with a crew of 400 and provisions for a thousand people never reached its port of destination.

- It was on a Tuesday, January 13, 1862, when Kristin Anna Marie disappeared without a trace and has never been seen since.

- A couple of locals from the coastal region of Malaga clicked their tongues and gestured wildly with their hands. They wanted to describe a gigantic beast with numerous tentacles and huge sharp teeth that might have destroyed a ship. The islanders drew pictures according to which the monster could have been the octopus, a monstrous beast that could be 30 meters or more. The evidence was that there was a heap of debris and body parts floating in the waves. The assumption was that it was not a normal shipwreck, the parts of which were floating on the water, but that it was a much greater force that was involved and destroyed the boat. Huge long arms and teeth like steel could have been the reason for the destruction of the ship. No other explanation could give a more logical justification for this.

Famous battles with the octopus

The night of the 1000 piranhas:

Described as the bloodiest, most merciless fights ever in the waves of the sea, the octopus fought over 1,000 piranhas on a winter night in 1903. Sailors have woken up to the noise of hundreds of razor-sharp, snapping mouths. With their lamps they could see the terrifying shape of a giant squid, its rubbery skin covered with bloodthirsty piranhas. One of his arms was already completely eaten up by the swarm of predatory fish with its sharp teeth. But that didn't stop the octopus from fighting for its life and killing all the small, dwarfish attackers with all their might until they swam cold and lifeless on the surface of the water.

The killer whale:

Sometime in December 1876, sailors reported seeing the octopus lift a killer whale out of the water off the coast of Madagascar. During the fight, the killer whale tried to free itself from the grip of the eight deadly tentacles, which made the octopus even angrier. She tore the whale from tail to head in pieces and devoured the two bloody, greasy halves of her victim in a frenzy.

Robert McCrae:

There is a legend that a man living alone went crazy after seeing the giant monster. Some people say this encounter took place right after Mr McCrae's heart was broken over Miss Esther Stephens. He had known this woman and her family since his youth. Because of his heartache, it is claimed, his health was so bad that he was hired on a ship for a long time. When he encountered the creature on his sea voyage, he swung himself on top of it with a suicidal self-abandonment that none of his shipmates could stop. The fight lasted only 3.2 seconds. The phrase "throwing yourself at an octopus" has become synonymous with falling head over heels in love with someone.

The octopus:

Much has been said about it, but no one has verified the statement that one octopus was seen fighting another octopus. The subject of the dispute was allegedly an entire ship with the fresh meat of young sailors. If one octopus enters the territorial waters of another octopus, literally all hell breaks loose. The sky was darkened by a multitude of tentacles, and a bloodcurdling scream that made the blood freeze in your veins fills the air. While both octopuses were interested in the ship, it is said that, strangely, no person on the ship was harmed. As mentioned earlier, no one has verified this claim.

The KRAKEN Black Spiced Rum

It is said that the largest shipload of Caribbean black spiced rum was destroyed by the octopus. The rum was named after her because it is dark, strong and mysterious like the ink of the monster.

The inspiration behind The KRAKEN Black Spiced Rum

Legend has it that a ship carrying the largest amount of black spiced rum ever transported from the Caribbean islands never reached its destination. The narrative is abundant, and while the octopus attack is believed to be accurate, none of the stories have been confirmed so far. The whole barrel load of black rum fell from the ship into the sea, and after the octopus attack the rum was viewed as a tribute or sacrifice for its undisputed strength and power. Just like people say, 'Not respecting the power of the octopus is not respecting the ocean. ”So drink with respect.


In awe of the octopus' impressive power, some people have attempted to recognize and justify its mixture of bravery, technical ingenuity and faintheartedness, and to protect its existence.

Freely translated from English from the manufacturer's website.


Properties of the Black Spiced Rum 'The KRAKEN'

Try The Kraken Black Spiced Rum from Trinidad and Tobago and you will be surprised: in the bottle it is black like the ink of a squid, in the glass it appears coffee-brown, the taste is reminiscent of molasses, spices, caramel, chocolate and others natural flavors, and a little vanilla with a mixture of cinnamon and ginger notes emerges in the finish.

Cocktails with The KRAKEN Black Spiced Rum

The Kraken Rum is best drunk pure on ice or as an ingredient in exotic cocktails.


A 'KRAKEN Bomb' is known as a drink that consists of 1 ½ parts of Kraken rum, 4 parts of Red Bull and some ice.

The KRAKEN cocktail consists of one part Kraken rum and 3 parts ginger ale. Don't forget the ice cream either.

A drink, consisting of one part The KRAKEN Black Spiced Rum, 3 parts Cola and some ice cubes, called 'KRAKEN and Cola', also tastes delicious.