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  • Over 100 jobs every day across Germany
  • Average hourly wage of EUR 13
  • For schoolchildren, students, trainees, and much more.

Mini jobs, part-time jobs & student jobs via app

Who can register?

We are looking for students, schoolchildren, trainees, pensioners and housewives who want to work flexibly from time to time. If you already have a full-time or part-time position, you can work e.g. on weekends through InStaff. You can decide for yourself when and how many jobs you want to take on.

What kind of jobs do we offer?

Most jobs are around 1 to 4 days long and, depending on your experience, you will earn around EUR 70 to EUR 200 a day. For example, we offer the following jobs:

Promotion Jobs: approx. 10 EUR Hourly wage, no previous experience necessary

Waiter Jobs: approx. 12 EUR Hourly wage, if there is an IfSG instruction

Hostes Jobs: approx. 14 EUR Hourly wages with experience, good pictures and foreign languages

Kitchen Jobs: approx. 25 EUR Hourly wage with appropriate training

Quick registration in the Minijobs app

1.) Indicate availability

We have around 2,000 new mini-jobs in the app every month, most of them in large cities. You can indicate that you are available in more than one city, as it may be worth the journey for a well-paid job.

2.) Experience including profile picture

It's okay if you don't have any work experience. But you have to upload a profile picture because many companies want to see a picture of an applicant.

3.) Telephone interview (approx. 10 minutes)

Finally, you will do a 10-minute telephone interview. In this interview we will answer all of your questions and give you tips on what to consider when applying.

Easy application in the Nebenjobs app

You decide when you work

Depending on the cities in which you are available, you will receive around 5 to 50 new job offers per day via the Android app. For each job you can decide whether you want to apply for it and what hourly wage you have. You will then receive a feedback about 1 to 2 days whether you have been booked for the job.

All information on the smartphone

You have all job information including job description, working hours and briefing on your mobile phone. If you have any questions, you can also write messages with the customer directly via the part-time job app to clarify any questions.

On-time payment with salary increases

1.) Upload timesheet

After the job, you simply upload the timesheet and enter the working hours online.

2.) Receive money from InStaff

InStaff will then transfer your wages to you on the 15th of the month. You will always receive your wages on time, even if the customer pays InStaff's invoice late or not at all.

3.) Receive reviews for future jobs

In addition, after each job you will receive an evaluation from the customer on your work performance. With good customer ratings, you can apply for future jobs with higher hourly wages. For example, very experienced fair hostesses earn up to EUR 25 an hour at InStaff if they have very good ratings.

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