The philosophy of OSHO is ruining humanity


Osho quotes

You cannot be sincere if you are not brave. You cannot be loving if you are not brave. You cannot trust if you are not brave. You cannot explore reality if you are not brave. Therefore, courage is the most important thing. Everything else follows by itself.


The coward listens to his fears and gives in, while the brave pushes them aside and moves on. In spite of all fears, the brave goes into the unknown.


Life doesn't listen to your logic, it goes its way calmly and undisturbed. Listen to life because life doesn't stop at you. It doesn't care a bit about your logic.


The heart is always ready to take risks. The heart is a player. The head is a businessman. The head wants to calculate everything, it is clever. The heart is not calculating.


Let your joy, your tears and your dance be authentic, then you can love.


Always do what comes from your heart.


Never do anything against your heart, because with that you destroy yourself.


Give your full attention to those qualities which you can take with you when death destroys your body and mind, for these qualities will be your only companion.


What are you afraid of? What can the world do to you? At most people can laugh at you and that is good for you, because laughter is always good medicine.


Listen to your own heart, that is the most important scripture. Listen very carefully and very consciously, then you will never go wrong. Then you will not think about what is right or wrong. Maybe it will put you in danger at times, but you need those dangers to mature.


Do not imitate anyone, stay authentic, otherwise you will spoil your own humanity and thus God.


Buddha is Buddha, Krishna is Krishna and you are you. You are in no way inferior to others. Pay attention to yourself, pay attention to your own voice and follow it.


Make as many mistakes as possible and only pay attention to one thing: that you don't make the same mistake twice. Then you will grow.


A prejudiced eye is blind. A heart that has already decided in advance is dead. If you know too much in advance, your intelligence loses its sharpness, its beauty, its intensity. It becomes dull and this dulled intelligence is called intellect.


When you look at a flower, become the flower, dance around the flower, sing a song to it. Let the flower speak to your heart, let the flower penetrate your being. Invite her, she's your guest. Then you will feel something of the mystery.


Dissolve in the dance, become the dance, forget the dancer.


Do not try to understand life. Live it! Don't try to understand love Love, then you will understand and this understanding comes from your own experience.


The heart knows how to trust, the intellect knows how to search and research!


Trust is the eye of the heart!


A white person lets go of the past at any moment and walks into the future as if reborn. For Him the present is a constant transformation, a rebirth, a resurrection.


If you are innocent you don't need courage. You don't need any clarity either, because nothing is clearer than innocence. So it's all about how you can keep your innocence.


In the end, you only have what you had with you from the start. You can only take with you from this world what you have brought with you.


The root of all strife, of all restlessness lies in the head, in the thinking. Peace comes about when thinking has stopped.


Wise people are reluctant to give advice because a wise man knows that good advice is the only thing in the world that is given for free and is not accepted by anyone.


Life can only be lived dangerously, there is no other way. Life gains maturity and growth only in risk.


The new is still alien to you. It can be a friend or an enemy, who knows. Nobody can say that. You can only know when you allow the new - that's where the fear comes from.


The mind is a collection of the past. The new comes from the beyond, it is a gift from the divine.


We cannot say “God was” and also not “God will be”. We can only speak of him in the present. “God is“ He is always fresh and untouched. And he'll find you.


You may have forgotten the beyond, but the beyond has not forgotten you. The child may have forgotten the mother, but the mother not the child. The part may think I'm separate, but the whole thing knows that you are not separate.


Always receive the new with great joy.


You cannot bring the new into your life, the new comes by itself. You can only accept or reject it.


Just act like a child out of the moment. Lose yourself completely in the moment. Then you open up every day anew, then every day gives you new light and new insights.


You are fresh and young like a drop of dew.


It's the self that's scared, not really you. Being knows no fear. Only the ego is afraid. It is very, very afraid of death.


You are not your memory. You are consciousness. The memory is only content. But the whole life energy of the ego consists of memory.


A person only becomes a real person when he takes full responsibility for himself, when he feels responsible for everything he is. This is the basic requirement and requires the most courage.


Fear is nothing more than a lack of love. Turn to love and forget about fear! If you truly love, the fear disappears by itself. Love more!


If you feel fear inside you, love more. Take heart be brave in love, be daring. Love more and love unconditionally, because the more you love, the less fear becomes.


Love is an infinite heaven. You cannot narrow it down, impose conditions and limit it. Love always goes with freedom.


Love first and foremost helps those who love and only secondarily helps those who are loved.


The more you love, the more lovable you become; the less you love, the more you demand, the less lovable, the more closed you become. And the more you stay attached to the ego.


When love goes deep, fear disappears. Love is light Fear is darkness.


Prayer is something spontaneous that cannot be taught. Talk to God spontaneously like you would talk to a wise friend. Speak from heart to heart!


All words disappear, because when the heart is really filled, the words are missing. When the heart overflows, only silence can speak.


In fear one doubts, in love one trusts.


Meditate, dance, sing and go deeper into yourself, listen more carefully to the birds. Look at the flowers in awe and wonder.


If you want to meet someone in their center, you have to allow them to touch your center as well. Because when you open up, trust arises.


With love, everything else follows by itself: meditation, prayer, and God. This is what Jesus means when he says "Love is God".


This body is taken from you by death. Before death takes it, give it to love. Everything you own will be taken away from you at some point. Why not share it with others beforehand?


The visible sign of love is contentment. The seed has become a flower and it is in full bloom.


Desires always arise from dissatisfaction.


Live without your mind interfering.


Become love, open up and just be loving. Then you will open up a new and limitless world.


If you really love someone, you give them an infinite amount of space. Your whole being is a space for him in which and with which he can grow. But when the mind steps in and tries to possess this person, then love is destroyed.


The more fearless a person is, the less he uses the mind. The more afraid he is, the more he thinks.


Love is the means and God is the end.


Love doesn't take effort, so it can't be difficult or easy. It's like breathing, it's like your heartbeat, it's like the blood that circulates in your body.


Love is real being.


Love is rebellion because love only listens to the heart and nothing else.


When love reigns, the borders will disappear.


If your life is a dance, you have already found God.


The loving heart is full of God.


Love is to be a light to yourself.


In love the ego has to disappear. In love you are no longer separated. Love leads to merging with others. It is meeting and merging.


Only those who are ready to become nobody are able to love.


Meditation is just courage to be still and alone. Slowly and gradually you begin to feel a new quality in yourself, a new vitality, a new beauty, a new intelligence that is not borrowed from others, that grows in you. It is rooted in your existence and if you are not a coward it will blossom and bear fruit.


Look at a child. Look him in the eye and feel this freshness.


All meditation techniques are an aid to destroy the wrong one. They don't give you the real thing. Nobody can give the real thing. What can be given to you cannot be real. You already have the real thing. All you have to do is take away the wrong one.


God is not a person but the feeling of supreme well-being, the feeling of finally being at home. The feeling that you belong to this world and it belongs to you.


God is known through intuition.


Be free to God, be free to the truth.


The brave rush headlong into adventure. > They seek danger at every opportunity. They live according to the philosophy of life of mountaineers, skydivers and surfers. And they not only surf the outer seas, they also surf their inner ocean. You not only conquer the summit of the Alps but also the peaks inside you.


Love, but don't rely on the woman still being there tomorrow. Don't expect anything from her. Don't reduce her to a wife. Then you live dangerously.


The hereafter is everywhere, we are surrounded by it.


Be open to the beyond. Never limit yourself to the limits, always go beyond.


The more alive a person the more problems arise. And that's just as well. Because by grappling with problems and facing challenges, you can grow.


Let the ego fall, be brave and let it crash on the ground.


Be ready to give up the known. Be more than ready. Take the plunge into something new.


When you have a choice, always choose the unknown, the risky, the dangerous, the unknown. You will not regret it!


Jesus said: "whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses it will gain it"


One of the most fundamental laws is: what you hide becomes bigger, what you reveal disappears, if it is fake it evaporates in the sun, if it is real you feed it with it.


If you show yourself how you are, then the false dies. It inevitably has to die because it cannot stand in the light. It can only exist hidden in the dark.


Gradually show yourself as you are. There is no need to make any jumps.


The personality is something spurious. Individuality has substance. The personality is just a facade, the individuality is your truth. The personality is imposed on you from the outside, it is a mask. The individuality is your reality. That's how God made you.


Once you understand the truth, there is no way you can forget about it. That is one of the qualities of truth. That you don't need to be remembered.