Are jet skis dangerous

Danger from jet ski bullies

Why is the subject of jet skis important to you?

Because I will not tolerate recklessness of people towards people and towards nature and the environment.

A fatal accident

What can a jet ski ride too fast mean? According to the shipping office, jet skis are allowed to travel at 12 km / h on the Dortmund-Ems Canal. On a particularly hot day in August 2012, a jet ski driver was out and about near Meppen on the Ems, trying to overtake two boats. The jet ski driver overlooked a young man lying on an air mattress on the bank. According to the prosecutor, the jet ski driver was traveling too fast. He ran over the 22-year-old. He went under, was obviously badly injured and quickly passed out. Later he was found dead by divers from the fire brigade.

Josef Cordes was involved in the fire service at the time: "My impression is that sports equipment is quickly underestimated. More jet skis mean a greater risk, not only for swimmers, but also for boats. The more traffic there is, the higher it is If there's a hot jet ski driver out there, what then? "Asks Cordes. The jet ski driver has since been sentenced to probation and a fine for negligent homicide

Police too slow for jet skis

The thirty officers of the Schwerin Water Police are responsible for safety on the Schwerin Lakes. Your area covers the western part of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. "The area is immense," says police officer Michael Schultzki: "It is not possible that you can be everywhere all the time. There are always corners that you cannot control." In addition, the water police only have one measuring device, which is currently in use in the Plau branch.

Catching a jet ski that is too fast in the act is not easy for the officers either. "Our boat goes 30 km / h, a jet ski goes 100 km / h. You can work out what options we have to pursue a jet ski and punish administrative offenses," says Schultzki. How many controls are carried out is not recorded statistically. The state government does not see any further need for regulation, as emerges from a small request from the Greens, which Panorama 3 has exclusively.

Jet athlete Christian Knigge attaches great importance to the fact that the members of the Jet Ski Association adhere to the rules. Every member has to sign it: "We can only appeal to stick to the rules and not make life difficult for us so that we are not pigeonholed," says Knigge.

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