Why are Catholics sustained

The fowid statistics observer: The discussions in the Archdiocese of Cologne about dealing with child abuse by clerics and the behavior of the archbishop are accompanied by reports, surveys and statistics that act between reality and wishful thinking. A recent survey confirms that around 30 percent are currently (unchanged) considering leaving the church.

YouGov has published the results of a recent survey (March 22-24, 2021) (credibility of the Catholic Church and reasons for leaving the church). 82 percent of Germans say that the Catholic Church has lost credibility, but that the considerations about leaving the church are just as high as in 2020.

The survey comes at a time when it was said that the number of people leaving Cologne was increasing significantly. As the Tagesschau reported in February 2021: More and more church resignations: "This is tantamount to a rebellion" and the conservative Catholic "Tagespost" (end of February 2021) held against it: "Church resignations in Cologne: Statistics instead of speculation":

“As a survey by this newspaper shows, the number of people leaving the church in the area of ​​the Archdiocese of Cologne in January 2021 did not increase compared to the same month of the previous year. […] The information shows that the number of people leaving the church in the Cologne district court fell in January 2021 compared to the previous year: While in January 2020 1,103 Christians turned their backs on both the Catholic and Protestant churches, in January 2021 there were 756 people in both Denominations resigned from the church. "

In contrast, the Archdiocese of Cologne announced on domradio: “500 more appointments per month”.

“The number of appointments will be increased from around 1,000 to around 1,500 a month in March, as the authority recently announced. Although the court had already extended the quota by around 400 appointments in January, this is not enough. "

INSA Consulere had already asked in July 2020 on behalf of the daily mail what church members think about leaving: “I am a church member and can imagine leaving the church soon.” Result: 30 percent of Catholics agree with the statement, 54 percent of the Catholics did not agree, 9 percent had no opinion and 7 percent did not answer. Of the Protestant church members, 26 percent said that they were concerned with leaving the church.

In October 2019 INSA Consulere had already asked for opinions on the statement: "I am a member of the Evangelical-regional or Roman-Catholic Church and am considering resigning". The result: "Every sixth member is considering leaving the church", in figures: 16 percent of church members.

And in July 2019, the Tagesschau reported looking back on 2018: "Churches are running away from members".

“In recent years there have been repeated studies and surveys on the motives for leaving, in which an alienation from the church was found to be the main reason. The canon law expert Thomas Schüller emphasizes: "Leaving the church is not a natural phenomenon, but an expression of the alienation of the faithful from the church and a credibility crisis of the church itself." The appearance of the church is also decisive. Sexual morality in particular is felt to be no longer in keeping with the times, but so is the Church's image of women and their attitude towards homosexuality, divorced remarried and celibacy. "

A comparison of the “Church departures in 2006 and 2018 by age” had already shown - using Munich as an example - the number of leaving is increasing not only among younger people but also among older Catholics, which is rather unusual.

According to the statistics of the Archdiocese of Cologne, after a relative decline between 2015 and 2017 (13,934 departures), the number of people leaving the church rose to 18,472 in 2018 and to 24,298 in 2019.