Why is Batman someone's favorite hero

Dream interpretation superhero

They are the role models of our childhood: the brave, almost invincible heroines and heroes from the comics, who keep saving the world with their superpowers and yet have their own weaknesses. Batman suffers from loneliness, Superman is a shy, clumsy loser in everyday life, and Spiderman is tempted to succumb to the evil forces. They all fight anonymously with masks, costumes and capes in addition to the fight against evil and external threats, as well as internal battles against themselves.

Those who call themselves superhuman abilities, such as flying or climbing, or are stronger than average, also have a superhuman responsibility not to overestimate themselves and to use their superpowers for the right purpose. Most superheroes have an Achilles heel, a part in which they are vulnerable and which therefore brings them closer to us.

A dream where we are Spiderman or Superwoman can be exciting and fun because we can fly through the air or jump from skyscraper to skyscraper. But what does the superhero want to tell us as a dream symbol? How can we interpret this dream for ourselves?

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Dream symbol "superhero" - the general interpretation

In general, the dream of a superhero makes the dreaming aware that still ignored Skills or extraordinary talents and ideas slumber in him, just waiting to be discovered and tried out by him.

A male superhero like Batman or Superman stands for a sharp intellect or particularly logical thinking skills, while heroines like Superwoman or Catwoman refer to above-average intuition. The dreaming should use his abilities. Sometimes it depends on being considered and planning, but sometimes it is also right to follow your own heart and that Gut feeling to listen.

If the dreaming professionally or privately Project plans or has something special in mind, the dream of the superhero can encourage or advise against it, depending on the context in which the dream symbol appears. If the dreaming is saved by a superhero himself, he tries to incorporate properties into his life that he has previously rejected in himself.

Dream symbol "superhero" - the psychological interpretation

If the superhero can fly in a dream or save someone, or if you are even the hero or the heroine yourself, then this indicates that you are freeing yourself from a difficult situation with the help of your cognitive or intuitive abilities, so to speak of the pulling your own hair out of the swamp. You can be proud of yourself having mastered a bad situation, in a dream you donate yourself Encouragement and consolation.

The dream of the superhero can also mean throwing concerns overboard and the own determination to follow. When you discover yourself and your abilities, you can achieve more than you previously thought you could.

Dream symbol "Superhero" - the spiritual interpretation

Interpreted on the spiritual level, the superhero points out in the dream to hidden properties which are an important complement for the personality of the dreaming. He is taking a step further in this direction Holism.

The superhero can also be for cosmic support stand.