What does an archaeologist hope to find

Cairo (dpa) - After investigations in the Valley of the Kings, the British Egyptologist Nicholas Reeves is confident of finding the undiscovered tomb of the legendary Egyptian Queen Nefertiti.

On Thursday, after a stay in the Valley of the Kings, Reeves confirmed his theory that there are previously undiscovered rooms in the world-famous burial chamber of Pharaoh Tutankhamun.

Reeves suspects Nefertiti's sarcophagus behind the north wall of the crypt and, according to his own statement, found further clues during the inspection that support his theory and make further rooms appear likely. "Radar and thermal images should show us that," said the scientist in Cairo.

The Egyptian Minister of Antiquities, Mamduch Al-Damati, was also hopeful: "I agree with him [Reeves] that we will find something behind the wall. A burial chamber or something else."

When the measurements should take place remained unclear at first. Al-Damati said the necessary permits must first be obtained. He hoped these would be available by November. In an interview with the state news website "Al-Ahram" Reeves said there were talks with a Japanese expert on radar technology who could carry out the difficult measurements.

Reeves had caused a sensation with an essay on line structures he had identified in two walls in the tomb of the child king Tutankhamun (around 1330 BC). He recognized them as walled-in passages. Reeves explains that it is Nefertiti who is supposed to hide behind the north wall of the chamber, among other things with the connection between her and Tutankhamun. Nefertiti was his stepmother and - in Reeves' theory - at the same time his predecessor as pharaoh.

If Reeves were to really find Nefertiti's tomb, it would be one of the greatest sensations in the history of archeology. However, colleagues of the researcher had emphasized that it was initially only a hypothesis.

The world-famous bust of the beautiful Nefertiti, which was discovered in 1912, is exhibited on Museum Island in Berlin and has attracted millions of visitors in recent years.