Well worth the purchase of Huawei FreeLace

Huawei FreeLace Wireless Headphones: Review, Price, Release Date

Huawei FreeLace headphones - a modern guarantee of high quality and clear sound. In everyday life, people of different ages and professions actively use headphones for work, on the go or before going to bed. There are many usage situations as well as headphone options. The assortment varies in the shop fronts and in the salons of the mobile phones. The prices start ridiculously and end with numbers with some zeros. With this strain, it is important to determine when it is convenient to use for the first time. Fair customer ratings contribute to this.


Publication date

The company in Russia introduced the Huawei FreeLace headphones in early April 2020. Many users have been waiting for this version of sound technology for a long time, so almost immediately after the presentation, the goods arrived at official sellers and began to fly among users.

Huawei FreeLace review

Before buying, read the detailed characteristics of the product of the sound category:

  • The capacity of the built-in battery is 120 mAh;
  • 18 hours of continuous operation of the device;
  • 13 hours are charged for a call using the headset.
  • 12 days of standby time (when not actively used);
  • Two dynamic drivers with a diameter of 9.2 millimeters (one on each headphone)!
  • The diaphragm is thin when there is no discomfort;
  • Built-in microphone with double design;
  • The microphone is equipped with an additional channel that protects against interference when speaking and listening to audio tracks.
  • There are volume buttons;
  • Button to set the voice assistant and to change the music in the playlist.


The package when you buy includes the headphones themselves, instructions from the Huawei manufacturer, a warranty sheet, a cable for charging and connecting to a USB-C phone.


In general, the parameters of the headphones justify the declared properties. The connection is easy, the battery life corresponds to the battery power.

Design and control

The model is presented in several classic colors:

Each option is not light, but dark with a subdued gloss overflow. The control panel has buttons for adjusting the volume of the audio supply, a track switching button and a long press opens a voice search.


The Huawei FreeLace headset is used as the standard sound source and microphone.

Telephone connection

To charge, the headphones communicate with the smartphone using the USB cable supplied with the kit. When listening to audio, the connection is made through the bluetooth channel.

Sound quality and running time

Based on the features of the configuration, the sound is crisp and clear in practice. The sound even rises on the bass that wasn't heard before.

With only fifteen minutes of charging time, you can enjoy the good sound of your favorite songs for more than four hours.


In the official manufacturer and partner stores, the cost of Huawei FreeLace wireless headphones starts at $ 99.

Is it worth buying

Having familiarized yourself with the basic parameters and characteristics of the headphones, the question arises whether it is worth buying them. As a rule, when choosing a product, the consumer pays attention to three parameters: price, quality, practicality. Consider each of them:

  • The price segment in this category is average, as the price of good Huawei headphones starts at $ 90, on the limit at several hundred.
  • There are no complaints about the sound quality, the sound is crisp, clear with no glitches and unnecessary noise. The microphone transmits a high quality voice and does not distort the sound. The assembly is of high quality, the cable and accessories are not from a cheap range, which guarantees more permanent operation.
  • In terms of practicality, there are no complaints as the FreeLace headphones are small and comfortable, fit in a small pocket, don't get confused, and the design is in line with color trends for technology.