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Dr. Andrea Szameitat is a freelance trainer and (learning) coach; she specializes in the areas of learning, burnout prophylaxis, time, stress and self management as well as intercultural training, presentation training and team building. It has been offering this service successfully since 2011.

A special group of customers are students who support them in completing their doctorate or master's thesis and who also prepare and train them specifically for presentations as part of academic defenses.

On her own professional and career path, Dr. Szameitat saw many undergraduate and graduate students stumble and struggle. The difficulties these people faced were never intellectual, i.e. none were “too stupid” for the academic challenge at hand. Rather, the problems consisted of self-sabotage, i.e. procrastination, too high expectations of oneself, perfectionism, lack of emotion regulation, time management, dealing with stress and distractions, dealing with the expectations of others, insufficient support, but also immature skills such as methodological competence, literature analysis, writing , Presenting etc.

All of these are LEARNING TOPICS. There are no fixed characteristics of people, but changeable, learnable skills. We lose great human and intellectual potential if we fail to take care of these aspects of a university education. Since this is not offered across the board, at least in the German educational system, to be cautious, Dr. Szameitat make a contribution to this.

Since her coaching training, she has been working according to the solution-oriented approach, according to Steve DeShazer and the systemic approach, is also a certified MBTI practitioner, EMDR user and trained stress management trainer. In the meantime (June 2020) she is also a trained eTrainer, LernCoach and MHFA First Aider (i.e. first aiders for people who need help at the MENTALER level).

From the LMU Munich, Dr. Szameitat received her doctorate in 2009 with summa cum laude. Before that she studied pedagogy, psychology and intercultural communication in Munich and Twente (NL) and worked in Germany, NL and Australia.

From 2002 to about 2011 she worked in the research and management context of large universities (e.g. Uni Melbourne, LMU Munich) and independently for research organizations (e.g. OECD). In addition to international research projects, she was also responsible for the acquisition, management and internationalization of the junior researcher programs as well as for the soft skills training of doctoral candidates.