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Happiness formula: get happy according to instructions?

What makes you happy personally? Wouldn't it be nice if there was a formula for happiness? A simple recipe that you only need to stick to to be happy ... Unfortunately, it doesn't work that easy. Too many individual factors play a role for that. But the core idea is correct: there is no such thing as a universal formula for happiness. But you can identify and formulate your own personal formula - and thus have a massive influence on your personal happiness. We'll show you now how it works ...

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

Happiness formula: health + money + friends = happiness?

It's actually going well. But are we really happy? Something is still missing. A little more money would be nice, maybe ?! More free time too. The health must absolutely be given. And friends are indispensable anyway ... In short: there is actually always a reason why we cannot be happy at the moment because something is missing.

And then the headline promises a formula for happiness. Possibly a very simple equation that ends dissatisfaction quickly and easily. Unfortunately we have to disappoint you. A formula for happiness à la “One fifth of the social structure minus illness plus gratitude times success plus financial freedom equals happiness.” - There is no such thing. But there is a way to find your very own personal happiness formula ...

These are the most important factors of happiness

In fact, happiness researchers have identified some factors and aspects that make people happy (see also: 25 Little Things That Make Happy). Or lead to disaster ...

Financial control

It's true: money alone does not make you happy. Conversely, poverty can make you unhappy. However, even more crucial to being happy is having control over your own finances. Regardless of whether you earn a lot, you have an average salary. For example, the 50-30-20 rule helps.


Artur Schopenhauer said: “Health is not everything, but without health everything is nothing.” He was spot on. Health has an enormous influence on the happiness you feel. Those who do not have to worry about health often report greater satisfaction.


Love and partnership can also influence and increase the feeling of happiness. That doesn't mean singles can't be happy too. Studies show, however, that couples in particular feel a higher degree of happiness than single people.


In addition to the partner, friendships are a real boost for any happiness formula. The human being is a social being and longs to belong. It is important for us that we have someone we can trust and confide in. Someone who is there for us in times of need and who can be happy with us.


Achieving your own goals is success. And success makes you happy. What's more, having goals to work towards isn't just an important factor in happiness - it actually extends life. Because people give their life a meaning and a direction in which you can develop. And the search for meaning or giving meaning makes you happy.


One is never completely free. But to be mostly self-determined (not controlled by others), that many experience as true freedom and moment of happiness. The greater the external control, the more powerless and unhappy it makes us.

Professional success

Receiving praise for one's work gives us a positive feeling of reassurance. Everyone likes to be good at what they do, so professional success can have a huge impact on how happy we are.


Closely related to professional success is the recognition we get from other people. However, this is not just limited to the job. Those who secure the recognition of others in other areas or especially through their personality increase their happiness in life.

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Find your own formula for happiness

The above list is just a few of the most important factors that will affect your happiness. It's not that you just have to tick off as many of them as you can to get happy. Everyone sets different, individual priorities. That is why it is so important that you find your own personal formula for happiness. And that succeeds above all through honest self-reflection.

Think about the factors that are important to YOU. What makes YOU happy? Some may seek recognition above all because they never got that in their childhood. Others need strong social contacts and lots of relationships to be happy. And still others need a maximum of freedom or leisure for their personal happiness. Either way: Write down your personal happiness ingredients on a list, prioritize them and translate that into your own happiness formula.

And then please think about what you can do TODAY to get closer to your happiness. It doesn't take a stroke of luck for the formula to work out. It's in your own hands - and you now even know all the important points to get closer to your life goal. Double advantage (you will remember): Having a goal and setting it makes you much happier in the long term than a single little moment of happiness!

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