Why do you love american football

The orders - US football govern

Field the orders on

  • The offense has possession of the ball and tries to score points
  • The defense has the task of defending against the aggressors
  • Special team tries out for a special game. We talk about the next one

The some

The blue offensive on the right and the white defensive on the left.

the teams are specially formed after each game start a simulation of the picture.

The offensive sometimes has the position of the ball. After every game you start right away. An offensive player (middle) holds the ball between his knees, nonsense between his feet. The offensive player (middle) holds the ball to the quarterback (is the captain who is on the offensive at the time, the players get free and the action can begin.

  • The quarterback has the option to pass the ball to the running back or to pass the wide receiver.
  • The man on the line is responsible for protecting the quarterback or helping the running back on his way through the defense. Each action phase is discussed before the ball rolls and each player knows what to do for the next 10 seconds of the game.
  • The defensive backs protect the field against long passes. You are the last wall. You have to be quick to track receivers and strong to block them.
  • The linebackers stop the running backs and fend off short passes.
  • The defensive lines fight against the offensive line on the field
  • The place kicker (not shown in the picture) tries to kick the ball between the goal posts
  • The punter (P) (also not in the picture) kicks the ball as far as possible.

and now this one reads:

The strategy