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With modern gas stoves and gas fireplace inserts you combine the cozy atmosphere of an open fireplace or fireplace with uncomplicated and comfortable operation.

Operating a fireplace or stove with gas is the alternative to heating with wood or pellets.

Comfortable ease ...

... that's what makes a gas stove.
Arriving home after a long day at work, put your feet up and switch on the stove - that is quality of life.

No soot, dust or ash in the living rooms and no large fuel store. These are the great advantages of running your stove on gas.

The environment is relieved

In contrast to heating with wood and pellets, lower amounts of fine dust are produced when burning gas. This occurs in areas with high levels of particulate matter, such as B. in city centers, the environment benefits. However, wood continues to score as an ecological fuel with a neutral CO2 balance.

The gas stoves and gas fireplace inserts of our trading partners comply with all consumption values ​​prescribed by law, are characterized by a high degree of efficiency and meet the requirements of the BimSchV.

Operation - simply via app

You can conveniently operate your gas stove via an app on your smartphone or a remote control. You can control the flame image and gas consumption conveniently from your favorite seat.

In the following video you can see, using the example of the Eco-Wave control from Dru, how easy it is to operate the gas stove using the app.

Easy installation with and without a chimney

Modern gas stoves are mostly closed combustion systems. These do not require a chimney. The exhaust gases are discharged directly through the outer wall. This saves installation work and money.

Independent of the gas connection

Is there no gas connection in your house?

No problem!
Modern gas fireplaces can always be operated with fuel directly from a gas bottle. So you are independent of the gas connection.

As for all fireplaces, building regulations apply to gas stoves and gas fireplace inserts. Clearances to flammable components (e.g. furniture) and non-flammable components (e.g. walls and ceilings) must be observed. Depending on the type of installation, the dimensions and height of the chimney and the legal requirements for exhaust and fuel lines must be observed.

The responsible specialist company in the plumbing trade guarantees the safety of the gas supply lines. The exhaust gas-carrying systems (chimney and / or exhaust pipes) are checked by our employees when you are planning your gas fireplace. If structural measures are necessary, this is included in the planning.

We have installed a gas stove system for you in our fireplace studio in Wülfrath. Here you can personally convince yourself of all the advantages of gas stoves and test the convenient operation. We advise you comprehensively on all fire and safety issues and present you with a large selection of different gas stoves and gas fireplace inserts from Max Blank, Spartherm, Dru and Oranier.