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MX.3, Murex's third generation integrated cross-asset trading, processing and risk management platform offers uncompromising specialization and leading functionality in every asset class. The latest launch, the MX.3trade platform, is a unique experience that integrates integrated platforms and applies new technologies and development methods. This is the best testimony to our dedication to consistent hard work and creativity serving our customers. Asset Class Coverage: Native coverage includes several hundred product types across all asset classes. Middot stocks middot interest rates middot foreign exchange middot loans middot macroeconomic derivatives middot commodities middot hybrids: transactions combine each asset class. Middot's ability to put one of the bank's own risk models and product types into the MX.3 framework. Trading & Portfolio Management functionality from price sheets to market data calibration or portfolio management. Structuring Sales & E-Commerce Integration of sales and distribution in post-trade processes. Company-wide risk management: The core of the MX.3 platform is a series of market-leading risk components that form the basis for company-wide risk management: - Market risk - Credit risk - Enterprise limit management and exposure monitoring - Collateral management - Compliance management - Basel II With the Dot Three Extension Framework, the MX.3 architecture offers expansion options for the internal development of value-added functions. Main features: - Massively scalable. - Used worldwide. - Fully accessible. - Expandable by design. - Seamlessly connected. - Robust. - Language-independent and as standard. Appears in these Product and Service Specifications sections It039s is an IT application used to trade exchange traded and OTC financial stocks and derivatives. It is considered one of the leading players in its field and is famous for helping FX options trading. Its industry competitors are Calypso (from Calypso Technologies), Front Arena (from SunGard), Summit, Mysis, Kondur, WallStreet, and a few others. The new entry into this room is Orestrade, from ex calypso founder. Essentially, these apps can do 2 things. 1. For exchange traded instruments, trading, position management and post-trade processing are simplified as all trades are in one place and give the portfolio manager a complete view (including analytics). Post-trade processing also includes straight through processing. 2. Valuation of OTC derivatives by creating yield curves, dividend curves, credit curves, FX curves, etc. and then using these curves to project and discount cash flows. In addition to the two primary functions, they can support collateral management, the simulation of positions, limit control such as market risk restrictions, credit risk limits, book size limits, etc. Further supporting functions are reporting, accounting amp settlements and interfaces to other IT applications for the seamless processing of means of payment and securities. 21.9k views middot view upvotes middot Not for procreation More answers below. Related questions How can I learn Murex Who owns Murex the French software company In India, Hyderabad where can I learn Murex Is there a way to join as an intern in Murex is there a lot of opportunity with data science (I have the chance to work with murex Work Instead) Since its inception in 1986, Murex has played a leading role in proposing effective technology as a catalyst for growth and innovation in capital markets. Murex has been designing, implementing and developing integrated trading, risk management, process and post-trade solutions that lead to MX.3, our third generation, for more than 30 years. Over the years, our vision has been supported by two pillars: INNOVATION: Our historical motto PIONEERING AGAIN is a promise for Murex's constant pursuit of technological competence based on experience and competence. CUSTOMER PARTNERSHIP: We see our collaboration with our customers as a journey in which we act as trustworthy advisors and enablers for their transformation and growth. Our wealth of experience was introduced into MX.3, our third generation of integrated platforms. MX.3 is also the result of one of the most ambitious RampD programs in the industry, delivering a powerful and flexible technology platform. Today MX.3 has a proven track record of serving all types of clients, from global money centers to local banks, from large asset managers to mid-sized hedge funds, and from large corporations to utilities. More than 45,000 users around the world rely on our platform every day for their trading, hedging, financing, risk management or processing processes. We strive to attract top talent in each country and maintain a solid culture of financial and technology expertise, operational excellence and authentic collaboration. Our services are based on this culture and are designed as long-term partnerships aimed at helping our customers transform into new ways of growth. Thanks to its industry visions, advanced platform and high-quality services, Murex has won the place of technology provider in our space several times over the past few years. Request information Partnership Opportunity MediaAnalyst request

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