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Post Thu Jul 27, 2006 23:13

hm .. what now O_o Hardwarenah or hardware close? >, <
Up until now I've actually always written Hardwarenah

Well, in the meantime I've tested Java and I have to say:
It's not my taste .. although I actually don't think it's bad.

And as far as speed is concerned: that depends entirely on the programmer, because I've seen a few completed projects where
the programs ran at different speeds.

There was a program that was almost as fast as a C ++ application.
So that means that speed does not matter as long as you are able to optimize your programs so that they run faster.

I've played the game before and as far as the loading times are concerned, I find it quite fast and you don't notice any difference between a Python and a C ++ game ^^ As if the game was programmed in C ++ ^^

Ok, people ^^ I'll put it this way: Java and Python are not equally fast
It all depends on the programmer ^^ Benchmarks don't help because I've seen programs that were programmed with C ++ and were still very slow (see development environments (e.g. Visual Studio 2005).

This ends this topic, I would say ^^
Many thanks for your help

Kind regards
Solid snake