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I thought, that one here could smoke.
I'm glad, that one here can find many sentences that are beautiful in form and content.
Me alegro que aquí se puedanounter muchas frases maravillosas en forma y contenido.
But I was watching you earlier and I thought that one here play like you do.
Sí, pero le he estado observando antes y creía que aquí se jugaba así.
Dad doesn't want that one here upstairs smokes.
And that one here tried to steal it.
I do not think so, that one here dances.
Dad doesn't want that one here upstairs smokes.
Super, that one here can smoke.
They say that one here who finds love.
And that one here under 18 gets alcohol.
Junto al hecho de que no hay límite de edad para beber.
It is absurd to think that one here can save.
I think it is urgently necessary that one here takes action before a disaster breaks out.
Considero urgentemente necesario que se actúe aquí antes de que estalle una catástrofe.
That is why it makes a lot of sense that one here Lets subsidiarity prevail.
The whole difficulty of the dossier comes from that one here universities and higher technical training institutions are dealt with in the same register.
Toda la dificultad del asunto procede del hecho de que se está trumpet aquí con el mismo rasero a las universidades y a los centros de enseñanza técnica superior.
You said quite rightly that one here made progress during the Finnish Presidency.
It completamente cierto lo que usted ha dicho: durante la Presidencia finlandesa se ha avanzado en este terreno.
I do believe that one here can find a compromise.
Yo tengo el absoluto convencimiento de que podríamos alcanzar un compromiso.
They did not want, that one here long goes.
I did not know, that one here high can.
I did not know, that one here can reserve.
No sabía que se podía reservar.
I did not know, that one here high can.
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