Why did my meringue mix become liquid

Cut-resistant egg whites is the basis for many great recipes. You may already know the recipe for egg whites from the Thermomix®, but obviously the topic is always a challenge for many. That is why we have put together the top tips for perfect egg whites. If you pay attention to them, your egg whites will always turn out perfectly in the future. Promised!

Egg whites - the ingredients

  • 3 or more eggs
  • 1 pinch of salt - If you use more protein, the time has to be increased accordingly, that is, for each protein that you use more, you increase the time by one minute.

Egg whites - the preparation

  1. Thoroughly clean and dry the mixing bowl beforehand, you can also rub it out with a few squirts of lemon juice.
  2. Separate egg white and egg yolk quickly and easily (at the end of the article we will show you an alternative trick for this).
  3. Insert butterfly (stirrer insert).
  4. Egg white in the fat-free Give mixing bowl. Put the lid on, but not the measuring cup, put the cooking basket on the lid instead.
  5. 2 min. | Process level 4 into snow. Then rinse out the mixing bowl. Important: If you use more egg white, you will have to adjust the mixing time accordingly. The stirring time is about one minute per egg white. So for 4 eggs you need 4 minutes, for 5 eggs it is 5 minutes, etc.

7 tips to keep in mind when preparing egg whites

  1. The mixing bowl really has to be free of fat. To ensure this, add lukewarm water and a little washing-up liquid, mix it for 10 seconds | Level 6 and then 10 sec. | Counterclockwise | Level 6, then rinse the mixing bowl with cold again and dry it thoroughly.
  2. The eggs shouldn't be too fresh. Ideally, the eggs are 7-14 days old. It is also perfect if you separate them a while before opening and leave them covered in the kitchen. For the preparation of egg whites, the eggs should be at room temperature. Only then does the protein optimally bind the air when it is whipped and can thus maximize its volume.
  3. Be absolutely meticulous when separating the eggs. Make sure that no egg yolk remains in the egg whites. Even small traces ensure that the egg white does not set properly.
  4. If you need sweet egg whites (e.g. for cakes or biscuits), you should only add the sugar when the snow is fairly solid. Then let it trickle slowly through the opening in the lid.
  5. Helper for more stability. A pinch of salt or a squirt of lemon juice accelerates the setting of the egg whites. Sugar ensures that the egg whites stay in shape longer. It is best to add the sugar little by little when the egg whites have already been whipped but the peaks have not yet formed. Then keep beating until the sugar has dissolved.
  6. If you need extra firm egg whites, e.g. for firm meringue, you can prepare it with the addition of heat: 4 min. | 65 ° C | Level 4 - please use the mixer attachment here too.
  7. Process quickly. You should process the egg whites immediately, otherwise it will collapse and become liquid again. If it does take longer, it is essential to store it temporarily in the refrigerator.

Tip: You should get the egg never hit the mixing bowl yourself! This could damage the built-in scale.

What do I use the egg whites for?

Egg whites are used in many recipes. It ensures that cakes get hold and are nice and airy at the same time. Such as B. our chocolate dream. It is also the basis for delicious pastries such as amarettini, macaroons or meringue hoods, for which you need sweet egg whites. By the way: While cream becomes unusable if whipped for too long, you can't make this mistake with egg whites. Once it is stiff, it does not change its consistency.

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Basic recipe for meringues - the ingredients

  • Egg whites (see above)
  • 200 g of sugar

Basic recipe for meringues - the preparation

  1. Make snow 1 min. I level 4 beat.
  2. Meanwhile let the sugar trickle in slowly through the lid opening.
  3. Then pour the meringue into a piping bag, squirt it onto two baking trays and bake in the oven at 90 ° C - 100 ° C for approx. 2.5 hours.