How can I disinfect wooden floors

Properly disinfect a wooden enclosure

What agents can be used to disinfect wood?

Bacteria can be killed with chemical agents, but also with great heat, this also works on wood. However, for a thorough disinfection it is necessary to really reach every corner of the object so that no residual germs can spread later.

We recommend first brushing the wood vigorously and washing it with warm water to remove any dirt down to the grain. This is followed by disinfection with the following means:

  • Boiling hot water mixed with vinegar essence: This has a double effect by reducing the pH value and heating the wood surface.
  • Special disinfectants: Only use disinfectants that are compatible with animals in animal enclosures, ask your specialist retailer about this. You have the choice between dilutable concentrate and a ready-to-use spray. Chemical disinfection can be done in addition to washing out with vinegar water.
  • Hot air gun: Even vigorous heating of the wood kills germs, but do not overdo it so that the material does not char or even start to burn.
  • Gas burner (€ 37.98 at Amazon *): Flaming wood is often used as a decorative process, but it is also suitable for disinfecting. The same rules apply here as when using the hot air blower. In addition, the surface will turn dark accordingly.

After disinfecting, wash off any chemical residues and allow the wood to dry thoroughly. Heated wood needs an extensive cooling phase before the object can be used again.

Make rabbit hutch easy to care for

If the wood to be disinfected is a rabbit hutch, after cleaning and disinfecting you have the option of lining the interior with easy-care PVC.

This material has a smooth surface and can therefore be cleaned and disinfected much more easily. In addition, liquids do not penetrate as quickly as urine or spilled water.

In a rabbit hutch lined with PVC, cover all the edges under sturdy metal strips so that the animals do not nibble on the covering material.

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