Should I trust recruiters

Legal advice is a combination of experience, discretion and trust.

When it comes to law firms, you have an experienced and serious partner at your side with us. We have been successfully active in this area for over 10 years and offer you competent

Law firm advice

  • Law firm assessment
  • Law firm mediation
  • Succession strategies
  • Law firm management / consulting

100% discretion, individual support, many years of experience and mutual trust are the foundation of our work.

Our successor strategies make it possible to understand, represent and offer “soft solutions”. With us, there is no exchange of addresses and no mediation of profiles. We offer you individually adapted and continuous discussion and final support.

Our agency fees are the 3/3% agency commission customary in the industry (buyer / seller). In the context of personnel placement and law firm sales, we are also happy to help with succession planning. Should the successor join immediately? Do you want a smooth transition? Or do you follow the timeline of employee or freelancer -> partner -> participant -> successor?

We have a keen sense for the sensitive issue of succession. Understandably, it is not always easy to give up what you may have built up over your life. We make sure that you feel comfortable with it.