Does Planned Parenthood offer free birth control

The abortion lobby: wolves in sheep's clothing

Unplanned is the title of a drama that was produced with a budget of six million dollars and was released in US cinemas in March 2019. Already on the first weekend the film brought in the complete production costs. The film tells the true life story of the American Abby Johnson, who joins "Planned Parenthood" as a student, the largest provider of prenatal infanticide in the USA. In the tightly managed organization, the young woman was promoted to head of an abortion clinic within eight years. One day when she was assisting with an abortion herself, she saw on the monitor of the ultrasound machine the hopeless fight that a 13-week-old embryo in its mother's womb was waging for its life. After this experience, the young woman changes her life. She quits her job, finally changes sides and is now one of the most famous life rights activists in the USA.

Access to government funding

The US Supreme Court ruled a Louisiana law to protect life unconstitutional. US life advocates remain confident that a change of course on the abortion issue could take place.

In her autobiography, which was also published in the USA in 2010 under the title "Unplanned" (German: "Life line - Why I no longer run an abortion clinic", Augsburg 2012), Johnson gives detailed insights into the organization that officially acts as a health care provider. In fact, Planned Parenthood provides medical services such as cancer screening for women and thus has access to government funding. If you believe Johnson, who, according to her own statements, was named "Employee of the Year" by Planned Parenthood in 2008, the company, which operates as a non-profit organization, is primarily concerned with increasing the number of prenatal infanticide. In "Unplanned" Johnson describes in detail how, as the director of the Planned Parenthood Clinic in Bryan, located in the US state of Texas, she is repeatedly instructed by her superiors to increase the turnover of her clinic by performing more abortions. When she defends herself with the argument that Planned Parenthood is a "non-profit organization", she is told that "non-profit is a tax status, not a business model".

One of gigantic proportions. In 2018, Planned Parenthood reportedly carried out 332,757 prenatal child killings in the United States - more than since 2011. 332,757 abortions, that is more than the population of the former federal capital Bonn. In 2018, 327,258 people were registered in the Rhenish university town, which is one of the 20 most populous cities in Germany. And the largest provider of prenatal infanticide in the United States is just one of 132 organizations that have come together under the umbrella of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF). According to its own information, it was founded in 1952.

Eugenicists and supporters of racial hygiene

On the association's official website, under the heading "About", you can read: "In the early 1950s, a group of women and men vigorously and visibly advocated the right of women to control their own fertility. () On the Third International Conference on Planned Parenthood In 1952, eight national family planning societies founded the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) ".

Not a word that the group of "women and men" were eugenicists and supporters of racial hygiene, including Margaret Sanger (1879-1966), founder and long-time president of the "Birth Control League" founded in 1912 -Liga), which later changed its name to "Planned Parenthood Federation of America", and Hans Harmsen (1899-1988), the founder of today's "Pro Familia".

IPPF fights for the unrestricted liberalization of prenatal infanticide in every country in which the association operates. But that's not all: Douglas A. Sylva, former Vice President of the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute in New York and head of its International Organizations Research Group, calls IPPF a "World Association of Abortion Clinics" and its "national affiliates" the "largest Abortion Agency of the World ". "IPPF trains", says Sylva, "staff to perform abortions, supplies abortion equipment and sets up its own abortion clinics."

Who you are dealing with in the case of IPPF

The CDU politician Hubert Hüppe on the abortion lobby, the role of the Union and a missing word from the German bishops.

Some people, including some German members of the Bundestag, still believe that it is possible to work with IPPF without promoting abortions. Anyone who deals in depth with IPPF must, however, consider this to be unrealistic. At best, ideas like this testify to an astonishing naivety or - not particularly advantageous - to a complete ignorance of who one is dealing with in the case of IPPF.
Sylva once again: "IPPF not only advises violating the law, IPPF also breaks laws itself. A key function here (...) is menstrual regulation and the use of manual suction pumps (MVAs). As early as 1970, IPPF director Malcom Potts was adamant Expressed the great utility of menstrual regulation in circumventing national abortion laws: 'The use of the term menstrual regulation changes the name of the whole game (...) It is inadvisable to speak openly of abortion in a Bangladesh newspaper, but it has proven to be acceptable proved to hold a conference on menstrual regulation in Dacca with a lot of press coverage (...) It is not wise in the Philippines to discuss the role of abortion in family planning even in a whisper; but a discussion on menstrual regulation immediately awakens great things Interest (...) menstrual regulation is probably safer than any other Abortion method (...) There is no evidence of pregnancy unless the tissue removed from the uterus is examined microscopically. This point is crucial in countries where abortion is illegal. "

MVA stands for "Manual vacuum aspirator". This is a vacuum syringe to which a cannula is attached. It can be used by adequately trained medical assistants to aspirate the contents of the uterus. The highlight: In this way, abortions can be carried out by inexpensive medical personnel up to the twelfth week of pregnancy, without having to perform a pregnancy test beforehand and document a positive result. Experienced users also perform abortions with MVAs up to the 16th week of pregnancy.

Withdrawal from government family planning programs

According to Sylva, IPPF "has introduced MVAs in several countries where abortion is illegal, including the Philippines, Kenya and Bangladesh. In these countries, IPPF clinics perform thousands of abortions using these machines, even though IPPF knows its practices are against the law violated. " IPPF, says Sylva, "routinely and deliberately disregards national sovereignty and national abortion laws": "The (family planning) associations should go to the limit of what is legal, and sometimes beyond, if the law is unclear or no longer in line with the public While a government gains reputation in the short term through correctness, a voluntary body can gain reputation in the long term if it violates rules to a responsible degree, ”quoted Sylva from an IPPF paper. IPPF considers abortion "a fundamental right, inseparable from other human rights". Therefore it is not possible for her to distinguish between "family planning and abortion".

Indeed, when the US Department of Health decreed in March 2019 that taxpayer-funded women's health centers in the US were no longer allowed to make referrals to doctors who perform prenatal infanticide, the IPPF subsidiary Planned Parenthood did not announce that it would be carried out to refrain from abortion, but instead withdrew from government family planning programs. The renouncement of around 60 million US dollars, which Planned Parenthood received annually from the "Title X" program, made headlines around the world.

"IPPF is committed to ensuring that every woman
and every girl has the human right
to choose to be pregnant or not "

Connoisseurs, on the other hand, were in no way surprised by the reaction. As early as 1984, Planned Parenthood had already decided to take such a step. At that time, US President Ronald Reagan issued the so-called "Mexico City Policy". The regulation, also known as the "Global Gag Rule", provided for all organizations that offered or advertised abortions abroad to be excluded from US development aid. At a legal policy meeting in Madison, Vice President for International Programs Daniel Weintraub explained Planned Parenthood's waiver of government grants at the time: "I know there are some people in our own country who honestly believe we should compromise and bowing to government line [the Mexico City Policy]. The argument for this is that after all, abortion is only a small percentage of the overall program in our international programs. Strategically, we would be better off trying to save family planning by doing the Give up abortion. Well, I'm telling you these people are wrong (...) One of the tenets of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America is that reproductive freedom is indivisible. You either have it or you don't. "

On its website, IPPF writes: "IPPF is committed to ensuring that every woman and girl has the human right to choose whether or not to be pregnant." Therefore, they will "continue to offer and support safe and legal abortion services and care". It goes on to say: "We are committed to reducing the number of deaths of women and girls who are forced to turn to unsafe abortion practices. Make abortion safe. Make abortion legal. For all women and girls. Everywhere."

The same applies to the IPPF cover organization "She Decides". "She Decides" was officially founded at the beginning of 2017 by the then Dutch Development Minister Lilianne Ploumen in response to the so-called Mexico City Policy, which was resumed by US President Donald Trump. There is no indication of a connection to IPPF anywhere on the "She Decides" homepage. Only when studying the data protection declaration does the visitor to the website learn that "She Decides" is a "movement" that is "supported and provided by the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF)". It also says: "If you have any questions, please contact IPPF's data protection officer." The address of the IPPF headquarters in London is given as the postal address of "She Decides".

The goal: to delete § 218

Under a false flag: The CDU politician and President of the Catholic German Women's Association, Maria Flachsbarth, comments on the daily mail about her commitment to the “She Decides” movement and tens of millions for the IPPF.

Like IPPF, "She Decides" is unwilling to create a dividing wall between contraception and abortion. The manifesto of "She Decides", which stages itself as a global movement, says, among other things: "(...) She is free. To feel pleasure. To use contraceptives. To gain access to safe abortion. To decide (). "

In Germany, the IPPF subsidiary Pro Familia, which in addition to pregnancy conflict counseling centers in Bremen, Mainz, Rüsselsheim and Saarbrücken also has its own medical centers that also offer abortions, has set itself the goal of deleting Section 218 from the Criminal Code. As part of the "Alliance for Sexual Self-Determination", the Pro Familia Federal Association and a number of regional associations not only demand "free access to contraceptives", but also "unrestricted access to legal abortion and the deletion of 218 from the penal code". What sounds pretty brutal to the common man, is at least not devoid of a certain logic. Because if abortion is a human right, then killing a defenseless and innocent person in the womb cannot possibly be a criminal offense.

One organization that specializes in promoting a human right to abortion to governments is the Center for Reproductive Rights (CRR). Founded in 1992 by former prosecutor Nancy Northup and headquartered in New York, the organization claims that it uses "the power of law to promote reproductive rights as fundamental human rights around the world". In 2003, Republican Congressman Christopher H. Smith published internal strategy documents for the CRR. With the leaked documents, the MP from New Jersey informed his congressional colleagues about the plans of the abortion lobby. They didn't leave much to be desired in terms of clarity. A strategy of "small wins" should gradually build a strong position and ultimately a broad consensus "for reproductive health". To this end, the international norms on "reproductive health" should be strengthened so that countries feel trapped in a web of rules and ultimately guarantee "reproductive rights". At the same time, allies should be found who can enforce these norms at national and international level and propagate them publicly.

Guarantee access to "safe abortion"

In one of the documents, the CRR lawyers also dealt with the World Population Conferences in Cairo (1994) and Beijing (1995). Admittedly, it is unfavorable that "abortion as a means of family planning" was rejected at these conferences. However, since the right to life and health is guaranteed worldwide, women must be guaranteed access to "safe abortion". Since abortions are health services that only women need, a ban on abortion would be tantamount to discrimination against women. How successfully this strategy has caught on in the past 17 years can now be seen practically everywhere.


Margaret Sanger

Margaret Sanger, née Higgings, was born in 1879, the sixth of eleven live-born children in Corning, New York State. After the death of her mother, who died of tuberculosis and cervical cancer in 1899, she began training as a nurse. At the age of 34, she separated from her husband, the architect William Sanger, and their three children in order to realize her idea of ​​sexual freedom. In her monthly newsletter, which appears under the title "The Woman Rebel", she coined the word "birth control".

In 1916 she founded one of the poorest neighborhoods in New York in Brownsville, the first clinic for family planning and birth control in the USA. In 1921 she and others founded the American Birth Control League, which later became the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA). In 1952 Sanger started Pro Familia together with Hans Harmsen and others in Germany. PPFA and Pro Familia are among the founding members who founded the International Planned Parenthood Federation in 1952, of which Sanger operated until 1959. Sanger was a eugenicist who also advocated forced sterilization. In "Morality and Birth-Control" she writes: "Knowledge of birth control is essentially moral. Its general, if prudent practice, must lead to a higher individuality and ultimately to a purer race."


Hans Harmsen

Hans Harmsen (1899-1989) took part in the World Population Conference in Geneva in 1927 as the head physician in the health system of the Evangelical Inner Mission (today: Diakonisches Werk). There he met Margaret Sanger, who aroused his continuing interest in family planning. Together they founded "Pro Familia" together with others. The pro familia magazine 2/1992 states: "In 1952 I. Lederer from Kassel and M. Sanger from the USA, two women who are very committed to family planning, were able to bring together people interested in family planning with financial support from the USA. The result of the meeting is the foundation of the Pro Familia German Society for Marriage and Family eV

Hans Harmsen is already being kept secret here. The reason: In the "Pro Familia Informations 6/84" the association stated under the heading "Harmsen no longer honorary president announcements of the federal board": "The Pro Familia German Society for Sexual Counseling and Family Planning eV announces that Professor Dr. Dr Hans Harmsen has resigned from the office of Honorary President.Hans Harmsen co-founded Pro Familia in 1952, was its president for the first ten years and then honorary president of the association. Hans Harmsen has helped shape and supported the developments and decisions of Pro Familia for more than thirty years. The reason for the resignation of Professor Harmsen was the criticism of his publications and activities as a population scientist and social hygienist in the years 1920 to 1945. This criticism is based on publications by Harmsen, which became known at the beginning of the year. According to this, Harmsen represented positions that are condemned in the association today: Pro Familia rejects any state interference in the right of individuals to family planning for reasons of population policy or racist reasons.

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