What are dumbbell curls good for?

Do the right bicep curls with the dumbbell

From FITBOOK | July 27, 2020, 5:18 pm

The secret of massive upper arms is a balanced training of the two opposing muscles in the upper arm: biceps and triceps. Particularly effective: the dumbbell version of the biceps curl. As always, a clean technique is crucial - from the grip to the movement to the choice of weight. Personal trainer Erik Jäger shows how it's done.

Arm curls with dumbbells are the classic for strong and wide upper arms. As always, the right execution is crucial - and with biceps curls that starts with the right posture, as personal trainer Erik Jäger shows in the video above.

Proper execution of bicep curls

With the biceps curls, you stand with your back straight, your upper arms straight and close to your body. The dumbbells are held either in a neutral grip (palms turned inwards, thumbs up) or in an underhand grip (palm under the dumbbell, thumbs outwards). Now lift the dumbbells alternately or at the same time. Very important: Do not spread your arms and do not get any momentum out of your body!

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Variation: hammer curls

The dumbbells are held in a neutral grip, the arms are slightly bent and close to the body, where they are simultaneously raised and then lowered again. Carry out the exercise consciously at a low pace.

Many beginners find the neutral grip technique more pleasant with both variants. Choose the right weight for you! Start off lightly and work your way up to the correct load to avoid injury.

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About the person: Erik Jäger is a functional fitness trainer and has been a successful personal and athletic trainer for many years. The “capital city trainer” motivates people to take part in sports every day on his Instagram channel. His customers include numerous celebrities.

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