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Falk Schacht: you must have heard these 11 German rap albums from the 90s!

© Sandra Müller
The "Summer of 99" was the end of an exciting decade - Falk Schacht digs deeper and introduces us to the 10 + 1 German rap albums of the 90s, which up to now have been overheard far too often.
In most of the best-of-German rap lists of the 90s you will of course find classics such as "Hoes, Flows, Moneytoes" by Westberlin Masculin, "Überfall" by Massive Töne, "Von Abseits" by Doppelkopf, "Großes Kino" by Blumentopf, "Bambule" from the Absolute Beginners, "Unter Tage" from RAG, "Dangerous Half-Knowledge" from Eins, Zwo, the "Window to the Courtyard" from the Stieber Twins and "Advanced Chemistry" from Advanced Chemistry. Therefore I would like to summarize a number of albums in this list, which rarely or never appear in these lists, but which you should definitely have heard.

Ferris MC - Asimetry (1999)

"Asimetrie" was created after the dissolution of F.A.B. and the rupture of FlowinImmo and Ferris MC. With a new deal with Yo Mama Records, Ferris moved from Bremen to Hamburg, directly into the apartment of his close friend Tobi Tobsen from Fünf Sterne Deluxe, which was in the same house as the label. The anti-social enfant terrible found its production counterpart in Tobi with a creaking 303 acid bass, which made the sound of this album so unique. Together they called themselves bigwigs and shouted out the motto “tough stupid for the millennium”. For once, they had the beat of “Bonzenbro $ Superhit” worked by an unknown young Hanoverian producer who witnessed during the recording how they refused the offer to produce a remix of the song “Hi (My Name Is)” by a certain Eminem . Today they live separately, Ferris acts and Tobi uses the 303 now and then on even beats at Moonbootica, if not new five-star things are coming up.

DCS - 1999 ... from the beginning! (1999)

German rap and its names have seen a lot in the 90s. So this crew was called "Die Coolen Säue" at the beginning of their career. Later shortened to DCS and with two major albums out, which suggest that a compromise was made here and there in the sense of the A & R, they run in 1999 on the indie label Deck8 to brutal size. With minimalist beats by DJ Lifeforce and Roe Beardie, which move on a massive bass foundation, Schivv and Rotz bring their lines to the finish as safely as never before. Today DCS are two lawyers, a copywriter and a product developer worldwide traded DJ bags.

Delicatessen Paranoia - Thorn in the Third Eye (1998)

Munich's rap image was strongly influenced by Blumentopf in the 90s, so that one could get the feeling that everyone lived in the middle-class "WG 2000", in which the members of Blumentopf spent many years. But music was also produced in Munich that, with its anger and choice of words, would have been more likely to be located in Berlin. With a rather twisted flow, sometimes sitting in front of the beat, the rapping was done on sometimes crude beats about sex, drugs and violence - but with a always ready, disrespectful third wink. What the members of Feinkost Paranoia are doing today is difficult to research, but Weeh 78 has worked for the last 20 years as a spokesman for radio and TV, as a farmer, an illustrator and in 2018 has a very angry and good album with the title "Haptik" released. Milanmann aka Mylander MC works as a creative with his design studio Pixel Propaganda.

Spax - Private (Style Fetish) (1998)

Together with DJ Mirko Machine, Spax earned a reputation as a merciless freestyler in the 90s and was able to capture these styles and skills on his records. As the first German rapper to have a US deal with Payday Records, he had his debut album produced by Glammerlicious (Main Concept) and mixed in the New York D&D studio. Spax's direct and arrogant battlerap attitude liked to offend. So there were some German rappers who felt addressed by his song "You are all wack", although they were not meant at all. In a track produced by the D.I.T.C. legend Showbiz, which was written against Nana, Der Wolf, 3P, Bürger Lars Dietrich, DJ Bobo, Tic Tac Toe and the Jazzkantine, Spax wants a "pop protection". Fun fact: on the first Jazzkantine album from 1994 Spax can be heard on the track "Das Jazzhaus".
"Privat (Style Fetisch)" is probably one of the most perfect implementations of the idea of ​​a pure East Coast rap album in German. The most experimental piece on the disc is “Bad News”, in which Spax shows a freaky, freaky flow, but still stays on point. Another fun fact: “No Gimmickz” is a bonus track on the vinyl by the same young Hanoverian producer who also set “Bonzenbro $ Superhit” to music. The only difference is that he also raps on this track because the intended rapper Terrortaiga aka Marcus Staiger did not appear for the recordings. Instead, Marcus Staiger can be seen eating, very slim and topless next to Spax at a meat counter in the video for “With Body and Soul”. Spax has released various albums in the last few years, including "Times don't always change" and "Unter dem Radar" together with DJ Mirko Machine as Die Profis. His current album, which he released together with producer Brisk Fingaz, is called "Diamanten & Pechstein".

Main Concept - Genesis Exodus Main Concept (1998)

In addition to “Privat (Style Fetisch)”, Glammerlicious also produced the album of his Munich-based crew Main Concept in 1998, which is why the jazzy NY influence pervades every beat. Refined by the cuts by DJ Explizit, David Pe underscores everything with clever, often political lines, for which he was Munich's figurehead for years. Within Monaco, he paved the way for flower pots, among other things. You can also hear Kung Schu on the track “Das Bildnis”. David is now a general practitioner, Glammerlicious is a music producer and Explizit works as a club and radio DJ.

Fettes Brot - Greetings from Fettes Brot (1998)

The relationship between German rap and Fettes Brot is full of misunderstandings. On this album, which is totally underestimated by the scene, the band shows how true to the game they are - just maybe at the wrong time. While Deutschrap was still trying to decipher the formula of New York rap à la Premier and Pete Rock in 1998, Fettes Brot had long since cracked the formula and shot some of the best East Coast beats out of Hamburg. On this album they were already somewhere else and flashed boogie and electro-funk influences, which, in addition to funny lyrics, apparently scared off many Hartkern disciples. The Berlin rap boom, which was stepping to the mic, did the rest to ram a wedge between rap and bread. A reference bingo is started in tracks such as “withdraw money”, which is regulated by old-school harmony routines in the spirit of the Cold Crush Brothers to Audio Two and Warren G. More original hip-hop is not really possible.

F.A.B. - Erich Privat (1997)

The Freaks Association Bremen consisted of FlowinImmo, Ferris MC and DJ Pee. While the latter said goodbye to private life after the debut LP, the two remaining freaks tried a new album with a Sony deal. This led to enormous conflicts between the two, which ultimately led to a total break and the aforementioned move from Ferris to Hamburg. The finished album was then completely bathed without proper promotion. Immo wrote on a blog that the record company made its contribution to the downfall by spreading the promotape like crazy and cleverly giving away the complete songs so that bargain hunters no longer had to buy a record. Ferris MC is now a musician and actor and was in the meantime a member of Deichkind. Immo also makes music and organizes the “Complete Palette” festival in Bremen. In 2019 he and his crew Filmmm released the album "Schutt und Asche".

The Dual System - Land in Sight (1997)

The Dual System was a project by the Cologne producers Nine Double M and iGadget together with Tatwaffe, Def Benski and Der Pütz. Before and after that, the protagonists were part of well-known formations such as Rude Poets, Äi-Team, Blitz Mob, Die Firma, La Familia, 4 Mille and ENTBS. There were also changing guest rappers such as Aphroe, Scopemann or Chicken George. The 1997 album “Land In Sicht” found far too little circulation, although one blast after the next can be heard on the album. There are various remixes of the “summit meeting”, we hear the nice dirty campfire version. iGadget still produces beats and is UI & UX Designer & Developer in the solar energy sector, Tatwaffe publishes albums, Def Benski makes music and works as an educator and Der Pütz runs the label ENTBS.

Lyrical Poetry - Nonplusultra (1996)

The English language first album by Lyrical Poetry, “The S.M.I².L.E. Album ”, got a lot of attention in 1993. Three years later, the switch to German took place, the beats are more catchy and sometimes sound G-Funk influenced. Nevertheless, the second album “Nonplusultra” cannot achieve the same reach as the debut - which is a shame. Ma's lyrics are smart and flow in a nonchalant way over beats that still sound fresh today in their electronic appearance. Ma has been involved with rap to this day, because he is the music director of Bremen Next, a radio station for Radio Bremen that focuses on urban music.

Fast Forward - Me and MC Bibabutz (1996)

Fast Forward appeared as a rapper, DJ and producer in 1994 with an English rapped Britcore single on MZEE Records. In the same year, “No Effects / Knock It Off!” Is published by STF, his joint crew with Scopemann and Tuareg. In the further course of the 90s, Fast Forward will step up to the microphone with his distinctive cutting voice to rap in German, both solo and as part of STF. In order to publish his own album, he founded the label “Put Da Needle To Da Records”, on which artists such as Kool Savas, RAG, Creutzfeld & Jakob, Westberlin Masculin and Der Klan would later publish.
“Ich und MC Bibabutz” is a mixture of English and German tracks, the Britcore influences of the beats can still be heard, but are already giving way to a certain NY feeling. The German tracks are among the best battlerap that was released in 1996. The track “Hallo Nachbar” is about the classic dispute between rock and rap fans, which FaFo wins simply because it has the sound that “blows down” walls: the “808 is the power”. Fast Forward now has its own SEO and web design agency called Da Agency.

BONUS: Hartkor Kinkxz / 808 Mafia - Werewolf In Sheep's Clothing / 808 Mafia Am Abzug (1996)

The Cologne crew LSD were already legends when their front man VOC Ko Lute, rapper and producer, released the first album in this constellation in 1996 together with Rascal & Kretschi aka FMK. It is the first release on Dominance Records from Dessau, which started its work, which continues to this day. The sound was hopelessly old school at the time and didn't fit into the prevailing Eastcoast NY boom bap soundscape. With brutal 808 drums, vocoder effects and 16th hi-hats, this record was like a middle finger from the 80s. It goes with the fact that Ko Lute, as a guest on the TV show Wordcup, said that anything after 1992 was not hip-hop because it didn't have a 16th hihat. Exactly this outdated sound makes this record sound pleasantly fresh today, and when Wack MCs are sawed up, a smile flies on your face.