The Gemeinhardt M2 flute is worth it

Dear forum members,

I have had a Powell Aurumite headjoint for 3 days now. not the 14 K, but a 9 K Boston3100.

I will soon be offering my Yamaha EC head joint for sale on eBay.
I want to look back a little!

When I bought my 471 Yamaha, I also ordered the EC professional headpiece (handcrafted professional headpiece)
This means that the 471 with a full silver tube is by and large the same as the 671 Yamaha model - actually a very good flute! (Intermediate)

Good response, full sound, relatively full depth
After many years of intensive practice, and now for 3 years now, I have recognized the limits
Despite practicing, practicing, practicing - there are still problems in depth (90% of it is up to the flutist)
A little sharpness in the 3 octave - f sharp '' 'is difficult to respond ..... etc.

Now I have the Powell headjoint

I still have to get used to it.
Played it to my father and sons.
They say it's a different flute.

Full of sound - not so metallic anymore
I can play louder than before and also more pp, if desired "more robust" or softer, have full depth, can modulate much better, piano in the third octave is a completely different one, F sharp '' 'works without problems ..... .. eg Telemann fantasies with the deeply emphasized tones sound all at once!

I can only say why didn't I treat myself to this earlier?

Now I will practice for a few more weeks until I am familiar with the headpiece.
I can definitely recommend an attempt like this with a high-quality head joint.
Doesn't mean that it works with every headjoint.
For me it worked

LG Altepic