Why doesn't NightBlue3 play in LCS

Nightblue3 on the way to the LCS?

According to its own statements, the Twitch streamer "Nightblue3" wants to join the LCS. There should also be a new team. However, he doesn't want to play himself. So what can we expect? Find out here! Only recently it was announced that "Millenium" wants to fight for the title in the LCS with a new team. Now the next hammer follows: The well-known player "Nightblue3" announced in his stream that he wants to form a team for the LCS.

Nightblue3 as team owner

However, Nightblue3 does not want to appear as a player itself, but merely to be the owner of the team. Those who follow their stream regularly know that the competitive scene has never been an option for them. For his team, he is looking for players in the Challenger area, more precisely among the top 50.
As you could learn further, he already has a shooter and a jungler in mind. Only top planner, midlaner and support are still missing.

Probably not until season 6

Nightblue3 also said that he would probably only try to get it in February 2015. Accordingly, we can expect the finished team for Season 6 at the earliest. Nevertheless, we can be curious to see how the whole thing will develop and who will be on this team at some point. As is well known, Trick2g is closely linked to Nightblue3. Will we see him as a player?

What do you think of that? Just hot air or is there really something behind it? Who can you imagine in this team? Write it in the comments


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