Can my sweat bleach clothes

Please no smell of sweat

Some items of clothing don't seem to smell sweat, others just take a short period of time to wear them and they're ready for the washing machine again. The cause of the stink are bacteria that are on the skin and convert the odorless sweat into foul-smelling substances.

Wool and silk bind less odors. Cotton also takes longer before you can smell sweat. Synthetic fibers, on the other hand, smell quickly because they bind the odorous substances due to their structure. Polyester smells particularly quickly. In functional underwear, this is delayed by a special structure of the fiber.

30 ° C is not enough

Here are some tips, including from the household expert Silvia Frank from her book “Household 1 x 1”. They help to ensure that laundry does not absorb any odor or that the apparently stuck stench disappears.

  • Always take laundry out of the washing machine as soon as possible and dry it. So germs have little chance of multiplying.
  • Heavily sweaty items of laundry, such as work or sportswear that cannot be washed on the same day, should be left to dry and only then put in the laundry bin.
  • A 30 ° C gentle cycle with mild detergent can do little to harm the stinky germs. Colored detergents and at least 40 ° C are better.
  • A 60 ° C program with powder detergent is ideal for odorous textiles. Because this contains bleach that tackles the germs. However, heavy-duty detergent is intended for white laundry.
  • For colored items, experts recommend liquid bleach and the highest possible washing temperature indicated on the care label. Under no circumstances should you select a short program so that the laundry is rinsed out thoroughly. The liquid bleach should be dosed lower than indicated in order to preserve the colors.

Lots of detergent

  • Often only certain items of laundry smell, such as colored, especially dark T-shirts. This is not due to the dyes, but to the fact that these parts are often only washed at 30 ° C and never with bleach. Such textiles made of cotton require a high dose of detergent and the hottest washing temperature according to the care label. Despite the dark color, some liquid bleach should be added.
  • For laundry made from synthetic fibers, detergent for sports clothing may be worth a try. These products contain zinc compounds that bind the stinking substances. Since the compounds adhere to the fibers, the laundry stays fresh longer when worn. However, this only works reliably with synthetic fibers.
  • In exceptional cases, hygienic flushes can be a solution.
  • Cleaning staff can also help to remove odors from clothing. Pro