Why are car engines so loud

Engine noise too loud in the interior

The use of aixFOAM membrane absorbers is recommended due to dirt, splash water and other liquids that can get to the sound insulation mat in the engine compartment. The top consists of a thin special film that effectively protects the sound-absorbing core from environmental influences and also acts as a vibrating membrane. If several absorbers are joined together without any gaps, the joints can be covered with aixFOAM aluminum tape. The result is a large, protected, sound-absorbing surface.

Anti-drumming film should be used as the basis, as this strengthens the insulating effect and also prevents vibrations, which are often decisive for annoying noise in automobile construction. You have the option of having all products from the “technical acoustics” product area provided with a heavy acoustic film lamination on the back ex works. Simply make the appropriate selection in the configuration area of ​​the individual items. Alternatively, heavy acoustic film, also known as anti-drumming film, is available in the “technical acoustics” product area as individual items in different packaging units.

Heavy foam absorption panels SH0071
Heavy acoustic film SH0131

To acoustically isolate the passenger cell, the use of aixFOAM heavy-duty foam absorption panels under the carpet, dashboard or roof lining is recommended, as no spray liquids or the like can reach the sound insulation mats there. Here, too, heavy acoustic film increases the effect enormously.

All aixFOAM products can be equipped with a self-adhesive finish. This option can also be selected when configuring your desired product. aixFOAM self-adhesive equipment is applied by machine in the factory and covered with liner paper. For assembly, the soundproofing panel only needs to be pressed firmly to the assembly point after removing the line paper. Please also note the processing instructions enclosed with the delivery.

The methods and materials described are only suitable for the areas of application mentioned. It must always be ensured that there are no hot engine or exhaust parts in the immediate vicinity of the sound insulation. Please refer to the detailed descriptions for the corresponding temperature resistance of the individual products.

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