What did Julius Caesar's diet consist of?

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Germanic tribes in the southwest

  • Alemannic beer bottle (Source: SWR - screenshot from the broadcast)
  • The beer experiment - brewing according to the Alemannic recipe (Source: SWR - screenshot from the broadcast)

Finds of drinking vessels and jugs show that the Teutons did appreciate Roman wine, but preferred a different drink. In a princely grave near Trossingen on the Swabian Alb, archaeologists found an elaborately turned wooden bottle with leftovers of hopped beer! That was a sensation, as many archaeologists assumed that the Germanic peoples, or the tribe of the Alemanni resident in southwest Germany, did not know any beer in Caesar's time, and certainly none with hops. Rather, their main drink was milk or honey wine made from grain, noted Roman contemporary witnesses. Maybe that's why beer quickly became very popular because it is made from a by-product of baking. To put it simply: when moist grain germinates, malt is formed, the basis of beer. After the mashing process, hops are added to make the beer more durable. The Alemannic beer, however, has a special feature that distinguishes it from our beer today: It tastes sweeter because it was also seasoned with honey.