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These companies have the best mobile websites in Germany

In cooperation with cxpartners, a company specializing in user-friendliness, Google has analyzed almost 500 of the most frequently visited websites in Europe. For the retail, finance and travel sectors, it was determined which mobile websites are particularly powerful and which still need to be optimized. We show who is already doing particularly well in Germany.

Most advertisers have long known that we live in a mobile world. Smartphones are ubiquitous - and users have got used to doing all sorts of things on the go. They expect to be able to book a flight, open a bank account, or buy new headphones anywhere. If you are looking for a restaurant nearby or want to send a message to a friend, simply pull out your smartphone.

Not everyone has understood it yet

However, users' expectations cannot always be met. For example, some mobile websites are slow and difficult to navigate through. Paying is cumbersome as there are many fields to fill in and several steps are required to complete the purchase. Users usually leave websites with such defects quickly. With a bit of luck, they'll call up your website again later on from your PC or laptop. However, if you are unlucky, users will leave the website and never come back.

This is why speed and ease of use are so important to mobile websites, and not just for developers. The pace in this area is impressive: There are constantly new and better ways of interacting, so that the expectations of the users continue to rise. Advertisers need to be 100% sure that the mobile offering they are promoting in their campaigns is really good. Of course, the focus should be on speed and ease of use. However, because of the constant innovations, it is not always easy to know what “good” means at the moment.

Study shows who acts cleverly

In a study, Google analyzed the usability and speed of some of the most popular European websites in the retail, travel and financial services industries and determined which mobile websites are performing best in each country and in the respective industry.

The results show that CoolBlue is one step ahead in European retail. Bank Norwegian is a leader in finance. Booking.com, on the other hand, is the most user-friendly travel website. We show the most important results of the study for companies in Germany in more detail.

Otto is ahead in retail

In the retail sector in Germany, the websites of the following companies are the most powerful: OTTO, bonprix and myToys.

Companies generally do better if they have cross-departmental guidelines to improve the mobile user experience.

An important finding from the study compared to previous years is that the search functions have been improved on retail websites. Since mobile users make typing mistakes more frequently on the small screens of mobile devices, errors are recognized and automatically corrected on many websites. However, the original entry can only be seen on a few websites, so that incorrect corrections can be rejected for very similar words such as "shirts" and "shorts".

Otto.de provides a clear overview of all the necessary information and color variants. Sizes that are sold out cannot be selected. Articles can also be saved as a guest in a wish list. And Zalando.de has an excellent mobile design with clear headings, clear content, appropriately large touch areas and clearly labeled icons.

Mobile version of Otto.de

Paying is not always easy

According to the study, users on more and more websites can not only complete payments conveniently on a single page, but also have the option of paying through providers such as PayPal, Google Pay or Apple Pay. If a user is already registered with one of these providers, this can make payment much easier.

However, there are also pitfalls here. If the link is not optimally made, it can happen, for example, that customers have to enter their address data on both the company's website and that of the payment provider, so that the payment is unnecessarily extended - and users are annoyed. On the technical side, our study also found that while many retail websites use a secure connection (via https: //) for payment, many companies still need to secure their entire website.

Booking is in the lead among travel providers

In the travel industry, the websites of the following companies in Germany do best: Booking.com, Lufthansa, Kayak and BlaBlaCar.

Travel bookings are usually expensive. It is therefore particularly important to provide users with clear information when paying so as not to confuse them. This was solved very well on Booking.com, because the total price can be clearly seen during the entire booking process. The progress of the payment process can be clearly seen on a status bar. In addition, users can jump back and forth between the pages without losing data and having to re-enter them.

The mobile version of Kayak

Search functions have gotten smarter

As in retail, companies in the travel industry such as B. Kayak is investing more in order to offer better search capabilities on mobile devices. This provides useful options for autofilling and filtering to clearly display results on small screens. Kayak's website is also one of the best for mobile optimization. It offers clear layouts, easy-to-read headings and icons in a size suitable for use on touch screens.

Banks are now also up to date

In the financial sector in Germany, the following websites are among the best: ING-DiBa, Sparkasse Hannover, Allianz, Sparkasse KölnBonn and TK.

Financial websites are often quite fast because they don't have to present as many products and process the corresponding data as in retail and travel. Although banks have fewer products to choose from, the details of the various options are often quite complex.

Search functions are missing

Even though financial websites have less content and are therefore generally faster, the study found that there are some typical usability issues. For example, several banks do not offer a search function on the mobile website, although this is urgently needed on mobile devices. In addition, autofill often doesn't work well, making processes unnecessarily difficult. This in turn leads to customer dissatisfaction.

As far as that is concerned, allianz.de is characterized by a high level of user-friendliness, as the website clearly presents the most important promotions on the home page. Products are grouped intuitively. A spelling correction and an auto-completion support the search. And commerzbank.de presents the most important information in a clear form and offers prominent CTAs (Call-To-Actions) as well as convincing images in high quality.

The mobile version of Allianz.de

Improvements are still needed

There is often a lot of information to enter when registering for financial services. The uSwitch.com website therefore explains exactly and very well what the information is required for. Incorrect entries are also clearly visible to the user. In addition, user inputs are retained on uSwitch, so that they can easily go back one step without having to re-enter data.

In the study on user-friendliness, the companies from the three sectors in Germany achieved an average of between 64 and 73 percent. So there is still a lot to improve in terms of mobile user experience. If you want to know how your own website is performing, you can use the heuristic model from the study and use the Lighthouse tool to automatically check the performance and quality of your website. For more information on this subject, read the entire study. You can find it here.

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