How do I eat a taco

4 things you need to know about tacos

Tacos like from Mexico - this is what the Yepa Yepa on Merianstrasse has been famous for for almost two years. On Saturday evening, fudder invited members from the Friends' Club to get to know the world of Mexican cuisine.

Every month we invite the members of fudders Club der Freunde to a club action: This time we went to the Mexican Taqueria Yepa Yepa for tacos. The Yepa Yepa served five different tacos and a dessert for the club members. There was also selected tequila, mezcal and a Mexican rum. We learned these four things about tacos and Mexican food.

1. It's all in the mix

A good taco lives from the mix of ingredients: the meat tastes strong, the onions add a certain spiciness, the coriander tastes fresh and lime juice ensures a pleasant acidity.

2. Don't be afraid of the exotic

"You can get tacos on the street in Mexico, it's a meal from normal people," says Silvia Barba Quezada, co-operator of Yepa Yepa. That is why tacos sometimes contain ingredients that may be a little unfamiliar to German eater. For example, at the club event, taco "Carnitas" were served with pork belly and roasted pig skin. Tastes great!

Eating tacos is not an easy task: you definitely eat them by hand. But since the filling is very juicy and the corn pancake is rather unstable, the first few attempts usually go wrong. But it doesn't matter - because you are rewarded with a different feeling to what you eat than with a knife and fork. And of course with a delicious taco.

4. Tequila and mezcal go well with tacos

If you think of salt and lemon when you think of tequila, as well as blurry nights with a terrible hangover afterwards, you should try this combination: Agave brandy goes perfectly with Mexican food. The best, of course, is to drink a high-quality tequila or mezcal. It tastes delicious on its own - and you don't have to pour it in all at once and quickly numb the taste with lemon and salt.

Tobias Dillschnitter, former bartender and operator of the Lila Bar, brought some tequillas and a mezcal to fudder's club event. From the very classic, white tequila to versions that have been stored in old bourbon barrels for several years. And what is the difference between tequilla and mezcal? "A tequilla is actually also a mezcal, but it comes from a certain region," says Dillschnitter. In addition, tequilla is always made from the blue agave and traditionally tastes less smoky and earthy than the mezcal.
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