Do the 5g towers make people sick

5G conspiracy theory: cell phone masts set on fire for fear of coronavirus

Many false reports about the corona virus are circulating on the net. One of them is that the virus is related to cell phone radiation. Some people in the UK have set cell phone masts on fire. The fact check.

Unidentified people in the UK have set fire to 5G cell towers in the cities of Birmingham, Liverpool and Melling on Merseyside. The reason for this is the allegation that the 5G mobile communications standard is responsible for the spread of the corona virus. The reported "BBC News".

"BBC News" refers to a video that is said to show the fire in a suburb of Liverpool. The video claims that there is a connection between the coronavirus and 5G.

A spokesman for Vodafone UK confirmed to tech magazine "The Verge" that four cell towers were damaged. According to "Reuters", at least the tower in Birmingham was not a 5G mast.

5G blamed for spreading the coronavirus

In fact, conspiracy theories are circulating online that link deaths from the coronavirus to the new 5G mobile communications standard. This is reported by fact-checking sites such as "" or "".

Among other things, it is suspected that 5G causes cell breakdown. Also, it is not the coronavirus that is supposed to trigger the disease Covid-19, but 5G radiation. The problem with such assumptions: Countries like Iran are also affected by the corona virus. Although the 5G network was already tested there in 2017, it has not yet been used across the board. According to Iranian media reports, 5G is to be built in the country during the current Iranian calendar year (1399). The year started in Iran at the end of March 2020.

"Dangerous nonsense"

In the past there have been repeated suspicions that 5G radiation is harmful to humans. So far, researchers have always been able to refute such claims. British Minister of State Michael Gove also described theories that link 5G with the corona virus as "dangerous nonsense," writes "BBC News".

However, this has not prevented critics from spreading their theories. As "The Verge" reports, the fear against 5G in Great Britain has even gone so far that workers have been harassed when laying fiber optic cables.

Update April 8th, 2020: Further information on the 5G network in Iran has been added.