How can Rahul Gandhi image be revised

The BJP's race for candidates from other parties has finally reached the home of former PCC President Soman Mitra. The list of BJP candidates from Soman Mitra, widow and former MLA Shikha Mitra, has not yet been revised.

I was shocked to see the name on the list in the Chowringi constituency and receive a call from the media. They say my name without my knowing My husband was always a congressman. I never thought of changing parties. Not in the competition ‘- said Shikha when he saw the apartment on Lower Roden Street in the city. I sat at home without seeing anyone because I was ashamed. How can the BJP do that? Don't you know that we are a congress family? ‘- Shikha laughed at the pictures of Soman Mitra, Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi in the living room.

Has anyone from the BJP got involved?

Before that, Suvendu Adhikari (Mamata Banerjee's competitor) was called and asked to compete. That's not the case.

And has the BJP announced a new candidate?

I dont know. My name is still on the channel (laughs).

He was a Trinamool MLA. He later resigned. So did the BJP feel hopeful?

He entered politics to work for the common man. Why go to the BJP for this? Congress is a secular party.

Didn't the congress leaders call?

Sonia Gandhi called. They too said they were surprised at first.

The nameplate on the outside of the apartment also says Soman Mitra MP and Shikha Mitra MLA. Shikha asked the aides if they had done so after being asked to add ‘X’ before the MP and MLA. The plan is to stay home now.

Soman Mitra Pragatisheel, who had previously left the Congress, had founded the Indira Congress. It was later merged with the Trinamool Congress. He returned to Congress in 2018. Died last July. His son Rohan Mitra is the state vice-president of the Youth Congress.

Other than Shikha, someone else accidentally joined the BJP list. Tarun Shah, husband of Trinamool MLA Mala Shah. Tarun said the BJP would be transformed.

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