What does the name Chloe mean

What means the name Chloe and where from he comes?


Greek for "the green one", "little offspring", "fresh young green"
(Epithet of the Greek goddess Demeter, responsible for grain and seeds, fertile soil, and seasons]

The name is often used in shepherd novels that speak of green landscapes.

When did Chloe name day?

Name days
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Chloe in the linguistics

Length | SyllablesHyphenationEndings
5 characters 1 syllable Chloe -hloe (4) -loe (3) -oe (2) -e (1)
Chloe in numbers (according to ASCII-256 table)
Binary 01000011 01101000 01101100 01101111 01100101
Decimal 67 104 108 111 101
Hexadecimal 43 68 6C 6F 65
Octal 103 150 154 157 145

Chloe in the phonetics

45 C400 XL
Spelled chloe
Spelling board DIN 5009 C.asar | Hset up | L.udwig | Otto | E.mil
International spelling board C.harlie | Hotel | L.ima | Oscar | E.cho

variants from Chloe

Male form
Variants and spellings in other languages
Nicknames and nicknames
  • Cle
  • Cloeleta
  • Coco
  • Coco Chloe
  • Ley

Chloe in different Fonts

scriptOld German script
Foreign writings
Latin script CHLOE
Phoenician script 𐤂𐤇𐤋𐤏𐤄
Greek script Χηλοε
Coptic script Ϭϩ ⲗⲟⲉ
Hebrew script גחלעה
Arabic writing جــحــلــعــه
Armenian script Ճհլոե
Cyrillic script Гхлое
Georgian script Ⴚჰლოე
Runic script ᛍᚺᛚᚮᛂ
Hieroglyphic writing 𓍿𓉔𓃭𓅱𓇌

How popular is Chloe?

Popularity development of the girl name Chloe

  • Best rank: 104
  • Worst rank: 297
  • Average: 169.59

This graphic showing the development of the popularity of the name Chloe shows how its popularity among visitors to Baby-Firstamen.de has changed over the years. The popularity of the first name is determined by the rank achieved in the respective month based on the votes cast.

Births in Austria with the name Chloe since 1984

rankName bearersourcewas standing
109659Statistics Austria2019

Explanation: The name Chloe occupies 1096th place in the official ranking of the most common first names of all citizens born in Austria. A total of 59 newborns have been so named since 1984.

Chloe in the first name charts of Austria (1984-2019)

  • Best rank: 354
  • Worst rank: 1327
  • Average: 780.76

The positions of the first name Chloe in the official first name hit lists of Austria, which are published every year by Statistics Austria, are shown here. You can find the complete top 30 first name charts of Austria on our page "Most popular first names in Austria".

Distribution of the name in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
Geographical distribution in Germany (3)
  • 33.3% Bavaria
  • 33.3% Hessen
  • 33.3% Saarland
Geographical distribution in Austria (0)
  • - Unfortunately, no statistical data are yet available for Austria -
Geographical distribution in Switzerland (1)
  • 100.0% Bern

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Frequency distribution of the years of birth from our survey of people with the name Chloe

Chloe in the media

Well-known personalities with the first name Chloe
  • Chloë Agnew (singer)
  • Chloe Anthony (Toni) Morrison (US author)
  • Chloe Armstrong (character from the US SF series "Stargate Universe")
  • Chloe Bennet (actress and singer)
  • Chloe Bridges (American actress)
  • Chloe Decker (character from the series Lucifer)
  • Chloe Elizabeth Lukasiak (dancer, actress, model from the USA)
  • Chloë Grace Moretz (American actress)
  • Chloe King (character from the TV series "Nine Lives of Chloe King")
  • Chloé Lambert (French actress)
  • Chloe Price (character in "Life is Strange" (computer game))
  • Chloe Rose (from the anime Glitter Force / Smile Pretty Cure (Glitter Blau / Cure Beauty))
  • Chloe Rose Lattanzi (singer)
  • Chloe Sava (character from the psychological thriller Gothika)
  • Chloë Savigny (actress)
  • Chloe Stieler (character from "Horseland - The Horse Ranch")
  • Chloe Sullivan (character from "Smallville")
Chloe in pop culture
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Chloe as a high or low pressure area

According to the name Chloe weather events in Europe were also named in the past. So far there have been 1 high pressure area and 0 low pressure areas with this first name. You can find out more about the naming of high and low pressure areas and which other first names were already "weather godfathers" here.

  • High pressure area Chloe (1x)

  • Chloe low pressure area (0x)

Chloe barrier-free

Chloe in finger alphabet (German Sign Language)
Chloe in Braille (Braille)
Chloe in animal alphabet

Chloe in the shipping

Morse code
-·-· ···· ·-·· --- ·
Chloe in flag alphabet
Chloe in winking alphabet

Chloe in the digital world

Chloe as a QR codeChloe as a barcode

How do you think you about the name Chloe?

Comments on Chloe

Very strange. I had already heard about the red wine and women, but I have not yet come across humor blindness as a typical French cliché.

And of course Chloe is spoken like "Klö". Is that how it stands! Like chlorine, only with "ö" at the end. Klö stop. :)

"... Of course" Klö "is pronounced, anything else would be absurd ..."

Now seriously. Anyone who has ever attended a language school knows that the CH is pronounced as "G" in the French language and that the ë is an extension of the pronunciation. Simply put: double E.

Once again I am enjoying myself from the German citizens' language skills. Not just a cliché.

Of course "Klö" is pronounced, anything else would be absurd.

Confusing or pronouncing Chloë, Chloe or Cloé with Kloé can only be imagined in Germany. Although I can well imagine that the multilingual Germans (mockery) cannot pronounce Chloë or Cloé in their native language .... You like to hear all over the world how competent they are in foreign languages. ha ha ha

I think the name is magical

The name is beautiful and I have nothing against it. I also wanted to call my baby (no, I'm almost 18, and not yet pregnant) Chloe.
In Germany it can easily be confused with the word "toilet".
In England, Greece, France, America or anywhere else mega beautiful and very cute. But I would leave it in Germany. The name doesn't come from Germany, and "Klo" is a German word that Americans, for example, don't even know Großteul (believe few, think they would say toilet, Klo is a colloquial language).

We also give names like Mona, which means "female monkey" in Spain. Or Clara (from Spanish to German: egg white / protein shell)

It always depends on the country.

Chloe, like Zoe and Naomi or Noemi and others, clearly points out that American television series play an extraordinarily large role in the life of their parents.

We called our daughter Chloe because I like British names so much and Chloe is pronounced short and rather English without sounding too crass :) so far we have received a lot of positive feedback. I think we'll raise them confident enough to stand above any lousy nicknames. But he's not as boring as Emma or Mathilda or something;)!

I think the name Chloe is really beautiful and I NEVER thought of "toilet" with this name and I don't know anyone who would make fun of this name in any way. If this were the logic, one would have to get upset about all the names. You can make fun of all names somehow.


Personally, I was never really offended by the name Chloé.
I love my name, because I think it's really extraordinary. Not like Sara, Anna etc.
I think these names are beautiful too, just mixing in, boring.

The name Chloe is beautiful and nothing to be ashamed of.

I don't know how you did it, but in my whole life I have NEVER thought of the toilet with Chloe.

I'm here to see what the name means. my cousin who was born yesterday got the name "Maxime Chloé" and her twin brother who is a few minutes older got the name "Marius Ryan"

So ... I would like to call my daughter (if it becomes one now ... yes, I'm pregnant) Chloe (or Chloé, maybe with the middle name Luana or louana. Of course, I also consider the teasing with the word loo .. .but so they would only call idiots anyway. They have nothing better to do.nja maaaaaal see! I think the name is simply divine! And better than the standard crap

Also easy to confuse with toilet, for God's sake the name doesn't work. fooling around in the school preprogrammed

Our daughter's name is Chloe and she walks proudly through life with it.
Some of the comments here are for the shake of your head.
But toilet is really not a nice word and no comparison to the name Chloe.

So please come off your high horse! Just because you use the word loo doesn't mean Niveu! sorry for this remark but your comment ... THAT was going on

and among other things also childish. Personally, I like the name very much and our dog is also called that, as a hamster name it is also beautiful!

I think the name is actually quite ok, only it sounds a lot like the word loo.

My first thought at Chloé✨ is the perfume.
A particularly noble and beautiful girl's name and better than all normal standard names!

The word "loo" is only used by low-level people and is not even known in many countries.

In addition, you can spoil any name.

I'm from France and my name is spelled with "` "next to the" e ". Then the "e" is emphasized and is no longer pronounced like "klo" :)