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Fingers and feet

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Joint pain in fingers, hand and foot - this may be the reason

Running, opening bottles or typing on the keyboard: we are used to performing such everyday movements with little effort. However, joint pain can also affect fingers and feet. Only then do we usually become painfully aware of every step or move. What are the most common causes of hand, finger, or ankle pain? And what is the best way to treat you?

Osteoarthritis as the cause of joint pain in the fingers and feet

Pain in ankles or wrists is often due to osteoarthritis. This is a gradual deterioration of the joints caused by the wear and tear of the cartilage. Even if it is not a "sign of old age", older people in particular have a higher risk of falling ill. And alsoMenopausal women suffer - probably due to hormonal changes - more frequently from this wear and tear disease.

Osteoarthritis usually becomes noticeable slowly: the fingers or feet feel a bit stiff and weak and are slightly swollen. A start-up pain that occurs at the beginning of a movement is also typical. Later on, however, there is also pain from fatigue or exertion. Even shaking hands in greeting can cause severe pain in the wrist. In the case of acute inflammation, resting pain is also possible.

Which joints in the hand and foot are affected?

  • With the fingers wear occurs primarily in the end joints of the fingers, middle joints of the fingers or in the saddle joint of the thumb, but osteoarthritis pain can also occur in the wrist.
  • In the foot The protective cartilage layer recedes, especially at the tarsus, in the metatarsophalangeal joint of the big toe or in the ankle and causes the typical pain there.

Other triggers for pain in the ankle and wrist

Joint pain in fingers, hands or feet can have many other causes. These include, for example:

  • Inflammation of the joints (rheumatoid arthritis): Inflammation of the inner skin of joints, tendon sheaths or bursa causes uncomfortable joint pain in fingers or feet. The immune system attacks the body's own tissue - the cause for this is not yet known.
  • Tendinitis: It can also occur as part of rheumatoid arthritis, but it is usually caused by an overload, which irritates the tendons and becomes inflamed. Such pain in the wrist is particularly known to tennis players and climbers who put excessive strain on their hands. But people who work a lot with the computer mouse or do other monotonous activities with their hands are also at risk.
  • Gout: The joint pain occurs very suddenly at night or early in the morning and usually begins in the big toe. It is triggered by uric acid crystals that accumulate there and cause inflammation.
  • Injuries: Unhappily twisted or caught the ball - and it happened. Our wrists and ankles are exposed to a particularly high risk of injury during sport. For example, sprains can cause severe pain in the wrist or ankle.

The joint itself does not always have to be affected; often the pain can also be localized around the joint and affect muscles, nerves or bones, for example.

What helps with pain in the wrist or ankle?

In the case of joint pain in the fingers or the foot, therapy depends on the underlying cause. If the reason for the pain is, for example, excessive strain, splinting the wrist is useful in many cases. In the case of inflammation, the application of cold is also suitable (for example by cooling with an ice pack), in contrast, in chronic diseases, warmth (for example by warm hand or foot baths) is often perceived as beneficial. To alleviate the discomfort you can alsoanti-inflammatory pain gels like doc® Ibuprofen contribute.

If pain in the wrist or ankle persists for several days or if you severely limit everyday activities, you should definitely consult a doctor. He can make an accurate diagnosis and recommend appropriate treatments.

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