Michael Jackson was a Christian

Pop star Michael Jackson was completely underweight and full of scars when he died. That emerges from the autopsy report published in connection with the trial against Jackson's doctor Conrad Murray. American media reported Wednesday that Jackson was "extremely underweight". The report also confirms that the 50-year-old actually suffered from the pigment disorder vitiligo, which bleached his skin in places. For years it had been suspected that the singer only used white spot disease as an excuse for cosmetic surgery.

Like the death certificate, the autopsy report also indicates an overdose of propofol as the cause of death. Apparently Jackson took the anesthetic because of insomnia, although it is only allowed to be used in hospitals before operations. Jackson weighed less than 62 kilograms when he died and was just over 1.75 meters tall. Doctors found numerous ailments. They also found half a dozen sedatives and pain relievers in the blood and organs.

In the video: The year 2009 will also go down in history because of Michael Jackson: On June 25, 2009 at 2:26 pm local time, the King of Pop died after a heart failure in Los Angeles.

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The experts found the white patches of skin due to Vitiligo all over the body, especially on the chest, stomach, arms and face. He had dark tattoos on each eyebrow and a pink one on his mouth. In addition, the doctors recorded more than a dozen scars on both nostrils, neck, knees and other parts of the body. Most were only a few inches short, but those around the neck were almost four inches long.

Almost eight months after Jackson's unexpected death, the pop star's personal doctor was charged with negligent homicide on Monday. In Los Angeles court, Murray pleaded "not guilty". Jackson's parents Joe and Katherine and several of the singer's siblings were also present at the appointment. According to the indictment, Murray violated his duty of care and negligently caused the singer's death. But he did not act deliberately.