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Why is everyone crazy about THAT lipstick?

With many trends in fashion and beauty, one thing becomes clear again and again: At heart, many of us have remained children and are easy to inspire with bright colors and glitter. After the galaxy trend in fashion and even in the food sector, we are now inspired by iridescent colors, as with the hologram lips. While these were not particularly suitable for everyday use and could only be created with a special lip gloss, you should keep this lipstick trend in mind: “Unicorn Tears” is the name of the currently coveted shade of the American beauty brand Too Faced. We'll tell you why this is always sold out and what makes it so special!

Through films and the numerous images on children's puzzles and bed linen, a very specific image of unicorns has settled in our heads: Like the last unicorn, these are usually completely white and are often surrounded by a magical landscape in kitsch purple , Pink and blue tones. In addition, there is always a certain melancholy about them. So it's no wonder that associations come to mind when we hear “Unicorn Tears”. It's pretty nonsensical, but it's very clear: the tears of unicorns must somehow magically shimmer. And that's exactly the case with Too Faced's “Unicorn Tears” lipstick. Convince yourself of the dreamlike look! We'll also tell you where you can get dupes for the coveted lipstick in this country.

Why Too Faced's "Unicorn Tears" Lipstick is so popular

The “Unicorn Tears” lipstick is actually just one shade from the “La Crème Color Drenched Lipstick” range by Too Faced. However, these highly pigmented and nourishing lipsticks have already become favorites of many beauty bloggers in the last few years, so it is no wonder that the unicorn tear variant has now triggered such hype.

At first glance, the lipstick looks like a cool, unfavorable shade of blue. However, when it is applied, it unfolds its unique shimmer. What the beauty bloggers are so enthusiastic about: In contrast to many other lipsticks, the Unicorn Tears lipstick does not contain any noticeable glitter particles, but rather has a mother-of-pearl shimmer. Applied on the hand, it becomes clear how highly pigmented it is. Many fans are therefore enthusiastic about the durability of the iridescent "Unicorn Tears" and call it the best shimmer lipstick of all time! Therefore it is unfortunately sold out everywhere at the moment. At Amazon, however, you can be notified when it is available again.

This is how you combine the iridescent lips

The great thing about the "Unicorn Tears" lipstick is that it can be worn in many ways. You can wear it just like that or over another lipstick. In this way you can create very individual looks. For a particularly shimmering look, you can accentuate your cheekbones with a highlighter.

Due to the cooler color scheme, the “Unicorn Tears” lipstick goes perfectly with silver-gray granny hair or purple-colored hair.

Even if you're a fan of everything pink, the Unicorn Tears lipstick is definitely for you. For the perfect princess look, you can combine it with pink eyeshadow.

3 dupes for the sold out Unicorn Tears lipstick

Unfortunately we have to disappoint you at this point. As is so often the case, beauty products that are hyped online are sold out in no time and are often difficult to find in Germany. It is currently always out of print in the USA. To mimic the look, you can use one of these three dupes, i.e. alternatives.

  • Luminous Lips Lipstick by Catrice in the color "140 Meet Violeta"

This shimmering lipstick has a beautiful berry purple shade and is available for EUR 3.99 in dm drugstores or online.

  • Vintage Capsule Collection by Urban Decay in the color "Asphyxia"

Similar to the Unicorn Tears lipstick, this lipstick from the American brand Urban Decay can be applied over other shades and gives them an iridescent shimmer.

Of course, M.A.C. a similar lipstick in its extensive range. The also highly pigmented M.A.C. You can get lipstick in the color “Pick Me, Pick Me!” For approx. 21.50 euros from Douglas or online.

Image source: iStock / mstwin, iStock / MayWhiston

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