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Flu vaccination stories

  • AOK Rhineland / Hamburg

    Flu vaccination in the pharmacy: vaccination quota may increase

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  • Novavax, Inc.

    Novavax announces positive preclinical data for combination vaccine candidates for influenza and COVID-19

    GAITHERSBURG, Maryland, March 23 / PRNewswire /) - - Manuscript shows development of convincing responses to influenza and COVID-19 and protection against SARS-CoV-2 virus - Data will be available ahead of publication via preprint server for biology, bioRxiv, to Novavax, Inc. (Nasdaq: NVAX) , a ...

  • Novavax, Inc.

    Novavax and Gavi Sign Pre-Purchase Agreement for COVID-19 Vaccine for COVAX Facility

    GAITHERSBURG, Maryland, March 23 / PRNewswire /) - - Novavax will supply 350 million doses from Q3 2021 - 1.1 billion vaccine doses of Novavax available for COVAX participating countries - Serum Institute of India will supply remaining doses for low income countries - Emphasizes commitment to ...


    TÜV NORD GROUP: Shaping technological progress responsibly - protecting life

  • Novavax, Inc.

    Novavax initiates cross-over clinical trial with vaccine COVID-19

    GAITHERSBURG, Maryland, March 6, 2018 / PRNewswire /) - - Cross-over allows participants to continue participating in studies and remain blinded - Ensures that all study participants receive an active vaccine - Cross-over groups initiated in South Africa and the UK; US / Mexico PREVENT-19 cross-over planned for Novavax, Inc. (Nasdaq: NVAX), a ...

  • rbb - Broadcasting Berlin-Brandenburg

    Head of the General Practitioner Association Ulrich Weigeldt: General practitioners "unhappy" about the low number of vaccination doses

    Berlin (ots) - At the start of the corona vaccinations in general practitioners' practices, the head of the general practitioner association, Ulrich Weigeldt, dampened expectations of rapid vaccination progress. On Tuesday, Weigeldt said on rbb's Inforadio that the family doctors were ready to go. 35,000 practices would have reported and the vaccine ...


    Statutory health insurance chief Gassen warns: Lockdown will not save us

    Bonn / Düsseldorf (ots) - The chairman of the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV) Andreas Gassen has again sharply criticized the lockdown strategy of the federal government. It was an "expression of helplessness," said Gassen on the television station phoenix. "The lockdown did not manage to reduce the number of deaths relevant". The only way out of the corona pandemic is quick vaccination. "First with ...

  • DSL e.V. German Senior League

    Flu vaccination still makes sense now

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  • University of Konstanz

    The general vaccine against the flu | PI No. 27/2021

    The general vaccine against the flu New vaccination procedure for permanent flu protection against all known influenza mutations in preclinical testing - possible use of the procedure also against SARS-CoV-2 - joint research project of the University of Konstanz, University of Tübingen and the Technical University of Dresden Once .. .

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  • BPI Federal Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry

    COVID-19 vaccines: Rapid adaptation to virus mutations possible

  • Central Bavarian Newspaper

    Every federal state does what it wants / Angela Merkel can save herself the conference with the prime ministers. A common strategy would be of great importance here - by Kristina Dunz

    Regensburg (ots) - We have to live with the corona virus, say the federal and state governments. But we also have to live with their chaos. Maybe that's just part of this pandemic. But the mess is hard to take. It is true that there is no blueprint for fighting because we are so ...

  • FDI World Dental Federation

    New global study by the FDI World Dental Federation shows that dentists in two-thirds of countries are not allowed to give vaccinations against Covid-19

    Geneva, Switzerland (ots) Survey also shows that half of participating countries have agreed to include dentists in prioritized vaccination groups The FDI World Dental Federation today called for more countries to allow dentists to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Previously, a poll ...

  • EpiVax

    EpiVax Announces Participation in International Consortium to Develop Next Generation Influenza Vaccines (INDIGO)

    PROVIDENCE, RHODESE ISLAND, March 28 / PRNewswire /) - EpiVax, Inc. ("EpiVax") today announced its participation in the INDIGO Consortium - a partnership of public and private research and development organizations from the EU, India and the United States (funded by the EU and India) to: ...

  • Becton Dickinson Rowa Germany GmbH

    BD Rowa study: Germans prefer vaccinations in pharmacies

  • ABDA Bundesvgg. German pharmacists' associations

    Influenza protection still makes sense - one million vaccine doses still available nationwide

  • AOK NorthWest

    AOK NORDWEST and GEHE Pharma Handel conclude model agreement: Flu vaccinations in Schleswig-Holstein will soon also be possible in pharmacies / vaccination rate is to be increased significantly

  • BGV - Info Gesundheit e.V.

    Vaccinations against influenza and pneumococci protect against multiple infections

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  • 2nd of the day / 2nd of the week

    Comment on the new coronavirus variant in England

    Berlin (ots) - Thanks to science fiction, mutants have a bad reputation. However, spontaneous genetic changes - mutations - are a completely normal process. Not just with viruses. In the case of viruses, however, they can mean that they can suddenly infect other species than before, they can make them more contagious or more dangerous. The variant of the ...

  • Mobile health insurance

    Strong immune defense: this is how cold protection works

  • CompuGroup Medical (CGM)

    Vaccination in the pharmacy - CGM LAUER offers a special license free of charge

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  • Rheinische Post

    General practitioners in North Rhine-Westphalia: the schedule for setting up the vaccination infrastructure is unrealistic

    Dusseldorf (ots) - The President of the North Rhine General Practitioner Association, Oliver Funken, assumes that the resident doctors will make a significant contribution to vaccinating the population against the coronavirus. Funken told the Düsseldorf "Rheinische Post" (Saturday): "The vaccination centers alone will not be able to cope with the vaccination.

  • DSL e.V. German Senior League

    Flu vaccination especially important for people over 60 / flu - more than a harmless infection

    Bonn (ots) - Autumn is here and with it the cold season. A flu-like infection lasts a few days and is uncomfortable, but not dangerous. Virus flu (influenza), on the other hand, can sometimes have serious consequences. Older people in particular are at high risk of developing serious illnesses. The best protection against illness with ...

  • DSL e.V. German Senior League

    Flu vaccination is particularly important for people over 60

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  • Press and information center of the Bundeswehr medical service

    Vaccinations: useful or nonsense?

  • Syxyl GmbH & Co. KG

    The immune system begins in Gut / Gastrointestinal Day 2020

  • Free Medical Association

    Corona: Free medical profession calls for the population to be informed about limited resources

    Food (ots) - The independent medical profession calls on the Federal Ministry of Health and the health insurance companies to provide the population with appropriate information. "Corona tests and vaccinations against influenza and pneumococci are not available for everyone and for every occasion in unlimited quantities. The resources are limited - people in Germany need to know that", ...

  • Rheinische Post

    Head of the Paul Ehrlich Institute: There are still millions of influenza vaccine doses to come

    Dusseldorf (ots) - The head of the Paul Ehrlich Institute, Klaus Cichutek, reassures us about the influenza vaccine: "The Paul Ehrlich Institute has released 22.3 million doses so far - there are still more doses that are available after a successful batch release ", said Cichutek of the Düsseldorf" Rheinische Post "(Saturday). "A total of ...

  • Wort & Bild Verlag - health reports

    Where's the flu vaccine? There are no bottlenecks, says the Federal Ministry of Health / But flu vaccines are missing in many pharmacies and medical practices, reports apotheken-umschau.de

  • Straubinger Tagblatt

    Influenza Shot - Protecting the Health System

    Straubing (ots) - Guard rails urgently need to be drawn up in the vaccination debate. Politics does not play the decisive role, but it does play an important role. You have to agree on a uniform line and back it up with good arguments. One of these arguments could be: At the moment, what can be prevented must be prevented so that our health system does not hit the wall. ...

  • SWR - Südwestrundfunk

    Alternaria mold - no limit values ​​for food. "Market check" on SWR television