Who would win Thanos against Broly?

There were only twelve fighters left in the ring and the end seems to be getting on. "Okay", Bruce Banners now released his anger and turned into the Hulk and yelled loudly into the sky: "HULK SMASH!" Immediately he ran towards everyone who avoided his ramming course and the Green chose the Gorilla Winston as a target. He grabbed him and hit him until the gorilla landed on the edge of the ring. He noticed that Hulk broke his glasses and now he also went into his rage mode and roared at the Avenger threateningly and angrily at [https://orig00.deviantart.net/76a8/f/2016/242/3/8/ primal_rage_by_quirkilicious-dafvcee.jpg]. While everyone watched these giants hit each other, the fighting continued: "SUPERMAN, FIGHT AGAINST ME!" The Kryptonian turned and saw the person who challenged Son Goku. "If you're clever, then give up now," the man of steel warned the Saiyajin, but the Saiyajin got into fighting position and put on his typical grin: "Fine, but I warned you Son Goku!" Superman flew quickly towards him and started to strike, which was blocked and surprised the hero, who then heard a kick. Son Goku used his punches on him and pushed him back and left the Justice League amazed: "Wow, he can push Clark back, unbelievable!" Meanwhile Thor noticed that his next opponent was waiting behind him: "So you are the god of thunder in your world!" "Thor, I warn you my power is over yours, so jump off the ring", Raiden threatened the god, who pulled out his hammer and was ready to fight: "No, I won't!" Raiden immediately shot a bolt of lightning at him, but he struck it away with a hammer and came towards him. He landed the hammer directly in the face of the other thunder god, who flew away as a result, but Raiden quickly came back with iron fists and fought against Thor. Both seem to be equal and they finally wanted to end the fight by recharging your strength. Thor's hammer began to shine and so did Raiden's hands and a mighty lightning bolt came out of both and stepped on each other. The shock wave triggered an EMP and both knocked each other out of the ring. "Well done Raiden, you lost", Quan Chi scoffed and saw the god stand up: "Now we have to put everything on Sub Zero and Scorpion, don't let your hostility be our end!" As if on their word, the two ninja masters dealt with the two Overwatch agents Tracer and Reaper, who are pushed back by them: "You fought bravely young lady, but this is where it ends for you!" "Oh yes, look behind you", Lena admitted and the Grand Master turned around and saw her standing behind him in a flash and pulling out her weapons, but he lay his hand on your stomach and froze it: "You won't feel like that free more! " But before he could lift the frozen one, there was a shot from Reaper approaching the ninja, but Sub Zero was pushed away by something. It was Scorpion who picked up Tracer and threw her out: "Thank you Hanzo, that was ..." "Don't imagine anything, the only one who will kill you is me and nobody else", the spirit of vengeance folded his arms and looked up Reaper, lashing out for the last blow: "Hehehe this is where it ends. DIE!" Immediately a black mist surrounded him and shots of his weapon came from all directions. "HAHAHAHA", his diabolical laugh rang out, but it was nothing for Scorpion, because he jumped into the fog and stopped his attack and finally he also beat Gabriel out: "To hell with you!" "N ... Only Winston is in the ring", Soldier 76 gave out, startled, but heard a blow and saw the gorilla falling from the ring and the Hulk screaming victoriously: "HULK THE STRONGEST!" "We lost. I'm sorry, it's all my fault," Winston apologized to his comrades and bowed his head, but the American said something again: "Then we'll go under together when it's all over!" Scorpion and Sub Zero realized their victory and the spirit of revenge raised its fist: "That was a kombat!" "I must have found the next two that I will defeat," both heard at once and saw Vegeta behind them, who crossed his arms and grinned. The spirit of vengeance threw his spear directly at the Saiyan prince: "GET OVER HERE!" When the tip almost hit him, Vegeta held it tight and transformed into the Super Saiyan and stuck out his hand: "Worms, BIG BANG ATTACK!" The energy ball hit both and caused your defeat: "NO, IMPOSSIBLE!" Meanwhile, Batman was able to throw Hulk out of the arena with his clever mind, into which he provoked him and let him run out: "Good, then just the two back there. Wait a minute what the ..." He saw him Saiyan Prince approached Iron Man and Captain America and easily defeated them. With that, the Avengers had also fallen. Now Vegeta flew up to Son Goku, who was still fighting Superman, and sent the other Saiyajin away: "Kakarott I'll take care of this zero!" He flew up to the man of steel and kicked him in the stomach and hit him on the floor: "Give up weakling against a Saiyajin you won't come!" "Yes ... but ... there is ... there is now ... a pro ... problem. I never give up", Superman answered the request and flew back upstairs at full speed: "What? He had just been badly hit! " "I know Vegeta he is amazing," admitted Son Goku and saw the Kryptonian ram his fist into Vegeta's stomach and press him to the ground with his hot eyes. Batman came running and saw Clark land next to him: "The boys are good. One size too big for you Bruce!" "I helped you to fight Darkseid, I can do that too", Batman was determined to help his friend and saw Son Goku come down to Vegeta: "Vegeta, he's too strong, unfortunately we both have to stick together!" "Good! Then we draw the trump card," suggested the prince and both their aura rose and transformed. You became Super Saiyan Blue and put on your attacks: "KAMEHAME ..." "FINAL FLASH", both attacks raced towards the heroes and Superman stood in front of Batman so that he was safe from them. The mighty wave of energy pushed the man of steel away, but he slowly resisted: "Come on Clark, you can do it!" The Kryptonian walked slowly towards the two Saiyajins, who couldn't deal with how he endured this attack: "Kakarott, he's getting closer!" Superman was already standing in front of the two and grabbed Vegeta and hit him up, flew with and down again, then right and then left. "It's over, prince," he added and knocked the Saiyajin out of the ring. "VEGETA", Son Goku shouted for his friend, but did not notice how Batman tried to attack, but the Saiyajin noticed him and held his fist: "You can't hurt me, I'm sorry!" Now Batman was also thrown out of the ring and now the two strongest faced each other: "I will defeat you Superman, I promise you!" "You can't win this fight, accept it", the Kryptonian tried to calm the Saiyan down again, but he let his aura rise and was ready: "NEVER!" Both raced towards each other and skipped to the blow, which will probably decide everything, when suddenly an explosion took place between the two and Thanos shouted: "YES IT IS CHARGED! THE FORCE IS COMPLETE!" He came down with the Infinity Gauntlet and let go of a grin on his lips. "Wait, you've been using us the whole time," Superman wanted to know and the Avengers now saw his plan. "Yes, and with this power I will rule over the multiverse, but your enemies may come first," he asked the heroes' enemies: "Sorry bats, but he gave us great offers!" When Thanos wanted to give the order to kill everyone a bright light appeared in front of him and when it cleared the god of destruction stood in front of him with his teacher: "MASTER BEERUS!" "So you are Thanos? Wow you are really ugly up close", the feline noticed and saw that the lilac was walking towards him: "So this is the god of destruction. Did you come so that you can ally yourself with me?" "No, I have come to wipe you out", Beerus now put on a threatening look and Thanos didn't like the words at all: "A good opportunity to test my strength!" "Come on, trust yourself," the cat provoked further and all fighters kept a safe distance, because you shouldn't stand between two overpowering beings. Thanos versus Beerus, no one could foresee what power both have in them.

So, it ends like this and now there is a fight between two overpowering fighters. So Voted who should win. Here to imagine what can come [https://pics.me.me/beerus-vs-thanos-who-would-win-19012313.png]
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