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If your passport is lost or stolen, it is the responsibility of the passport holder to notify the relevant authorities immediately in order to prevent the stolen passport from being misused for illegal business and a criminal charge of aiding and abetting a criminal offense against you can be charged.

Documents required to apply for a passport to replace a lost or stolen passport:

1) Passport application: Form K (IM35)
2) For entering children in the passport: in addition to Form K (IM35), Form K (IM35).
3) Stolen or Lost Passport Complaint Form
4) Police loss or Theft notification
5) Required documents as described below under "How do I submit the application form".

Script-by-step instructions:

Download the Stolen or Lost Passsport Complaint Form from this website or obtain this form from www.immigration.gov.lk.
Report the loss or theft to the local police at your place of residence immediately in order to receive confirmation from them.
Submit the required documents to the nearest Sri Lankan diplomatic mission as described under "How do I submit the application form". Include the properly completed form for reporting a stolen or lost passport ("Stolen or Lost Passsport Complaint Form"), the police report of loss or theft, Form K for applying for a new passport and the relevant documents.
The Sri Lankan mission abroad will forward this application together with the details of the stolen and lost passport to the responsible Sri Lankan authority, the Department of Immigration & Emigration.

How do I submit the application form:

Applicants must submit their application in person to the Sri Lankan mission abroad. Applications received by post will not be accepted.
The photo and signature of the applicant can be checked by an employee of the diplomatic mission when the application is handed over in person. The application must be signed twice in the application boxes provided for this purpose in the presence of the consular officer.
It is necessary to submit all the necessary documents (see below), as the application may be delayed or the application rejected if it is incomplete.
The validity of a Sri Lankan passport can be extended up to a maximum of 10 years from the date of issue. After that, a passport is invalid and a new one must be applied for. Passports are issued by the Controller of Immigration & Emigration in Colombo, Sri Lanka, and NOT by a Sri Lankan diplomatic mission in the Federal Republic of Germany.
All passport applications that are accepted by a Sri Lankan diplomatic mission are sent to Colombo, where the machine-readable passports are issued. As soon as the new passport from Colombo arrives at the Sri Lankan diplomatic mission, it will be forwarded to the applicant immediately. The processing time is approximately three months if the documents attached by the applicant are in order. If this is not the case and the competent authority in Sri Lanka requires more information, the processing time may be longer.
To ensure efficient processing of the applications, the Sri Lankan diplomatic mission asks you for your cooperation, i.e. submitting all required information and documents with the application. Incomplete applications will be rejected.

Important instructions:

Passports that have been reported lost or stolen are no longer valid and can no longer be used for travel. Never use a passport that is stolen or lost.
Do not reuse a stolen or lost passport if you should find it after reporting it to the police.
The information you provide in connection with the stolen or lost passport is stored in our passport system about stolen and lost passports.
The details of the declaration of invalidity of a passport are automatically forwarded to INTERPOL in order to prevent misuse worldwide!
You are strongly advised to get a new passport immediately to avoid any inconvenience.
Once a passport has been reported as stolen or lost, it cannot be regained.
Should you find the passport reported as stolen or lost, please send it to the address below immediately. Upon request, we can send you a passport submitted by you after it has been recommended that it is invalid. If this is not requested, the passport will be destroyed.

Lost and recovered Sri Lankan passports

Sri Lankan passports that are recovered after being reported lost or found by third parties should be mailed in a sturdy envelope to the following address:
Lost / Stolen Passport Desk
5th floor
Department of Immigration and Emigration
No: 41, Ananda Rajakaruna Mawatha
Colombo 10
Sri Lanka