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Quick fish curry with coconut milk

This fish curry with coconut milk recipe is pretty straightforward as far as my Indian recipes go, it doesn't use a lot of ingredients and it's quick. Therefore it is also suitable for a midweek lunch. And if you want it to be a little more festive, you can add other dishes to it, such as a simple dhal [...]


Rogan Josh with beef

Rogan Josh is an absolute classic of Indian cuisine, which can be found in almost every Indian restaurant in the world - even if the quality varies greatly. Lamb is often used for the classic Rogan Josh. But lamb is not for everyone, and besides, it is at least in my area in autumn and winter [...]


Indian warm chickpea salad

Once again a recipe that expresses two things. First: my love for Indian cuisine. Second: How easy and quick it can be to conjure up a delicious vegetarian meal. Whether it's a quick lunch in the home office canteen or a spectacular starter for guests: both use cases are feasible with this recipe. As always, the following applies: Should the [...]


Pea curry with fresh fenugreek

Fenugreek is an extremely common spice in Indian cuisine. However, the dried seeds are used here. Fenugreek is also available fresh and green. In this country, the stems, which are sold in bundles like salad herbs, are most likely to be found in Turkish supermarkets. I find the taste very interesting, which is why this curry is one of my favorite dishes. [...]


Egg Bhurji - Indian scrambled eggs

This scrambled egg recipe is one of my all-time favorite Indian recipes. Oh, what do I say: It's THE favorite recipe for me from Indian cuisine. However, it is rarely found in Indian cookbooks. Why? I suspect because it is seldom prepared in the restaurant, unlike tandoori chicken, keema or chicken tikka. Egg Bhurji - [...]


Fast vegan chickpea curry with spinach

This vegan chickpea curry with asparagus has been one of my favorite dishes lately. I admit, I am currently having an “Indian phase”. But unfortunately Indian dishes are sometimes a bit time-consuming to prepare. Not this one - it can be done in a few minutes, the ingredients are practically always in stock - and it's cheap [...]


Lentil fritters with zucchini

This recipe for lentil fritters with zucchini is once again proof that vegetarian or vegan cuisine can taste really good and that you don't miss the meat in any way. In addition, this dish is really cheap and easy to prepare - if you are a little careful when placing the flatbreads in the pan. The only one that [...]


Indian lentils with cauliflower and harissa

I honestly can't get enough Indian food. If it's also vegetarian or even vegan, then that's a welcome change for me. And if it goes very quickly and costs little - all the better. This recipe for Indian red lentils with cauliflower and harissa combines all [...]


Indian cauliflower korma

“Korma” is one of these typical Indian types of preparation. Just like Tandoori or Vindaloo, you will find various “commas” on the menu at every Indian restaurant that is fairly self-respecting. Usually, however, animal protein is involved, most commonly chicken or lamb. This shows that Korma can also be prepared vegetarian with cauliflower, which is very good [...]